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  1. This guy is a former F14 naval aviator and writes for the USNI and generally is pretty credible - he just put out a pretty good overview of the F22 shoot down Neato presentation of the info and his speculation of why they used a missile vs a gun run. Also funny that a balloon is the F22s first kill
  2. The Ewer family is battlebots royalty, Son of Whyachi was a hell of a bot back in the day. I'm about 75% sure that Hydra Ewer is playing up the heel persona, but the fusion Ewer may just be awkward lol. Surprisingly good matchups this week though!
  3. Really funny skits this week, but I wish I knew why they always ask the bands to play the most slow crooning song they've got
  4. Counterpoint: we went from man's first flight to the first flight around the world in 20 years. The first man in space in 58 years. We had men on the moon 66 years after first flight. A LOT can and will change in 50 years, provided sufficient incentive. I'd bet the reduced maintenance cost from electric vehicles drives quite a bit more consumer interest as the technology advances
  5. Lol I am truly sorry for besmirching your internet message board avatar honor. May your snowflake one day be restored
  6. My b, I guess it was cheese weasel lol. I have a hard time differentiating you fascist apologists
  7. Man, I was hoping after 2021 that we'd be done with the practice of putting out a lie just to get incredulous news publications to repeat it for you. I'm real tired of russia busting that out on us and it working so fantastically well
  8. The prosecution was so bad that chicken sandwich still uses it as his avatar lol
  9. Captainant


  10. Captainant


    Literally the post I quoted of yours originally? with the context of "these decisions" being "children receiving hormones and other gender transition therapies" For fucks sake man, do you not read what you post?
  11. Captainant


    Well when you're making broad-ass statements like "there are MANY examples of the state putting hormones into kids on a whim", I'd expect that to at least have some basis in fact. You're out here nursing a "muh CIVILITY!!!" grievance when you're failing to do us the barest courtesy of not just making shit up and lying to our faces.
  12. Captainant


    See now you're conflating "just googling random bullshit and longcatting it into the thread" with "data and facts". There's not much to reason with when you're just being lazy as fuck and giving me the first page of google, as if you're contributing hard data to the discussion. I mean since you're making the claim of "I do think that there have been many examples of schools, courts, and child protective services-type agencies intervening in these decisions", I think it's reasonable to expect you to back that up with some specific examples if it's actually as prevalent as you claim. Especially when it's as inflammatory and grievance-based as your framing makes it.
  13. Captainant


    If you feel this way, you should validate your feelings with data and facts before you expect other people to take you seriously. You're hiding your hate behind faux intellectualism.
  14. buy a strangle position, volatility pays you either way
  15. I recall one of our representatives also expressing a desire to be more like the Russian military, I'd be more than happy to pay his way
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