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  1. Upside to today, we get VvD, Ali, and Fabinho back sooner.
  2. Grubes is not going to have sex with you. Rhyner probably will.
  3. mdmost


    Get fucked, Clarence Thomas.
  4. DC is such a mess. I'm sure James Gunn will do some good things but I'm just not sure.
  5. Do you want his helmet? You'll have to scrape his head out with a putty knife.
  6. Man, there's a lot of Dan/Gordo tension today. I guess Dan wasn't onboard with having to take Gordo for White Elephant.
  7. Morning show has been great. Feel like 10-3 is going to be a letdown since Norm is on it. Hopefully Afternoon Jub appears.
  8. Doubtful. It would never be on the Ticket because everyone moved on. The only instance of Greggo left on the Ticket is the On Star drop they play on WTDS. Greggo hasn't been on the Ticket in 14 years.
  9. This sad stunt remind me of a great line a Redditor had last week after the dismal ratings came out for The Freak. Turns out "spite" isn't a great format for a radio station.
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