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  1. Georgia’s non-conference was as bad or worse than Michigan’s. Florida State’s was way better than both.
  2. There were a couple Origi games where I knew Liverpool were going to score a goal at the very last second. I had that same feeling tonight. Just didn’t see Luton hanging on all the way through; even in the 94th minute.
  3. I missed that part; he awarded Arsenal the ball because of time wasting or something like that? I thought Luton fouled a player to set up the free kick. Agreed, Insanely dumb time wasting based on what you said.
  4. Wow. Declan rice wins it with the last touch of the game.
  5. “We’ve got Browning vs Beathard in overtime. Does it get any better than this?” 😂 Petyon Manning’s humor kills me.
  6. Can the Jaguars not afford a golf cart? Why do they have him stumbling out of the stadium on a bad knee/ankle?
  7. TLaw might have just done his knee. Hopefully he’s bendy.
  8. Chad Ochocinco is living in a slightly different universe than the Mannings.
  9. I think his butt landed out when he finally hauled it in. Either way, that’s an incredible catch
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