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  1. Like you’ll be able to see me through all the dust from the lack of rain.
  2. That’s pretty bad. He should have just made a Republican brisket. I dunno, maybe he didn’t have a Pyrex dish and ketchup on hand. Own thing’s for sure: don’t eat anything a politician cooks. That’s just a good life rule.
  3. I mean….until Harvey came along, for nearly 100 years, the single day rainfall record in the entire US was held by Thrall, right next to Austin. The rain event was a stalled tropical storm. What saved Lake Travis during the last drought was something like 9 inches dumped by Hermine in 2010. Hurricane Allen buttfucked Austin in 1980. But we ain’t getting shit from this one.
  4. The answer is “not themselves at all.” See….THEY are the prophets…the gods. The laws and admonitions are for lesser men, not them. You know this. Idolatry of self is their actual religion.
  5. Not finding out enough. They should let the four victims beat her fucking ass for an hour or two. There are millions just like her out there, and they are not only undeterred, they are emboldened.
  6. Wait….is that real? I mean, we all thought the Stork was brain damaged!
  7. “Could?” I think it’s been apparent for years that Scotland’s sole claim to futbol fame is “our fans fucking outdrink EVERYONE.” That’s it. Impressive, but it doesn’t score goals.
  8. Had to go to S. Texas last week. Landed just before lunch time at HRL. So, obviously, took the wife to Las Vegas Cafe for lunch. Combo plate with enchiladas and carne guisada, real-deal flour tortillas in foil in the middle. This is the way.
  9. Every guy on here hooked up with "Gyrating tropical blob #1" at one spring break or another. Don't you lie to me.
  10. Nope. We needed MORE guns. 377 armed officers....THAT would have done it. I mean, a piddly number like 376? Fuck, that's practically one of your libtard "GUN FREE ZONES." The only answer is more guns. It is always the answer. No matter what the question, it's the answer. What is Pi to the 20th digit? "MORE GUNS." Would you like fries with that? "MORE GUNS." Who was the primary author of the Gospel of Matthew? "MORE GUNS." What is the correct ignition timing for a 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air with a 327 cubic inch engine and a four-barrel carburetor? "MORE GUNS."
  11. Duh. These fucking morons are apparently completely illiterate or delusional (or duh, both), because the playbooks have all been written. First, the cabal turns on groups that thought they were in-groups, and treats them like out-groups. Then, the cabal turns on itself, purging itself of all who are "insufficiently loyal/pure," and it will make up whatever pretext it wants in order to do so. The inner circle gets smaller and smaller, more fanatical, and utterly incapable of dissent or consideration of alternate strategies. Resulting in final collapse, usually in blood and fire. Functionally everything nazism touched eventually died. Trumpism is going the same way.
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