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  1. There's already been some interesting stuff, like the DOJ motion to release the warrant was undersigned by the chief of US counterintelligence and export control in addition to the AG. I hope we actually get the warrant released today and not more fuck fuck run out the clock games from team trump
  2. Say what you will, but there's never been a more adept user of the Motte and Bailey fallacy to derail discussion and paint everyone else as unreasonable while laying down a hot log of #bothsides
  3. Woman says she was injected with sedative against her will after abortion rights protest at NBA game: "Shocking and illegal" TLDR: protesting and the cops don't like your speech? Get fucking sedated, fucker. Congrats again to the religious right for systemically attacking womens bodily autonomy.
  4. that's fucking outrageous that fox NEWS is airing this shit. It's fucking irresponsible. They need to not exist anymore if they're doing this sort of shit to stoke a civil war
  5. Orban and everyone who cheers on his flavor of fascism can eat a bag of dicks and die in a fire. He's directly supporting Putin and Russia. Fucking shameful.
  6. Definitely not - the thing I saw was just 8 bots and it was a silver bolt trophy. Everyone was running some new hardware, it all felt very preseason with everyone trying new stuff. Whiplash had a bad mod with some low clearance "toes" that stuck him to the floor
  7. Just got back from a nice evening walk at the neighborhood park, the boys were in rare form
  8. BattleBots uploaded the Hypershock v Gigabyte fight https://v.redd.it/9ptirk4ri5h91 Goddamn Hypershock is awesome. Also, I'm pretty sure this was filmed before the event I saw in late June - Hypershock's driver retired and his Alex, his now wife, ran the table an won the bolt in a final against Hydra
  9. He's up and talking about unsealing the MAL warrant
  10. you mean the president isn't supposed to sign off on every discreet action of every federal agency??
  11. lmao same I've got a call in 10 minutes, cmon man!
  12. interesting - the ABC talking heads said that the White House learned about Garland's press conference from the media just like the rest of us. I wonder if this announcement has anything to do with our MAGA attack at an FBI office (that turns out was probably done by a Jan6 defendant), or if it'll be about the MAGAlago raid
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