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  1. Yep. I expect my rent to go down if I renew.
  2. It's delicious. I'd put their catfish up against any catfish parlor. Their chicken slammer is a national treasure.
  3. Improper disposal of motor oil is a dick move.
  4. Got the chicken strips today. I don't hear the helicopter now, and haven't heard any sirens.
  5. I was at the short stop across the street when shit hit the fan. Now is the time to rob a bank.
  6. Just drove past the school and I've never seen so many cops. They have all the streets and highway exits blocked.
  7. A bunch of half assed mountain boys if you ask me.
  8. This is unreal. No matter how many times I bash my head into a wall.. Motherfucking CFP bitches!!!!
  9. Nope. If the couple is into it, they make it clear early on.
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