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  1. I'd be curious to know your full reasoning for how our current energy policy is affecting the high market rates for energy - especially considering the increase in price is observed all around the world, not just in the US. Typically it takes a few years for the full effect of one policy or another to be fully felt. And even then it would usually not be echoed across the rest of the world to the extent that energy prices are high everywhere
  2. Welp. COVID finally got me. Whodathunkit that a week long conference in Vegas may cause some exposures Fortunately my symptoms are pretty mild. No fever and feeling not great not terrible so far. Definitely have a scratchy throat
  3. Rich words from someone who keeps a roof over his head and food on his table by contributing to and profiting from the exploitative health "insurance" industry. You don't value the quality of a life, just that it will still produce premiums.
  4. Machine learning, automation, robotics, and space were the main topics. Tons of incredible tech - including a bipedal robot that can self-navigate in a semi-controlled environment (right before the Westworld season premier lmao), a live flight demo of that jet pack that's done a trial with UK special forces, and a bunch of cutting-edge machine learning techniques that I can run on my desktop computer and produce incredible results. edit: also sorry in advance for my constant yelling and hollering in the videos lol
  5. So the conference I was at last week in Las Vegas finished with an 8 bot bracket, I recorded a bunch of the fights because why not! Here's some intro stuff and most of the fights that I recorded with my cell phone. It's AWESOME to see live - those bots have some serious power! And all the drivers were super cool and gave me some stickers and poker chips for stopping by and looking at the damage with em lol. I put each video in a spoiler so I don't longcat too bad, and I missed some of the rounds (sorry, had to get another free beer), but it's some neat preseason robot fighting action! Round 1: Blip vs Whiplash Round 1: Skorpios vs Cobalt Round 1: Tombstone vs Hypershock Round 2: Hydra vs Cobalt Bonus grudge match: Malice vs Jackpot Final: Hypershock vs Hydra And very cool to see the giant nut in person as well!
  6. Ok nice! I guess I just wanted to make sure that you were ok with ~1GB files before I started uploading
  7. @immamac what sort of file hosting are you ok with? I have some 60fps UHD footage of a BattleBots tournament I saw that I want to put on the TV show thread, and would rather not upload it to YouTube. Each 4m video is like 900MB, and I don't want to rock the boat lol. Should I down res them? Also, does surly upload strip off metadata?
  8. Hey now, it's what radicalization man on fox news told him to say!
  9. You're getting it. Fascists don't just take a win and rest on their laurels - they'll continue to press their advantage and weaponize society against their "other"-ed groups. That's why the pollyanna optimism about "wellll they'll lose at the polls then! Gotcha!" is missing the forest for the trees. They're doing all of this now thanks to exploiting the electoral system, gerrymandering, and a willingness to lie to their voters. The issue itself doesn't matter to them. All that matters is that it matters to a group they dislike. That's all the reason they need to upturn it.
  10. Wow it's nuts to see someone openly speaking about the virtues of fascism. @immamac will there be site rules on fascism at some point?
  11. It's always weird when you do this naive optimistic pollyanna bit
  12. Yes, and that logic of "removing a moral imposition" will be extended to remove the moral imposition of marriage not between a man and a woman. That's where this is headed. I know that's what you actually want, but it's horribly theocratic and fascist.
  13. This reasoning will be equally applicable to gay marriage and gay acts of love. Congratulations, bigot.
  14. You joke, but states have already tried to pass laws that would penalize actions taken in another state. It's a clear violation of the freedom of travel and of the interstate commerce clause, but it's calvinball - there are no rules anymore. Anything goes if the refs like it
  15. Inb4 we shit the bed against OU and every other big game, like we have been doing for the last 15 years.
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