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  1. I appreciate McElroy trying to be unbiased but there isn’t a person in the country that wants to hear a former Bama QB talk about who should have made it between Bama and FSU.
  2. I haven’t been able to wash the stink of that game off of me.
  3. Harbaugh, the blatant cheater, has thanked God about 17 times in this interview.
  4. I’d would be 14-14 after regulation due to 2 pick 6’s for each team.
  5. Crowd’s sounded on fire the last 10 minutes. Would love to be there.
  6. Antonee Robinson has kicked our ass all day long.
  7. Is this like the 9th year in a row that no one gives a shit about the big 10 championship game because all the nerdy and fat farm girl schools are in the “leaders” division and they get crushed by Ohio state or Michigan or Penn State in the finals?
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