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  1. you're a goddamn wife-beating racist cracker
  2. It's cheap and easy to make movies about cis-lizards.
  3. Yes it was. Hot pot and BBQ. https://thekpot.com/location/austin-brodie/
  4. I would like to have seen Montana: Chicken Fried Steak
  5. What do you mean it doesn't connect? When you plug it in to your W10 box, does it show up in Disk Management?
  6. That's about what you should pay with them for a Cancun/Playa RT shuttle. I would just verify that they're allowed to pick up at the Tulum airport. That airport is doing the same BS that Cozumel and other small Mexican airports do, where they grant exclusive transport rights to a single shuttle company and taxis/Uber/transfers are not allowed to pick up on airport grounds. In Cozumel, you have to drag your luggage 1/4 mile from the airport before a taxi will pick you up.
  7. We just went to a Korean hot pot place on Sunday and it sucked. The "grill" was like a low power Barbie-bake-oven. Way too much work and the meat quality was shit.
  8. My girlfriend takes that route from Austin to UTSA (next to Fiesta Texas) constantly. There is no good shortcut. The back way down 281 sucks balls.
  9. $412 for a round trip is still better than what the Tulum shuttle charges.
  10. Did you ever see any of the Foleyvision shows? I saw their productions of Turkish Star Wars and Turkish Wizard of Oz, they were fucking great. https://www.austinchronicle.com/screens/2004-02-20/197912/
  11. We bought a big box of 100 used balls on craigslist for $15, pulled out 20 that still had good bounce and left the rest for the dogs. The first time we put the box on the floor, they went apeshit, trying to grab 2 balls at a time, hiding them everywhere in the house, then coming back for more. We're still finding balls in random places a month later.
  12. You probably think the massive aggy thread on the football board is full of people worried about the aggy juggernaut. Ridicule is not fear or outrage.
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