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  1. Credit where it's due, it looks like posts are getting restored and moved to the new thread
  2. It is the WRONG move to memory hole all those posts. It's his favorite move, and it's fucking wrong. He should have moved the posts to a new thread, rather than just lazily deleting everything. If that's his only solution then @immamac should fucking have a talk with him about destroying his user content and discussion
  3. @blacklab can you restore all those posts and comments from when the event was happening? Or did you just erase that context and discussion because you didn't like how much your buddies said they liked "cracking heads"? Edit: credit where it's due, thank you for restoring the posts. Sorry for the extreme emotion, but I thought you had memory holed the entire contemporaneous discussion and I was quite irate.
  4. You've already deleted and removed the posts and discussion. If you wanted it to be a topic, you would have moved the posts. But you didn't. You didn't want ANY discussion of it, so you hit the reset button and removed the fresh context. You are a fucking terrible mod if you just memory holed all those posts and user content. What the fuck, dude?
  5. He sure fuckin acts and moderates like a chud. He's letting the fascists and bootlickers set the terms of the conversation, rather then telling them to go eat a bag of dicks.
  6. Thanks for deleting the posts and protecting the bootlickers from accountability, as you ever do. Where the fuck does it belong then? Is the deployment of the state troopers onto OUR FUCKING CAMPUS to arrest peacefully protesting students a forever verboten topic? You are just making it such that the fascists and bootlickers get to dictate the terms of """polite""" conversation, you fucking useful idiot
  7. @blacklab you are a fucking coward and carrying the water of greg abbott's fascism. @immamac I can't believe you let him run shit the way he does.
  8. Motherfucker this happened on Speedway in front of Gregory Gym. This is the essence of Texas current events. Sorry it makes you feel uncomfortable to see it happening.
  9. Before BL starting issuing ban waves, is the state governor illegally arresting dozens of students and a few journalists off of Speedway Drive in front of the steps of Gregory Gymnasium NOT a current event worthy of discussion on a UT current events board?
  10. I reject your framing and insistence that any speech against the genocide of Palestinian civilians is "anti-Jewish hate speech". Try again. You used to be WAY better at justifying police brutality and beating up protesters, you're really missing a step nowadays
  11. These cops have been fuckin WAITING for a chance to get their rocks off
  12. Lmfao speedway, despite it's name, is not a highway or traffic passageway. It's mostly pedestrian traffic. I don't think that's gonna stand up to any level of scrutiny They can't seriously be pulling that out and hoping to animate the "shoot the protesters that are on the roads" people, right?
  13. These are what we call "useful idiots"
  14. It's almost like abbott is choosing to escalate this as a culture war issue, or something. He's also framing this action as being "against antisemitism" which is bad because that means he thinks he's justified in arresting those protesters.
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