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  1. Well we know where the surly bowl game watch party will be now.
  2. Call me petty but I've been trolling the fam after their bullshit texts calling me names like the toddlers they are. I responded with pics of me smiling at the game and hanging out with other smiling people. I also know they are eating garbage because I'm not there to supervise the meal, so I sent pics of the fried turkey and fixings I enjoyed at friends giving. I've been smiling ever since. Fuck em. Best Thanksgiving in a long time.
  3. Spotted the late great Ray Liotta, so they must have been sitting on this a while.
  4. Their first day of training: So, this white stuff you see covering everything is called "snow".
  5. It's never too early to learn about the glory and pleasure of water works.
  6. You are wrong. I went to Chucks for my 22nd and 23rd birthday and had a fucking blast. Got shit housed, and jumped in the ball pit. Pretty sure I pissed in it.
  7. Who knew kicking the ball back to the opposing team on every possession in the final 20 minutes of the game would be a winning strategy.
  8. @Vic Mackey Let's get Mike B on the board. That would rival some the epic shag threads with Roman and Fitlump.
  9. I'm confused about the start time. I see 1 pm cst everywhere but on FOX pregame it says 1 pm et.
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