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  1. He should be killed as well. He is a central pillar of support for Russia's war effort. He is not a neutral, or a religious figure. He is a combatant. Treat him as such. Bullet to the back of the head.
  2. Nope. Shit, he could be sentenced to life in prison, and 1) there's no remedy, and 2) this states GQP voters would reward him with MORE votes.
  3. They should all get used to it. The air raid siren should become Russia's new national anthem.
  4. Well, it was in Mexico, so technically, it was raids by "los indios" back then. Fuck if I know now. I never got to visit that old ranch house, it was completely in ruins by the time I came along. The new ranch house had running water. No electricity, but a windmill and a propane water heater meant relative luxury.
  5. Hope is for suckers. You're fucked. You'll stay fucked. Because fuckery. I'll believe something is being done when I have actual fucking electricity at my house. My father spent his first years in a ranch house that had defense towers built in, with gun ports to defend against indian raids. My home presently has exactly the same amount of electricity running to it as that ranch house did. At this point, fuck it. I want to make it past Wednesday morning at 5:00 a.m., so we at least get the "bragging rights" of being without power for a full week. Maybe we can put a plaque on our door or some shit to celebrate the achievement.
  6. Correct. The chances of Putin NOT attacking a NATO country (Poland or one of the Baltics) in the next several years is functionally zero. Perpetual war is the only vision that Putin, and now the Russian people, have. It is their entire existence. Without war, there is no Russia (in its current incarnation). We should be manufacturing the fuck out of munitions now. Some for Ukraine. But the rest for us and our NATO allies. We're going to need them.
  7. I mean, here in Austin, we HAVE the runway capacity. It's just that we're using most of it for bike lanes at the moment.
  8. Counterpoint: the Doolittle raid mattered. And it wasn't a major raid that visited big destruction on Japan. It didn't need to be. Racist, imperialist, genocidal fucksticks need to KNOW that they can be touched. Wherever, whenever they exist, they can be killed. ALSO, it requires Russia to deploy more of its air defense and other resources on the homefront. Every SAM deployed in Moscow is one that can't provide air cover during a Russian offensive. This war needs a Doolittle raid.
  9. Correct. The bullseye of largest ice accumulation in the state was pretty much right over Camp Mabry. If it had been 10 miles east or west, it would have had a much smaller impact.
  10. Counterpoint: all of em. They support this war. They WANT it. So....give them what they want. Take out their power infrastructure the day before the temps are set to drop to -5 there. Let them die in their frozen homes. All for the glory of Mother Russia, of course. It's their patriotic privilege. But yeah, they also need to pop a drone right through the fucking roof of the Kremlin.
  11. I'm sorry, sir - I only provide "baffle them with bullshit" services. If you want "dazzle them with conciseness," you're going to have to pull forward to the next window.
  12. Bullshit. Those are scenes of Brisketexan's toilet after a drunken Taco Bell run back in '97.
  13. Caught in his jet wash? Fuck......
  14. If you aren't proposing at Waffle House, you aren't doing it right.
  15. Yeah. Word is that the situation there is pretty syrias.
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