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  1. Do you want to know my theory of everything? How the world is being manipulated around us? What is controlling your daily actions and the your greater future?
  2. What does piss me off is that my publication history destroys that but UTA would never hire me. Applied to UTA many times and not even a courtesy conference interview from UTA... Politics in academia are weird... Maybe I need to set up a thread on the nerds board about coming up with a set of Surly led articles, just for the fuck of it..
  3. State and Federal funding has dropped from 40% to less than 10% for most schools and yet the state and fed has mandated a massive bloat in required staff to be viable for the students to receive financial aid. So for your students to have the privilege to get gouged on student loans, they had to double the administrative staff and yet still cut everyone funding... There are virtually no offsets and so instead all of the costs go right to the cost of tuition.
  4. I am somewhat jaded in my viewpoints in this area because I am an Associate Editor of a reputable journal. Also, I do most of my research either in Business or Industrial Engineering journals. When it comes to journals, there are no rules about journals only rules about if the journal counts as "quality" for the tenure process. Is it backed by a major publisher (Elsevier, Emerald, Wiley. etc)? no... Is it backed by a major society (CCSMP, OR Society, etc)? no... Since its title supply chain, is it listed in the ABDC list? no... Is it Cablles listed at all? no.... In this case it would not be considered a viable journal for most business schools in Texas for tenure. So now is it considered a predatory journal or is it just a bullshit journal housed by the university? Looking through it and checking on the various journal ranking groups, it isn't cosidered predatory (ie pay for play) so it is obvious just a small inhouse journal that is used to help push recognition for the college or program. What is funnier to me in their call for papers is this: If you cant get UT right in the boilerplate...
  5. For those that need a simple primer on all of this and why it is a mess regardless the outcome
  6. Here's what to know about the collapse of China's Evergrande property developer https://www.npr.org/2024/01/30/1227554424/evergrande-china-real-estate-economy-property-collapse
  7. This is a long ass time coming. I am curious how much has the Chinese government pumped into Evergrande to keep it propped up this long?
  8. HK court orders China Evergrande to liquidate with debts of $300 bln https://www.reuters.com/business/embattled-china-evergrande-back-court-liquidation-hearing-2024-01-28/
  9. More than anything I am real curious about the language that gets put in Sherrone Moore contract, from both sides... How much leeway does he get regarding the NCAA? How much protection is he given regarding team performance if the NCAA provides sanctions, even if he was on the staff at the time? What does Michigan do regarding any form of NCAA investigations and do they require Moore to gut most of the underlying support staff machine and coaches even tangentially tied to this? So most likely Moore is going to get the job where the DC, supposedly the Strength coach, and most likely many others on the D side of the ball are leaving, most of the support staff with familiarity is going to be gone to CYA for the NCAA, and he is supposed to heave the contacts to rebuild all of that post Harbaugh? While the specter of potential NCAA penalties hanging over their head? This is going to be a train wreck to watch unfold...
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