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  1. My recipe is easy. Season the prime rib, throw it in a turkey bag and sous vide at 129 degrees for a few days. Pull it out, keep the fat drippings for your au jus. Cold smoke it for 2-3 hours. Completely fool proof. CHIEF
  2. This kid looks like a stud. I have been lukewarm on some of FCS/G5 guys, they shine in their prospective collegiate level of play, but what's going to happen when they step up couple of levels. He had 3.5 sacks against Kansas, alone. That is more than anyone on Texas defense had all year except Overshown (4) and Sorrell (5.5). Would love for him to be a J. Ossai starter kit. CHIEF
  3. "You will be a cornerstone in the foundation of the long, difficult journey back to A&M greatness?" CHIEF
  4. That menu looks killer. Interior food, so bugs, squash blossoms, Huitlacoche, etc. Carpaccio de Lengua sounds like something I need to make. I use Toro's recipe for mini carpaccio at least once a month, here, at home. CHIEF
  5. I'm telling you, you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't hit up https://www.torokitchenandbar.com before the game. It's a two block walk to the Alamodome. It's Spanish, not Mexican. Jamon Iberico, morcilla, paella, pulpo de Ajillo, solomillo, mini carpaccio, great wine, hottest women I've ever seen in San Antonio, live flamenco music on Friday and Saturday nights. I go there, at least once, anytime I go to San Antonio. We have nothing remotely like it in the Ft. Worth area. Probably my favorite place to eat in Texas. CHIEF
  6. We are so far from camp that we are setup to sit all day and not get bored. We setup a 2000w solar generator for a TV and small refrigerator: It has a 160w solar panel that keeps it charged: CHIEF
  7. I always thought the invisible jet was so fucking stupid. The jet was invisible, but not you. Looks like you are squatting to take a shit at 600 knots from 35k feet. How is that clandestine? But Wonder Woman made it look good, even the cartoon version. CHIEF
  8. We frequented Ginny's, and Poodle Dog, they were close to Brisket, when he moved to Allendale. Mainly Ginny's to ogle Amanda. CHIEF
  9. That was it, and we were still kidless, or Mrs. CHIEF was just pregnant. Nordy was still single. CHIEF
  10. Yes. It was on the corner closest to Anderson Mill. CHIEF
  11. Hell, I think I've maybe even been their with Brisket and a mutual friend. I know we used to frequent the one at the corner in the strip mall on the SW corner of Anderson Mill and 183. It had that Aussie owner that ended up in some kind of trouble. CHIEF
  12. Many a time. Was the closest bar to my house in Cedar Park off of 620/Cypress Creek Rd. That was before we knew to yell "Muledick" when we walked in the door. CHIEF
  13. Especially hot Russian big titted women. No need for mail order, just hit them up on Tinder. I'm sure Austin, DFW, Houston, and San Antonio have a few refugees coming around. Probably some Ukrainian ones as well. CHIEF
  14. Haven't seen any kids wearing Buster Browns lately. CHIEF
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