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  1. Bump. Any recs for CPA around north Dallas area?
  2. Serious question. Couldn't they have just purged the shrimp while alive/intact? I frankly never really give a shit (npi) but our Port A guys who did our boils in college always purged.
  3. Bump in DFW (Prosper). Background is this post. Finally got the K-1 but can't figure out how to input the document within TurboTax. Probably an easy solve but I want to make sure I'm doing it correctly.
  4. Long story short, I had brakes done before going on a trip to the lake. I'm mid drive and smell a good amount of burning from front left wheel hub. I think my caliper is bad and needs to be replaced (mechanic at home said it was fine but I was skeptical). I dont want to risk a brake fire on the way home so I'm considering getting the caliper replaced around Lakeway. Anyone have a good mechanic or mobile mechanic? Sent from my SM-S908U using Tapatalk
  5. $2 bills were invented for this Sent from my SM-S908U using Tapatalk
  6. And my understanding is only a portion of the interest is fixed, probably the smaller portion. The variable rate (changes every 6 months?) is based off the CPI? So while it's paying pretty damn great right now, is it worth locking in for 2 years? 5?
  7. Series I savings bonds are currently paying out at 9.62% through Oct '22. Given the current inflationary environment, is this an ideal investment vehicle? I only have a basic understanding of T/I-bonds, so I'm wondering what long-term advantages a purchase could have for a mid-30-year-old w/ 2 kids under 4. For what it's worth, Cramer says they're garbage so guaranteed win, right?
  8. So, I fucked up. I got PRK (eye surgery) the Thursday before Tax Day. The recovery, while still ongoing, was pretty shitty for the better part of a week. I'm talking I couldn't see the text on my phone in front of my face....blind as hell. While in that joyous experience, I totally forgot to submit my taxes (I was waiting on a K-1) and then realized it that Wednesday. I did owe a few grand and paid it on submission, but I'm wondering what kind of shit show I should expect from the IRS? Since I didn't file an extension, nor the K-1 I expect there to be a problem. I absolutely will owe some money on that K-1 as an asset was sold last year with several grand in profit. How bad could this get?
  9. I'm freaking pumped. This will be the first live football game ever for my 4 year old daughter. Going to have her geared up in some Horn swag and make our way over to Smokey's Midway before the game to hang out and have some fun. This is my first home game in quite a few years as well so I have a few questions. First, where the hell should we park? I was thinking about arrive somewhere between 3 and 4 pm. and am expecting a long walk, but I would like to make it as manageable as possible as I'm sure I will be lugging said 4 year old on my back to and from. I would love to get there earlier, but I don't want to totally wear out my daughter before I get a chance to watch some actual football. And since seating is first-come, first-served, is there a good section to target to get some decent sights/sounds for her? She is 4 so I'm preparing to have some ear muffs in case sound becomes an issue, but she (and I) would love to have good line of sight to the cheerleaders and pom squad.....and, uh, some football. Anything else I'm overlooking? Need to have decent cash on hand? My 2% aggie wife will be joining as well so I need to show her a good time as well.
  10. I have a friend going through the exact same thing w his 3 yr old daughter. Kick out of last school for hitting, biting, etc...essentially the school couldn't control her and recommended they medicate her. Our group of friend said that was BS and to get her to another school. That helped for a short time but the issues came back up and he's lost for solutions. As none of us have been in the situation, we're not of much help. I wanted to throw out have g her see a counselor for "play therapy" but thought it might be insensitive. I dont have any answer for you but simply know others are in the struggle with you. Would love for you to keep the community posted though as I think it could help others.
  11. I did find out costco has a 12 zone version
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