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  1. I just don't understand the value proposition of a trustless and decentralized ledger system for supply chain management. There are not any architectural benefits to adding layers of complexity and abstraction to supply chain management - it's ultimately a matter of information assurance and access management. Both of which are substantively handled by existing systems that are far more efficient and easier to implement - while fully guaranteeing idempotent, tamper-proof, and accessible management of the information. I have not yet heard a compelling technical argument for improvement by way of integrating blockchain into any record keeping system - especially ones that are already centralized by business and/or regulatory necessity.
  2. Behind the Bastards has a six part series on him that's fairly comprehensive
  3. Is the right to a speedy trial purely a right of the defendant, or does the damaged party in a crime also have an interest? When a brutal rape or murder happens should we just let that criminal go out and about and abuse and threaten the entire justice system if they happen to run for office? There is not some theoretical damage happening because of the slow fucking roll of justice with respect to trump. He is actively stirring up calls for violence and death threats against the judiciary. His movement is continuing to pick up momentum and damage political norms precisely because there is empirically ZERO fucking criminal consequences for any of their criminal acts done on national TV. Your plea for "prevention" from the fascists that back trump is like asking a leopard not to eat your face. Oh my bad I'll stfu once our justice system actually punishes a christofascist, and I stop hearing ad nauseum how well it's handling trump
  4. Except this is relief that should be available and granted under the existing terms of income driven repayment. It's not some new gift, it's just sticking to our word and deal that was made. It's no wonder why the trumpsters are pissed
  5. Idk, I would call the justice systems failure to prosecute trump in a timely manner is the larger failure than the political one you describe. No shit things are going off the rails, he's gotten away with everything so far and has been able to appeal or outrun every meager wrist slap he's received. Fucking insane to me that he is actively inciting death threats against one of his judges and he's given a unique degree of deference to continue to do so. Yeah, the morons are making him powerful, but the law has failed with trump.
  6. Tell me you've never worked in a large enterprise without telling me. Salaried developers are expensive, and you can hire a shitload of overseas contract devs for the cost of a few salaried employees. I've seen more than one org punch itself in the dick because they were too excited to fire folks without making sure they got all the necessary tribal knowledge documented
  7. And yet they can't afford to pay their employees more?
  8. Destin with Smarter Every Day posted a talk he gave to the American Aeronautical Society about mission design and planning. He also raised some incredible flaws in the Artemis III mission plan, like how NASA didn't actually know how many cryogenic orbital refuelings would be needed to land on the moon for A3. Which have never been done before. Destin guessed 12, but nobody had an answer!
  9. Destin with Smarter Every Day posted a talk he gave to the America Aeronautical Society. Really makes you concerned about where Artemis is when NASA wasn't even sure how many refuels it will take to land Artemis III a single time
  10. Putting "green" anything on a proof of work system is pretty farcical IMO
  11. It's almost like stock prices are driven more by speculation than actual fundamentals, or something
  12. God bless our quarterly profit growth! It's the most important tenant of the Christian faith!
  13. Trump still has not faced any fucking criminal consequences for his criminal actions that happened on national TV nearly 3 years ago. Playing rope a dope with fascists is how you surrender to them.
  14. Shit, it's barely more than what he had on the first quarter
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