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  1. The number 7 is what is weird to me. So unless that is max number of picks Fox gets from the B12, they have to have the schedule. If they do not have the schedule and then is just the max potential picks FOX has first dibs on, it is a massive slap in the face for all the other schools in the B12 and a signal how big of a deal losing Texas and OU is and how fucked the future media rights are for the B12 in Fox's eyes.
  2. One of my first questions is how does FOX know that there are 7 premium games with Texas and/or OU that demand premium advertising without knowing the 2025 schedule already?
  3. From the ESPN article that dropped Note that this is no longer about the B12, this is all Fox. Also by slowing down Texas/OU this slows down the potential poaching of the Pac12 which means it gives Fox more time to decide how they want to deal with the potential of the B10 and westward expansion.
  4. So Roach worked really hard to gloss over the “strange” sudden commitments to targets to A&M and how some recruits families all of the sudden soured on the Texas staff… I guess I can’t blame him, but at some point it is so blatant that it would might be worthwhile to imply when random $$ collectives first got involved.
  5. So ASU, AU, Col and Utah and leave UO, OSU, UW, WSU, Stanford and Cal to figure their own shit out? Curious how that would work
  6. That fact that you think being in the B12 puts you inside the building is adorable... You just traded one glass ceiling for another. Enjoy the ride. The best thing you get to look forward to is that if the Pac 12 implodes like we expect you finally get to be in the same conference at Utah.
  7. I am guessing his NFL grade was not very good or his medicals made everyone ask him to stay another year to prove he comes back fully. This is a big help to A&M, but now the questions is how does the diva react to not being the primary target?
  8. Nobody wanted to give me odds about him being brought in for questioning the next 7 days after NSD2...
  9. Backup OL, but still going to be a bunch of media questions
  10. I think they are worried Ty might bail if they got someone in the early portal knowing they were getting rid of BOB. Now they get to hope that they can find a JAG with some starting experience (which is technically better than what they have now) that will have some familiarity with whoever the new OC’s system is. Being unwilling to cut BOB loose early is probably the real issue is. All this does is make the early road game to Bama that much more winnable.
  11. This thing looks to me more about payback than over-zealousness.. Seem almost like something out of the Knapp commission from NYC from the 70s. Now the question is going to be who had the real beef with him and is this something tied to just someone on that squad wanting payback or something much worse as a paid job. The sad part about this is that if hadn't died, this would have just been another case of was this justifiable force in restraining the suspect.
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