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  1. Depends on the conference Oh, and did TCU or USC win their conference? No? Well then The committee is handed the top 4 by guys that run the numbers and see what it's going to make the most $. Then they spend the day finding reasons why they choose that top four. I'm fine with it because if Texas handles it's business we're in.
  2. This is what's happening lol fuck the big 12
  3. Zeus

    Fuck Big 12 refs

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Lulz no fuck that they are going to drop
  4. Florida beat Utah early, but yeah last night they looked pretty damn good
  5. Keep the Lovie effect going and keep stacking picks
  6. yes thats what I use, https://v2.sportsurge.net/
  7. Sucks as he looked competent behind AR and he has the name. On the other hand maybe Card goes here now?
  8. Opened it in Amazon prime video and comes in all shitty and freezes, crashes. Open it on the bootleg comes in perfect, works perfect, even minimizes while I'm posting this nice in the corner
  9. Crime of passion, he could've killed the guy and probably gets away with it. If that's the case hope he gets a light sentence or gets off the hook.
  10. ok? They lose by 50 and it's back to what I said, we are wasting a game letting teams who don't play anyone into the playoff. The AAC and sun belt or whatever should all just have their own playoff - like the NIT.
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