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  1. Lots of small town grocery, convenience, and hardware stores already sell ammunition. Solution looking for a problem.
  2. Yeah- Harvey was a product of what surrounded it and got stuck in idle during a weather traffic jam.
  3. Ditto. Hell, my pig shooter 300BO pistol is a PSA. It goes bang. If I was dependent on it for my life everyday I wouldn't want it, but to bang around in the truck and fire 2-3 shots here or there, it works and was cheap. LPVO on top if it is the only real value I have in it. Just match the tool to the chore with ARs and you won't be disappointed or have financial regrets.
  4. Douche made sure to flex his shaved quad when the FBI was photographing his tattoos. “fortune favors the bold.”
  5. And I’m first on the list to admit that seems simplistic and callous - but facts are most alcoholics end up in jails, institutions, or dead while trying to answer that question and deciding if they’re ready for AA or recovery. Normal drinkers don’t ponder questions about whether they need to go to AA or what type of alcoholic they may be. His gut is telling him there’s a problem and his mind (disease / dis-ease) is telling him to form a research committee as a stall tactic.
  6. Yeah- if it’s a problem in his life and he can’t stop, stay stopped. and be reasonably happy in life…. Don’t stand around talking about how the mule got in the ditch….just work on getting him out.
  7. If we’re spending your money I might as well suggest a VM-22 and customize from there.
  8. House she didn't know about, no compromise pre-nup presented that was different than had been agreed among others.
  9. Wife and I have a friend in Italy right now attending the Lake Como wedding expensive party of a woman she worked with. Bride woman discovered some serious red flags in former fiance a couple of months back. Had to call it off and cease contact with him. All that shit was already paid and non-refundable at this point so they're just proceeding with the party for those that had flights and still wanted to come. Father of the bride has money to burn I guess to even allow for the planning of a multi-six figure event and said fuck-it....might was well make the best of a shitty situation.
  10. Yep - and depending on how you prepare, you can change the glycemic index of a particular rice. Reheated frozen or refrigerated white rice has a lower impact than fresh cooked. Rice study Lots of rabbit holes to explore.
  11. Some people are gross and self centered enough to think they're owed all that. I'd bet significant funds that particular one is a fake to drive clicks that a news outlet stumbled into. But, I can promise you somewhere there's a bride (or groom) really thinking about hitting send on a similar message in real life. They'll hit delete and then carry on being insufferable in some other way.
  12. Good for you. We probably should have a Longevity thread on here somewhere.
  13. Clemishire told WFAA that though her family forgave him, they never supported Morris returning to the ministry. “I think leaders can get caught up and think it’s our responsibility to protect God and it’s not. Our responsibility is to protect the people,” she added. “God is bigger than all of that.” I agree with the victim here especially on the last part, but I think she's giving the leaders too much credit. They aren't trying to protect God. They're trying to protect their own base of power and access to victims. God and the key principles of fundamental spirituality seldom if ever enter their consciousness.
  14. Yep - All those. I buy a shit-ton of ammunition. It's useful today, provides security for tomorrow (from scarcity) and holds its value. All those site and many others are worth a look. My experience is that most of the time, the biggest value is making sure you're getting free shipping and aren't required to pay sales tax, wherever you are. Don't step over a dollar to pick up a dime. Look for the freight and tax terms most advantageous to your situation 1st, and then start comparing cost per round. Those two factors are bigger savings than any differential retail pricing between vendors.
  15. Commentary from SG Ammo. He’s pretty transparent on his pricing. It is a buyer's market for ammo with prices cut to the bone these days. It would be wise to stock up while demand is down, and profit margins are under 10%. One of the funny things I have observed in my 23+ years in this business is that most consumers do not buy when demand and prices are down and wait for prices to go back up before purchasing. This is all part of a market cycle, and like all cycle’s things change, often quickly and unexpectedly. Don't be the person that waited to buy when demand and prices to spike.
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