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  1. And what was the instigating factor in evangelicals who previously didn’t give a shit about abortion and actually had no theological conflict with it deciding to coalesce around Roe? Come on. You can say it. They know.
  2. They didn’t care about Roe. They were lost when they couldn’t coalesce around racism, because it was so abhorrent. Roe gave them something to use as a proxy. But it’s all good now, because they’re back to being open and shameless about the racism. Everything old is new again.
  3. The “I told you so’s” have just been sitting there on the table, ready to serve, this whole time.
  4. Pouring downtown.....but not at my house.
  5. Man. All y'all sleeping on who you have as 4. She's super cute. And she unquestionably knows what's up.
  6. There's a piece written by a federal gov't meteorologist back in the 20s or so with this line: "the meteorological history of Texas is one of extended droughts punctuated by periodic devastating floods." In that respect, same as it ever was. I don't even know where a bot's ass is. But I'm willing to learn.
  7. Yeah.....while the response isn't to let loose the nuclear arsenal, the response has to be military. I would suspect that we have a set of packaged airstrikes already planned. And it would involve overwhelming force -- something that would make Desert Storm look like a picnic.
  8. And while we're discussing matters of political import in Finland, their government is actually a coalition government. The leaders of that coalition are: We have Joe, Chuck and Nancy, and Turtle McConnell. Finland wins by 1,000 miles.
  9. I just have to laugh. My weather app started the day at 70% chance of rain. Then bumped up to 90%, showing rain starting at 4 or so and running for hours. Now....it's down to 50%, and shows all chances as sporadic.
  10. I won't be able to do so, because I'll have a conflict of interest, because they'll all be romantically/physically entangled with me. Goals and such.
  11. The bolded. Here's the fundamental conflict. As an attorney, one has two inviolate duties: 1. Allegiance to the Constitution. It's literally the first line in the oath: 2. A fiduciary duty to the client (that is, to put the client's interests above all else). When the client's interests are patently opposed to the Constitution (as well as other duties, such as candor to the court/tribunal), you literally cannot do both: follow your oath and represent Trump in many of these matters. And unstoppable Dotard meets an immovable Constitution. And here we are.
  12. If the Russians are contemplating a nuclear attack -- and that's what this would be -- I would damn sure hope that we have every possible air asset fueled and ready to go. We may be about to get into this, for real.
  13. If they do that....it is a game-changer, and may well trigger Article 5. Bold step of brinksmanship by the Russians. If it's done, an intentional act of violence causing radioactive fallout on multiple NATO nations.....I don't think we can stop them from triggering Article 5 and/or launching an attack themselves. This may be just what Poland is waiting for.
  14. ....pre-chewed and stuck to the underside of a school desk in 1983.
  15. They eat that salty licorice shit that all the scandinavian types love. Not a fan. But they're attractive, love to party, and kill the shit out of Russians. All things considered, I love 'em.
  16. Yeah....that's not even news. It's Argentina. It's a Wednesday.
  17. Your hope has some doubt in it. As does mine. I think what's more determinative is the regime's calculus of whether it would survive. The Chinese population isn't just the malleable peasants it used to be. Work brutal deprivation on the new middle and upper class across the board? Problem. Just like that article on Russia noted: it doesn't matter whether the economic sanctions mean the poor rural Russians in the hinterland starve. What matters is whether the sanctions mean that the upper and middle classes in Moscow can't get their favorite yogurt at the store.
  18. A bacon and fried egg sammich is one of life's best, simple things. It can be embellished by some chiles, or some valentina, or mayo, or a slice or two of tomato, or any number of other things. But the core is bread, bacon, overeasy egg. Well done.
  19. That is the determinative question. Underlying the answer is the applicable Chinese concept of pain and suffering. China thinks LONG. What's 50 years of a collapsed economy and starving population and war and bloodshed if it eventually secures One China and makes the Pacific a Chinese bathtub?
  20. My online Finnish sniper class Certificate of Completion says otherwise. I mean, I only took that class because I heard Sanna was in it and maybe we could chat during the Zoom......but still.
  21. If someone tells you they're Texas messican and cook messican, open up their cabinets pantry and look for this. If they don't have it, they aren't Texas messican. And what Covri said. He wasn't talking about what's served in restaurants. He's talking about the big serving pan of rice your tia brings to all the family occasions. That's pretty much just rice, knorr, onion, and maybe garlic and/or some tomatoes. The Knorr con tomate is a common sub, gives it more color and a bit of tomato flavor. There's all kinds of good variations on mexican rice, but that's the one I grew up on, both with my family and other families we knew.
  22. Yep. Buy cheap canned biscuits, cut each biscuit into 6 pieces, drop into the simmering pot, WALLA, easy chicken and dumplings.
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