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  1. mdmost

    Comic Books

    These are some great videos if you grew up on 80s/90s comics like me.
  2. The only cool thing about the Eternals was the ending where the giant head appears in the sky.
  3. I love that he's still a bitter little bitch over something that happened to his team 19 years ago.
  4. It's a supposedly a retelling of the Book of Job.
  5. Matip is out for a time. Ali and Jota won't play tomorrow but are closer.
  6. Trumps blamed FSU getting snubbed on DeSantis.
  7. Florida Man not taking the snub well.
  8. Apparently, everything runs through Shreveport.
  9. That loss was my first Texas OU. Senior year of high school. mdleast picked me up from my morning SAT exam and we raced over to Fair Park.
  10. James Brown was the first UT QB I fell in love with. That era got me really into UT football. He gave us the highest of highs. "Come To Run" was one of the top 5 plays in my UT sports watching experience. It was so epic, even down to the Musberger call. He backed up his words. It's why I still use the "maybe we beat them by ____ points". He wasn't afraid of anyone. I also was extremely bitter that he and all those guys who helped UT win both the final SWC title and the first Big 12 title were left to have their Senior Day on a bitterly cold November morning against Kansas in 1997 before only 40,000 people. It was also my final home game as a student. I was happy to see the LHN have Mackovic on yesterday to talk about the 1996 Big 12 Championship. I know Johnny Mack was an arrogant guy and rubbed people the wrong way but I'll be damned if you try to take that era of UT football away from me. That started the obsession.
  11. Man, you guys remember that Spring Game not that long ago when people were freaking out that Quinn looked mediocre and Maalik looked all world? Good times.
  12. Man, it's just crazy to think this is an actual reality. And that one massive choice to play Alabama in a home and home was the fuel this team needed. Just like Ohio State was the spark that lit the fuse for the 05 team. I love that we get at least another month to discuss meaningful college football in Austin. It's been far too long.
  13. I'm overdosing on Big 12 fans who are so angry that we not only won our final Big 12 championship but that we also got into the playoff. It's their worst nightmare. All year long they had been pinning their hopes on team after team. Only OU gave them some joy but it was short lived. I'm sure they'll all be Washington fans on New Year's Day.
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