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  1. The angry wife medicare commercial is nuts. She needs a serious beating.
  2. There is no "standard" number of HDMI ports. My 1st HDTV in 2005 had 2 ports and my 2nd in 2007 had one port. I've had many HDTVs with anything from 1 to 4 HDMI ports over the last 18 years.
  3. Your HDTV should have optical out if your AV receiver doesn't have HDMI inputs.
  4. That just means it's 12:11am in military time
  5. angry delusional aggy responses to that are fucking great
  6. looks like a lot of Fallout 4 (which I'm currently replaying for the 5th time)
  7. COVID effectively killed B&M doorbuster deals and waiting in line for hours. It's pretty rare to find an actual "great" deal that's only available in-store starting at a certain time on BF.
  8. We have an LG microwave that has all the fucking cook time presets/inputs inside the fucking door. So if you don't want to use the +30 second button on the front of the door, you have to go get a fucking flashlight to read the presets. So it's pretty much the +30 second button 99% of the time.
  9. Except who the fuck calls Santa "Old Nick"? You might find some geriatrics still calling him "Old Saint Nick". Even extremely rabid jesus crispies have a hard time equating Saint Nicholas with Satan.
  10. He also has a rare psychological disorder that causes him to dress up like an Icy Hot Stunta
  11. It's really fun when they do this in Mexico and you find yourself driving down a dirt road the width of an alley with rotting trash and street dogs everywhere. Are you sure you put in the right city? San Luis Petosi? (angry) YES!!!!! And you didn't change any of the Google Map settings? (angrier) NOOOOO!!!!!
  12. I watched it a month ago. Kiefer and Jason Clarke were great.
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