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  1. Rory rode the Spiethcoster on the back 9. Doesn’t normally end well.
  2. When you say “I think this putt’s got a chance” for every putt it loses it’s meaning.
  3. Very boring performance by England The sum is less than the parts.
  4. Mark Clattenberg is the fucking worst.
  5. That should be a red card
  6. Looks like a perfect day in Berlin
  7. Porzingis straining his manzingis is a potential game changer if we can string this series another game.
  8. Davis Wendzel is proof God should have cancelled Baylor’s athletic program.
  9. Amazed we’re only 2 games below .500 with a lineup full of 650 ops hitters. Hat tip to our starting pitching and rag tag bullpen.
  10. If exam and/or maxi give us anything next game and Kyrie shoot above 35% in Boston we have a chance to bring it back to Dallas for game 6.
  11. Honestly think this is the kind of win that gives us belief going into game 5.
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