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  1. I don't think they could vote any worse than crenshaw was voting, so it kinda doesn't matter lol
  2. Hah apparently Colbert and the Late Show did a segment on the Lumon set with the actors Pretty funny Edit: reading prior posts is for suckers. Sorry for the repost lol
  3. lol if you ask @Humble Beast, the Inflation Reduction Act is basically just child sex trafficking. The mods deleted his post to hide his shame and idiocy, but he deserves to be mocked more for bringing that shit to the 6th St Journal board
  4. Heh. Fuck Crenshaw - he was a dogshit congressman and never replied to any of my calls or correspondence on legislation that was up for a vote. After redistricting he's not my rep anymore, but fuck em. I hope he gets eaten by the MAGAmob
  5. Yes but what you aren't considering is all the individuals who were able to enrich themselves by creating a private entity, giving themselves fat paychecks and bonuses for their troubles, and then bouncing when shit goes underwater. They get to privatize the profits, and socialize the losses! What's not to love?
  6. It's more of a "hey let's not focus on a single city that's doing its own thing being below standard when 99% of the rest of the state is also fucked up" Deflection to a whatabout to eat up the oxygen in the conversation is a CLASSIC tactic of people who don't actually want to talk about the problem. It ain't the Austin energy thread, my power was out for 3 days in Houston during the freeze - AE ain't got shit to do with that.
  7. Lmao those units would fuckin SLAP in a Red Alert reboot! But the russian navy is a fucking joke, aside from their sub forces. The Kuz fucking sunk the last drydock it was in lol. They couldn't build the carrier, sanctions or no. And they'd probably only be able to build a single stealth sub, but it doesn't really matter compared to Status 6, which is already a live weapons system
  8. Wow, sweet memes comparing legislation you don't like to child sex traffickers. Very cool stuff! Give me a fucking break, GRUvibes.
  9. Just to double down on this - it's crazy how much was able to be gleaned from a single still image. From a nice writeup on Reddit:
  10. Well we all got so much benefit trickling down our collective faces when we gave them a huge tax break, right? If raising taxes on corps raises their prices, then dropping taxes MUST have reduced their prices! It would just be UNPOSSIBLE that a solely profit driven entity would take every opportunity it could to maximize their profits, right???
  11. I gotta disagree with your framing man - publicly owned utilities isn't "nationalized". It's the norm. Texas' privatized utility system has had nothing but negative effects on the downstream consumers who are subject to a state-sanctioned monopoly that is purely profit driven with no requirement to plan for severe events. It shouldn't be on Joe Consumer to build his own durability into his home - the utility and grid operators are supposed to be covering that. They're shirking that responsibility down to the individual so that they can reap even larger profit margins with the reduced overhead costs. You don't go to the gas pump with a fucking hydrometer to make sure you're getting quality fuel - you have an expectation of getting an immediately usable product. I really don't understand this reflexive need to cover for these greedy and maintenance-averse operators.
  12. because people keep falling into the trap of repeating the lies and propaganda of bad faith actors, doing their work for them. It doesn't matter than you're making fun of em, just repeating the lie gives it oxygen
  13. I'm inclined to think it's the latter - we know that wages for the walmart demographic aren't increasing at a rate that beats inflation, and Wally world is as eager as any corporation to exploit the inflationary headwinds to increase prices for better profit margins
  14. Maybe from all the corporations and ultra wealthy fucks that have received a trilly in tax cuts since 2017? Just a thought.
  15. Two accessories to Floyd's murder rejected their plea deals and are going to trial https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/two-former-cops-awaiting-trial-george-floyd-case-reject-plea-deal-rcna43100 Trial date set for Oct 24.
  16. Isn't there some threshold of number of people for the genetics to be diverse enough to continue in perpetuity? Like 11,000 or something like that? If there's only a handful of outliers that are alive still and the rest of the humans are murder-trons, humanity wouldn't last
  17. I bet if they get more Bitcoin miners that'll fix their grid, right???
  18. Lmao ETH has been talking about moving to proof of stake for damn near a decade. I'll believe it when I see it. And also, lmao if you think the US government isn't all up in BTC as much as it is ETH
  19. Lol incredulity citing an autogenerated article as an authoritative source is just a bit too silly.
  20. Yeah that sure was an episode of Westworld lol. I'm not sure if I know where or when we are anymore, but fuggit if we're going back west I'm in baby
  21. MFW there's a literal crime exception to assertions of privilege. This won't make a shit
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