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  1. Will Baylor's OL coarch be able to scheme a way to beat Texas superior DL? unlikely
  2. How much is this weasel going to cry when the refs can't possibly save him as they are all hoping.
  3. Maybe Vegas knows something AKA the big12 blueprint for officiating got leaked I'm having a hard time trusting the big12 games this year aren't going to be fixed. That said, they usually fix them for close endings so 7 seems high, it's probably a last second FG to win it..
  4. Yeah then it's got to be an over Oregon 55 Colorado 35 Because Oregon's defense isn't that great either
  5. Well fuck Colorado is +21 to Oregon and I'm scared now to fucking bet this one. OU at 71 is kind of wild too Got to be an under right? Colorado plays slow and drains clock instead of going fast the whole game and getting their defense's doors blown off....
  6. Insane judging but that's what the UFC has kind of always been. Round 5 - Shev was winning 4 mins of that round then got her back taken for a little bit at the very end. Can't believe Kamijo gave round 4 to Grasso either that was crazy. Mike Bell though gave Grasso a 10-8 in 5 is just crazy. Cant believe gambling is still allowed on this shit lol https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mma/2023/09/12/ufc-and-wwe-merge-tko-group-holdings/70831484007/
  7. Actually makes sense if it would’ve been a doink it’s just a doink without the doink. i just figured big12 refs fucked up somehow
  8. Zeus

    Fuck Big 12 refs

    these turds going to be so flushed next year
  9. We're in the worst conference so that's nice. Wyoming and Rice beat up on big12 teams Bama - even if they are somewhat flawed - would THROTTLE every other big12 team in Tuscaloosa
  10. yeah it's been an issue and getting worse and worse No idea what to do because exposing them doesn't really mean much Everyone knows the situation and the conference doesn't have much value or integrity once Texas leaves so it seems like nobody will even care. Besides Colorado the big 12 future looks fucking grim
  11. Zeus

    Florida Gators

    Great win No clue how that defense held it together Awesome atmosphere in the Swamp for the recruits though Fuck Tennessee!
  12. Zeus

    Fuck Brett Yormark

  13. lol whos calling this game? Lowell? They just emulated Gus with the pace of talking . like. this. about. anthony. hill. then the other guy literally said Momma there goes that man like fucking Mark Jackson Jesus
  14. He's just another guy putting up 200yds a game receiving and running back kickoffs for TDs lmao
  15. As a fan you should want good recruits. To get good recruits you need to be on ESPN highlights and twitter and shit. To get on those you need a lot of people watching = ratings.
  16. Clay - a Tennessee homer - usually helps prop up the sec. He says they aren’t very good this year, and he thinks NIL is spreading talent around. Above board payments are keeping the players from the SEC, so how were they getting all that talent before it was allowed?
  17. Zeus

    Colt Wins!

    Dude the Jets are permanently in tank mode they don't want a capable QB
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