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  1. That’s literally happening. AP: Homeless struggle to stay safe from record high temperatures in blistering Phoenix
  2. Golden kicks ass. My wife and I love a lot of houses in Morrison and Genessee but don’t want our house to burn down in a forest fire.
  3. 'No one involved in the effort thinks he has a path': Biden insiders say the writing is on the wall
  4. Central Oregon outside of Seattle Portugal Asheville, NC nevada side of Lake Tahoe
  5. I’m not saying I called it. But I called it.
  6. lol, ref has started calling every soft foul the last 15 minutes
  7. You should leave walking guys on for 120 minutes because…. Pens
  8. English depth coming through
  9. How in the VAR era do they let obviously wrong corner calls go uncorrected?
  10. He’s been walking around the last 40 minutes of their last few games that have gone to extra time. Put on fresh legs and try to win before extra time.
  11. Phil Foden running with the ball Saka is such a bitch. And I love his game.
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