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  1. Oh, you're right to suspect that laws and regulations mean jack shit to Elon. He is the embodiment of Wilhoit's law: "There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect." Elon is most-favored by the local powers-that-be. He is protected by the law. He is not bound by it.
  2. Oh, and you'll be there at the very beginning of strawberry season. If you can get some fresh, local, in-season strawberries at any point, even just for a snack, do it.
  3. That makes sense. To give a TLDR layperson summary: sometimes the court states the basics of how it is going to decide (an outline, if you will, saying "I intend to sign a judgment that does X, Y, and Z." In this case, it's more than an outline, it's a full "opinion," but it still doesn't "order and decree" anything, which is what a judgment does). The parties then submit competing proposed judgments to turn that outline into an actual formal, final judgment (which is a specialized legal document that usually has some very specific requirements). The court then picks one of the judgments (or maybe even uses one as a baseline, and tweaks it some), and then signs it. And it is THAT act -- signing a final judgment - that starts all of the appellate clocks running.
  4. Oh, agreed that's Alabama's goal. And they'll achieve it. That's why GOLL said it's going to be an interesting decade for them. Because educated households are the the drivers of the bulk of economic activity and prosperity (see, e.g., cities being the economic engines of our country). If Alabama wants to run off all of its MBAs (women, or male MBAs who are likely married to educated women), and other degreed individuals, groovy. We'll see how their economy does when its driven mostly by the number of people working at a Dollar General or Circle K. Human capital is one of the biggest sources of prosperity. Alabama is self-selecting for the lowest-yield human capital out there. FAFO.
  5. Brisketexan


    In many locales in this country right now, the bulk of the population -- and functionally all of the leadership, public administrators, etc. -- would disagree with you. Vehemently. Queers are an abomination. And there's only one rational approach to abominations: eliminate them. That's what they think. They act according to those thoughts. It will only get worse. Signed, a member of a group that has been deemed an "invader" 100 jillion times in the last several years, resulting in things like a massacre of members of that group at an El Paso Wal-Mart by someone who openly stated he was trying to eliminate said invaders. Terrorizing, demonizing rhetoric has natural, predictable consequences. People who try to avoid admitting that are doing so because they LIKE those consequences, and want more of them. More dead queers. More dead beaners. Maybe then y'all will learn, and GTFO of "our country."
  6. All I know is that when this is all said and done, and someone has to do an accounting of Dotard's remaining assets, I want to hear and see exactly this:
  7. You're goddamned right the joke is on you. That shit's not for computers to do -- it's for lawyers. STAY OFF OF OUR TURF, YOU SILICON WAFERED-BITCHES!
  8. I mean, I've been telling you fuckers all of that for YEARS, but you only listen when the message is delivered by a man in a fancy suit. Through a series of sinister and unfortunate events, your disdain for my genius has caused me many hours of pain at the hands of Moldovan intelligence. Don't think I'll forget the hell you've all put me through.
  9. Brisketexan


    What if that bullying was connected to/at least in part motivated by the victim's gender-identity? What if that motivation reflected the dominant cultural strain in that particular location? As in, "trans and queers are evil and against God," and functionally all local leadership, administration, etc., nods their heads to that sentiment? This is our concern, dude. It IS the dominant cultural strain in that particular location. If we were talking about the dominant local sentiment in Vidor in 1965 (n-words are scum), and a (the) black kid at the local high school got bullied to death.....would it be NATURAL AND LOGICAL to assume that the local sentiment played some part in it? Or should we go flailing about, asking "maybe they were upset about the results of a chess match they played at lunch that day?"
  10. He's largely correct in that respect. Stupidity is our greatest natural resource. We may indeed have an infinite supply.
  11. Nahh....the copper inside will already have been stripped out and sold for scrap metal prices to buy meth.
  12. But...and this is important....if the structural rectification of your central column lasts longer than four hours, see your doctor.
  13. Ahhh, then you misread me, or I communicated it poorly. My point was NOT that "renewable" resources fall outside of supply expectations. It was that our full resource mix - including ALL types of generation - is intentionally insufficient with little to no margin for safety by virtue of our intentional market design. Yes, the "margin" is almost always going to have to be made up of reliable on-demand generation (batteries, nat gas, nuclear) because the very purpose of that last few percentage points is that it be reliable with on-demand availability. And yes, to the extent we expect that margin to be covered by natural gas, it needs to be with plants that have a reliable, winterized fuel source, WITH A CAP ON THE GAS PRICE BY CONTRACT.
  14. Say what you will, but his synthesizer-heavy 1985 debut album was groundbreaking.
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