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  1. 100% agree and should have mentioned that. They've done a great job in improving the terminal performance of the 9. Absolutely, and I have one in a hidden compartment in my ride, myself.
  2. Yep. They actually did toxicology tests on the bad guys to see if they were hopped up on some shit to explain why they acted/reacted the way they did before and after being hit. A lot has changed since that time. Capacity vs. stopping power became the revolving debate. 10mm flopped (in the eyes of L.E.) .40 came and went. 9mm was standardized, somewhat abandoned, and then readopted for capacity and shootability. Carbine access on patrol became the norm. Hell, in the '97 North Hollywood shootout, the cops had to drive to a local gun store and borrow several AR-15s and ammo to take back to the fight. Now every beat cop looks like GI Joe.
  3. On a relative basis I feel like I stole this one at auction. For some reason there was light bidding at the entire event and I threw a number below the low estimate and it stuck. Late 60's nickel airweight Model 12 - appears unfired and in the original box with papers and packaging.
  4. Uggg. That's akin to watching a horrible wreck in slow motion and there's nothing anyone can do about it.
  5. This is NOT an advertisement. I post because several on here (including myself) use SG Ammo and I consider it a decent barometer for ammo pricing and demand. Thus far, they've been honest and transparent with regard to prices. I don't view them as engaging in fear-mongering or being exploitative. Here's the newest email hot off the press. Thank you for subscribing to the SGAmmo.com newsletter. If you have trouble viewing this email you can see the newsletter at this link: Bulk Ammo In Stock - 5.56 - 9mm - 45 Auto - 7.62mm and More We have seen surging demand over the past 13 days at levels not seen since the outbreak of Covid19 in March of 2020. Due to extremely heightened demand we have temporarily reduced availability to full cases of ammo only. Once order volume stabilizes, we will resume selling by the individual box and sending this email newsletter more often. In the course of working in this business for almost 23 years, I have seen the market cycle in this stage a number of times, and it is pretty predictable at this point, and I feel that it is safe to say there will broad sweeping price increases from most of the ammo factories to come in the weeks and months ahead as they try to push for a profitable 2024, and rebound after starving for profits this past quarter when sales got extremely slow and business was not profitable. As of right now, almost all 'special deals' that were going from the factories have been revoked, most effected are Lake City made 223 Rem and 5.56, where the revoking of all special pricing effectively pushes cost up 25% to 30%. Also, almost all the ammo factories sold out of most 5.56 and 223 inventory early in the rush, leaving only the most expensive options available to replace with now, which has to be taken into account. I also expect to see my costs on FMJ range pistol ammo to push up 15% to 20% related to then ending of special deals on most of those products. It is hard to say with certainty, but I would expect the current rush to jump-start the market into 2024 which was already expected to be a year of higher demand. Below is a list of popular bulk ammo options that are in stock now. Due to the current unstable market conditions, we guarantee our newsletter pricing for 48 hours from the time it was sent or while supplies last. We have free shipping on any order with over $200 worth of product, making for a more straight forward transaction without expensive surprises in checkout. You can mix and match different products to get to the $200 threshold for free shipping, so feel free to take your time and shop the website for anything you might need. We thank you for your support of our family owned and operated business, please stay subscribed for future SGAmmo newsletters. If you have some spare time please take a few minutes and look over the online catalog at www.SGAmmo.com Thank you, Sam Gabbert, SGAmmo Owner Due to extremely high order volume orders placed at this time may take 5 to 10 days to be shipped out.
  6. That's a Glock 1911 shooting 7.62x39.
  7. Yep. SG is only taking new orders on certain stuff. They were posting the 10k orders in backlog, but they changed that now. Guess they are making progress. Here’s the most recent statement. Due to extremely high order volume over the past 11 days, we are only accepting new orders for a very small selection of products, and all other products have been temporarily removed from the website. We currently have an extremely heavy backlog of orders, and all orders will be filled, but expect shipping delays. We will be offering limited selections for the next few days, and a more complete inventory after that. Orders placed at this time may take 5 to 10 days to be shipped out.
  8. That looks like a CMP Expert Grade. New stock, new barrel, Rack/Service grade receiver. Really good value if its bought to shoot frequently. PS - CMP limits are now 6 Garands per year and only one rifle case per year included in those six - effective 10/01/23.
  9. One of the auction houses did a study on Python pricing and they could demonstrate on the graph when that show came out. The bump in interest and therefore value of vintage pythons spiked above the historic trend line and has remained there. Similar movements have happened in the mil-surp market when certain vintage weapons were featured in the shooter games.
  10. I've done the same. HOWA action and Houge overmolded stock and created lights out accurate hunting rifles for next to nothing. Their Mini-Action in 6.5 Grendel is a fantastic TX ranch rifle or truck gun. I got a 22-250 HOWA Axiom years back and it'll shoot the eyelashes off a coyote if you wanted to.
  11. I've been slowly replacing all mine with GreenGo stand-to-fill and I like them. I'm too old for the boat winch shit and the falls off the tailgate land differently these days. I ordered a trailer full of them and have slowly been getting them out. This season is my goal to be fully out of the winch or tailgate game.
  12. Decent Deals (Cursory look only - not vouching for the weapons) Beretta APX-A1 Beretta APX-A1 (There's a rebate too, making net @ $190) PSA Dagger PSA Dagger / Threaded FDE
  13. They're tough suckers. Not afraid to take a low brass 8.5 and keep right right on trucking. Taste pretty good too - flavor profile somewhere between red tailed hawk and whooping crane.
  14. Very nice! I just saw his post of your rifle. Beautiful!
  15. Human interaction takes effort. In the past, most people fought boredom by going out and doing things where they interacted with people and formed bonds. But, since we are inherently lazy, the internet, smart phone, and social media provided an alternative to putting forth the effort of getting out there in real life. The boredom issue is cured by the hypnotic nature of these devices and no effort has to be expended. The digital interactions however are only a placebo and don't fill the same voids that real personal contact does. We're left with empty people who can pretend they have a network and community, but that community is like a sugary calorie with no real nutrition for the mind, body and soul. It's freighting and sad to see people, especially adolescents, who sometimes appear in public as if they were a mole who has had a spotlight shown on them. Just coming out where real people are walking and talking and interaction appears to them like a sensory overload and they can't handle it.
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