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  1. Sorry. I thought we were getting all riled up about people who rape kids. I was just pointing out the group that is among the statistically most likely to do so (still falls behind "creepy uncle/dad/other male relative," but closing the gap it seems). Our kids are generally safer among fast food restaurant employees, drag queens, auto mechanics, immigrants, farmers, and 1000 other groups, than they are among church staff, but you know, it seems we're actually not that concerned about child rape at all. We're mostly concerned about using it as an excuse to bitch about something else (if you hate child rape, you HAVE to hate drag queens and immigrants! What about church workers, you know, the group of people who keep getting popped, every freaking day, for child molestation/rape and who are statistically in a much more favorable environment to keep doing so? Oh, well, umm.....FREEDOM OF RELIGION! Why do you hate Jesus?!) Bottom line, if we were really all about "protecting our children," we'd be storming churches. Instead, we try to point the finger.....anywhere else, including at groups who, STATISTICALLY, are LESS likely to commit sexual abuse of a child. Just say you hate wetbacks, and get on with it.
  2. And shit, making a liar out of me, Barack just told me that they’ll match 400%. Cheap bastards.
  3. Okay, there must be some market research out there that says promising a "700% MATCH!" is the sweet spot for getting people to contribute to a campaign. I get unsolicited texts to contribute to both Trump and Biden, and over the past few weeks, they all offer some teaser of "NEW POLLS SHOW BIDEN/TRUMP ON TRACK TO CRUSH [OTHER GUY!] CONTRIBUTE NOW! 700% MATCH!" Not 800%, that's clearly so high that it's not credible. But also not 600%, that's weak sauce and wouldn't motivate people to get out their credit cards. No, 700% is perfection. Sure, they never say who exactly will be MAKING that match -- like there's donors out there who say "I'll give $7 million to the campaign, but only if you get $1 million donated in the next three days!" There is not a single aspect of modern life that is not a scam/lie.
  4. Wait....Hitler's grandma was Lauren Boebert? It's all starting to make sense.....
  5. Day many thousand of Brisket hating himself for not getting in on the grift of these absolute fucking morons. FFS, it's a public service separating these dolts from every dollar you can.
  6. Well, the UK has completed the full "put the extreme right in charge...and it turns out they shoot our collective dick clean off" exercise. Other European countries are still in the throes of "this time it will be different" thinking and.... Hard right populism/fascism is utterly dumb. It's just as dumb as beret wearing "power to the proletariat, the people should own the means of production! Collectivize everything!" leftism. The most peaceful, prosperous countries, over and over and over and over, are those that occupy the middle 50% of the political spectrum. There are elements of EVERY country that are unsatisfying, frustrating, etc. The smart answer is NEVER "burn it all down, try the extreme," but here we are.
  7. I know, man....raping a kid....who do these guys think they are, Pastors/youth ministers?
  8. We let lobbyists run our country. Not just politically, but culturally. Across the board, guns have become a talisman: you ain't a man if you ain't armed. Here's some disturbing numbers: We're manufacturing firearms at around 6 times the rate we were 60 years ago. Not 6 times total number, but 6 times the RATE. And the number of firearms in the US per 100 people? 120. More than TWICE the ratio of any other country....including heavily armed countries like Yemen (52.8) and Serbia (39), and blowing most European countries out of the water, like Austria (30), Switzerland (27.6), and Germany (19.6). We have a psychotic love affair with guns, across the board, and across sub-cultures. We are not a healthy country.
  9. Great post. It's not impossible. It doesn't have to be a disaster. But it will be unpleasant for some people, and leadership just isn't willing to engage in that unpleasantness.
  10. Allred ain't gonna get a dollar from me. Because I don't like setting money on fire for no good reason. I like setting it on fire for GOOD reasons, like chicks and guns and fireworks and barbecue and beer and more chicks and more fireworks.
  11. Well…I mean, one group isn’t hurting anyone, the other is a den of kiddie diddlers who just so happen to be protected by the very same folks who insist that a guy dressed as “Polly Darton” and singing an amazing version of “Jolene” is the REAL threat to our kids. Other than that though, makes perfect sense.
  12. 1 - we have a case of the “can’t finish.” House have been 4-0. 2 - that said, the Bolivian keeper played damn well. Was always in the right place and position.
  13. Hobida shibida, Hungary rips out the heart of Scotland.
  14. Looks like we might have a bad injury for Hungary....player's body pose when he went down was not good.
  15. Now imagine Biden loyalist units fighting with units that have decided to be loyal to Trump.
  16. Gosh darn it, will SOMEONE do something about all these drag queens?
  17. It’s a good red. Not intentional, but definitely reckless.
  18. The sign made me look up the movie. Available for rent on Amazon for $5. Dammit. That may have to happen soon.
  19. If I hear you go “hawk tuah” when you’re making tortillas…I’m skipping dinner.
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