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  1. He's no Marion Barry, that's for sure....
  2. Yet, in other countries that have plenty of crazy people, but ALSO have.....laws, licenses, and regulations.....the numbers of gun deaths and gun homicides are orders of magnitude lower than ours. It's not just intellectually lazy to say that "criminals don't care about laws so they don't make any difference," it's demonstrably false. I mean, if your position was true, then we should get rid of literally every single law. No speed limits, no laws against theft, assault, murder, rape, anything -- because bad people who would do those things won't follow those laws anyway. Fortunately, we have these real-world laboratories called "pretty much every other western democracy" to test out the "do gun laws, restrictions, and regulations correlate to lower gun violence/deaths," and the evidence is pretty stark and strong -- they do.
  3. And lest we forget, "The Adventures of Buttman" was rather heavy-handed propaganda selling the message of how the capitalist wage-slave system exploits the working class. And also, the message of how tight butts are awesome.
  4. Difference between the B2 and the B21? About 19.
  5. Seriously. I don't get how there's a constant refrain of "it just can't be done" when you can look at a dozen western democracies where....it's been done. That's like saying "there's no way to build a flying machine" as you stand below the fucking flightpath of O'Hare.
  6. None of that explains why you greet me by cupping my balls.
  7. I have a super nutty wacky crazy idea….what if we just don’t let those people have guns?
  8. It’s tough. We could be like every other first world country and make it maybe not as easy for those guys to obtain a gun as it is for them to get a goddamned Happy Meal. That would help. Crazy and unarmed is much better to deal with.
  9. Also, he yelled "you shall not pass!" like Gandalf, so really, there was nothing they could do.
  10. Makes perfect sense when you realize that's the system we want. It's what we keep voting for, year after year after year after year. We can't disclaim it.
  11. Notice the thing that super-duper upset them about Penn State, and caused them to become "disillusioned" with the university (allowing a trans woman to compete in swimming).....compared to the thing that clearly had not caused them to become "disillusioned" with the university (years upon years of child rape, covered up by senior university officials). In case you were wondering about the moral standing of these lovely folks. Rape kids and cover it up in order to keep winning football games? The "disillusioned" needle doesn't even budge. Let a trans woman swim? "I AM DISILLUSIONED!" The day I listen to anyone affiliated with the new fake university on the subject of "morality" and "enough is enough" is....well, it ain't gonna come before the heat death of the universe.
  12. Pretty sure that for 4 capital murder charges, he won't be getting bail anytime soon. Of course, the purpose of bail is mostly to ensure future appearance by people charged, but not yet convicted, of a crime. If we want a system that meets the purpose of "keeping volatile, mentally unbalanced people from shooting a shitload of people," there are all kinds of measures that can be directed towards that particular purpose. Bad news, though -- we've opted out of functionally all of those measures. There are basically zero things standing in the way of a crazy, belligerent person who wants get a lot of guns and use them shoot multiple people. Which is clearly the way we want things to be.
  13. Oh FFS. I'd forgotten all about that. I hate this timeline so much.
  14. His story about the pro (maybe....at this point, we don't know) to Rob Lowe in About Last Night was the absolute peak of Jim Belushi's career. It was fantastic.
  15. One thing's for sure -- we can all rest easy that our conservative leadership around the country is taking bold action to protect the people from being turned into perforated chunks of shredded meat by.....banning books and making it criminal for trans people to go to public bathrooms. And in multiple states, a majority of people vote for that shit. We're beyond saving. And we get what we deserve.
  16. You can smash through a basic brick wall with a honda civic. Or fuck, any of the big-ass pickups several of those cops surely drove to the scene. As an emergency responder, you are presented with a problem. Your job is to solve it. Use all tools available, think creatively. "Get me into that classroom, without using the obvious doorway." Done.
  17. "I like this Hugo Boss, he cuts a nice suit."
  18. "From a past national championship-winning head coach of Texas A&M to a future championship coach of Texas A&M, welcome aboard, and gig em! Also, I'm super gay!"
  19. Need access to a room that is locked, but has an exterior wall? Easy. Every cop car has those push bars on the front. Smash into the wall. Yes, there’s some risk of people inside being hurt by debris. But it’s a dynamic entry that will surely throw the shooter off balance. “Brisket, get me in that room.” There’s multiple ways to do it. Let’s pick one, and do it.
  20. Clearly, the Fast and the Furious franchise is propaganda pushing to replace the traditional family structure with a fake “family” led by a bald actor, which will tear apart the fabric of our great nation. Duh.
  21. “There will be tits. So, so, so many tits.”
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