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  1. anyone else keep giggling over the medical disclaimer?
  2. In defense of that CB, if I was just going off a picture of the player and stereotypes, I would 100% have Conner as an aggy.
  3. I thought the season has been great. Yeah there's a lot of different stories but the central theme of dealing with loss and resulting depression really ties them all together well.
  4. They just left off the rest of the message "... And bring bail money"
  5. Yeah it sucks because I was getting like $20 or so a month in interest
  6. Thanks I was thinking the same and changed it the other day
  7. Thanks I knew that sounded completely the opposite from my understanding of the Romans and jews
  8. What is to be done? Put its name back to Königsberg and give it back to Germany? Not sure they'd want it and seems wrong to reward the Germans given their behavior. Make it its own country? It's full of Russoans after the post world war ethnic cleansing, what if it just becomes another Belarus?
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