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  1. I have a Schlage keypad deadbolt. Wife and I have our code and Set a code for the housekeeper or anyone else we need. Change it when not needed. Installed myself and I can barely change a light bulb. Durable and high quality. Has a key for back-up but batteries last a year and give plenty of warning when getting depleted.
  2. FYI on those who want to keep reliable stashes of 5.56x45. Reports are that the federal government is considering stopping Lake City from selling to public. The Feds own Lake City and lease it to an independent contractor (Olin) to make 5.55 green tip to supply governmental needs. The feds allow the excess to go out for sale. It’s a big chunk of the 5.56 fmj market and prohibiting the sale of surplus to civilians will dramatically drive down supply and increase price. Their reason doesn’t need to be explained. Whether this goes through or not, ammo prices are not heading down in the foreseeable future, with this under consideration.
  3. Had an interesting conversation yesterday and heard an optimistic theory..... Supply chain issues and product shortages were a big contributor to this inflation mess and will coincidentally help the Fed stumble into a softer landing than most expect. New demand is waning, but there is such a backlog of undelivered goods in the economy that while new orders/business slows, the the backlog for existing/previous work will backfill the economy. Select names for discretionary products will suffer big inventory gluts, but the majority of businesses haven't yet caught up so this lessening of demand will be the break they need to catch their breath while keeping employment relatively stable. The consumer resets/adjusts in the meantime and the Fed gets credit for hitting a triple after being born on third base. Someone's glass is always half full.
  4. Buy 6 vans, take the trip and then sell them..... Let all this inflation work for you and turn a nice profit in a few days. You'll fund next year's trip in advance. That's how it works, right?
  5. So basically paying the kid to get money out of the business and the kid then buys a life insurance policy with it instead of spending it? Business deducts the wages. Business pays employment taxes. Kid pays income tax and employment tax. Lots of arbitrage there among tax rates That seems like very little juice for the squeeze unless we're talking large sums where a few points saved equals big bucks....or if the focus is on the issue #3 and the annual gift exclusion. The withholding seems dumb. If you want to pay a kid, the tax is the tax and the withholding/refund part seems irrelevant at first glance....unless that's dad's way of keeping the kid from spending it..... Downside risk is that the wage could be treated as a dividend, not reasonable compensation, and that could cause some heartburn. I guess in thinking through this quickly, that must be the angle - gift over and above the annual gift exclusion and hope the IRS doesn't invalidate the payment as wages and treats them as a dividend.
  6. If Rudy and Paco's is booked, Blvd. Seafood has been very good in the past. I have to travel to Galveston 1-2 times a year to see an account there and have been multiple times. Small, neighborhood kind of joint.....appears to be a lot of locals as the main customer base. I've enjoyed it. https://blvdseafood.com/food/
  7. One wrinkle to throw at you.......the fact that you can start taking then pension today provides a lot of different options. If you can start to draw the pension immediately (per your Situation #1) - Direct deposited into a taxable investment account - the future value of a stream of monthly $1600 investments made for 10 years and earning 8% would be around $290,000. - Use whatever return you want..... So.......at the end of 10 years and when you retire, you have $290,000 in an after tax account plus a continuing monthly pension income. That continuing pension income could help you delay taking SS by filling in some of that gap. Then, withdrawing 4.5% of $290,000 gives you around $1050 per month (plus you still have the $1600 per month pension) so now you are at $2650 per month, and based on the current tax code, the taxation would be more favorable because at least some of the money coming out of the taxable account would be presumably at cap gains rates so your blended effective tax rate would be reduced. Question - Is the pension actually a period certain benefit - Ends in 25 years, or are you just using that 25 years as an assumed mortality? There are innumerable "right ways to do it", but personal finance is about 90% personal, and just 10% finance - so knowing your own self-discipline, risk tolerance, and emotional goals will be the most important factor in which "right" decision you choose. Finance looks great on paper and passes the math test until life punches the person in the mouth and they either have to stick with the plan or abandon it.
  8. I've been watching this play out at several manufacturers. They have all their inside sales, engineers, and customer service reps in WFH roles and it is a disaster, but they haven't called everyone back in due to leadership who want to be progressive and reinforcing pushback from employees. They're relying on internal feedback to deem it a success based on satisfaction surveys among employees and metrics that are built to show a desired outcome. What used to take minutes to get an answer via a phone call or email now takes many hours or even days to be resolved. I can't wait for some of these leadership teams to get out and go face to face with their customers to find out just how shitty their WFH system is and how unproductive their employees are with regard to actually taking care of the customer.
  9. The above is the starting point. Most pensions will provide multiple options......Single life, joint life, etc. You need to know the monthly income paid if it is based just on your life, and also the different (will be lesser) amount paid if you elect the payment option with a spousal benefit if you die first. That becomes increasingly important the younger you are, if there are significant age difference between spouses, or if there are health issues affecting expected mortality for either spouse. You also need to make damn sure you know what ( if any ) COLA provisions there are. Pension plans don't follow a universal formula like Social Security, so there is no right answer until you have gathered more information. You would be able to roll the lump sum into an IRA without taxation at this point. Whether or not your current 401(k) allows for outside rollovers will be plan dependent - ask your HRD or plan sponsor. Either way, the effect would be similar in that your qualified savings would be increased. If you've got decent retirement savings in qualified plans already, that brings up an interesting question / option. Should you add to your qualified holdings which will be subject to an RMD at some point (by doing a lump sum rollover), or do you invest the monthly income by taking the payment stream and create a bucket of non-qualified funds which can help with tax planning and diversifying income streams? Were it me, I'd do a lot more digging and planning than just a NPV calculation.
  10. If you have even considered having a garage sale, there are most likely people already at your house rummaging around your garage and backyard.
  11. I have 3 nights and basically 2.5 days to kill in Park City in about 4 weeks. No plans yet and no obligations. What should I do & where should I eat? Thx!
  12. My recollection is that he thought the pain in his side or chest was from being pushed into the limo so hard and landing on his side - maybe an agent landed on him too trying to cover him. I think you are correct that it took some time for them to realize he’d been shot.
  13. I've purchased a ton of stuff from him over the years and have never been disappointed in the price relative to the market or the service. He usually has a lot of Sellier & Bellot in stock, which is often overlooked by casual US shooters and hunters even when there's no inventory of domestic brands. It's quality ammunition.
  14. Crimson beat me to the punch. Other decent deals as well. Potential to save on taxes (depending on where you are) and shipping adds up.
  15. Shotgunners - Reasonably good deal from SGAmmo.com - all things considered. 200 Round Case - 12 Gauge 2-3/4 Inch 1-1/8 Ounce Number 8 Shot Winchester Heavy Lead Load Ammo - USA128VP $89.50 Each 40+ @ $79.50 Each (Free Shipping over $200) Sale Price! This was $119.50. Sale price valid until end of day Sunday May 22nd or while supplies last.
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