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  1. I’ll get the lowdown. I completely forgot about this.
  2. No problem at all. They are a good feeder to supplement your primary feeder during season. 300 lbs. will last the whole season and run out in January. CHIEF
  3. They are not made in Austin. They are made between Alvarado and Midlothian, about 30 minutes from me. This is always our secondary unfenced feeder: https://deerfeeder.com/collections/feeders/products/the-barrel-stubby . $200 and you supply the barrel. You will need to attach it to "t" posts or drill through the skids and attach anchors. Cows, hogs, and Auodad will turn it over. But it is a deal for the money. CHIEF
  4. I haven't heard or seen anything yet. He was killed on an evening hunt taken straight to the ranch HQ gutted and hung in a walk-in cooler. Will probably find out this weekend. CHIEF
  5. Between Benjamin and Guthrie, TX. Most of the guys on the lease (good scorers) guessed him at around 160. Apparently he was over 200 lbs. on the hoof and scored a bit better: CHIEF
  6. Had a buddy that watched this buck a few times earlier in the season, he finally pulled the trigger on him last night. Pushing 160 B&C. That is a 180 lb. deer on the hoof, but doesn't look like it, as there is no one to reference him to in the picture. CHIEF
  7. If they would embrace their role as "spoilers" instead of "contenders", their mental health and their level of embarrassing themselves would be non-existent. They are the same tier with the Mississippi schools, South Carolina, Kentucky, etc. Their culture will always mean that. They will never be an Alabama, Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, or Florida. CHIEF
  8. My parents were married for 52 years. Mom is quite a bit younger than Dad. He passed in 2019. She was only 71. The death of your spouse is really traumatic. Especially if you are over 90. I always admired Jimmy Carter. He is a wonderful person, he presided over some really tough times in American history. I could certainly see him dying of a broken heart. He will be deeply missed. CHIEF
  9. My paternal grandfather made it 3 months after my grandmother died. The old couple that owned some property next to my six acres both died within two weeks of each other. It is very common. CHIEF
  10. Our plots were $250 each, my mom bought 10 of them laid out in a single row. They have occasional volunteer days. But they have guys that mow it bi-weekly from now on. No fee. CHIEF
  11. Yes he is a new hire. He had to restrain the child, the child was not hurt. However, SAISD has not provided him restraint training. The Principle, or Superintendent basically said "that's on us", if anything comes of it. He said he had to do it to prevent serious injury to the student that was being attacked. CHIEF
  12. I'm lucky that my Second Trinity well is about two hundred feet from the Brazos river. It is 579 feet deep and has over 150 feet of water in it. I've always had it in the back of my mind that it could be a gold mine one day. It's good enough to bottle straight out of the pump. CHIEF
  13. He is not even 50 years old in this Eastern ad. When I saw him he looked easily 75 or older. Imagine looking like an advanced senior citizen for more than half your life. CHIEF
  14. When I was in college, Frank Borman bought a 1964 Piper Twin Comanche. We went and picked it up, brought it to our FBO and annualed it and put a bunch of speed mods on it. We then flew it to Las Cruces, NM, where he lived. I was expecting to see this young guy that had been an astronaut. He was only a little over 60 at the time, but already looked much older than what I expected, and acted much older. He was interesting to talk to, but I thought he would have died a while back. After meeting him, its hard to believe he lasted this long. CHIEF
  15. Those bastards run the canyons on or deer lease everyday, all day during sunny weather. They are low enough and close enough that you can see the markings on the T-38s. The deer are used to it though. They seldom look up, but it can be loud as fuck. We sometimes shoot the bird at them as they fly by and you won't see them for a few hours. I guess they don't realize the blind is occupied. CHIEF
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