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  1. If you owe the bank $100 that's your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that's the bank's problem
  2. No to any top 100 type recruits who have not shown anything on the field with 2 or more years in a program. Clayton Smith, Brock twins, and Flowe types should really just either give it up or go to a lower level.
  3. Are you under the impression schools like Stanford are difficult once you get in? They aren’t. Schools like that are hard to get in. They might even be harder to fail out of.
  4. Really? I have not had a chance to watch whole game, but I was popping in and out. And I saw them missing threes badly and our guys missing threes that were going in and out. And every time I was able to catch a bit, we were winning. Seems like we had control of the game throughout.
  5. Let JV go to Yanks or Dodgers. We don’t need a regular season pitcher. And his results in playoffs are middling. And in World Series — awful. That money is much better spent elsewhere. JV might no hit us in July. And then we will light him up in October.
  6. I'd take Mary-Louise Parker over her. And Mallory.
  7. Yuli really can only play first at this point. Not sure why we would carry a backup first basemen who is 39 and had a 647 OPS last year. I also would be concerned Dusty, who I do really love, would play him too much. Get a versatile utility guy who can play all positions. Hell, someone like Eric Bruntlett was for us 20 years ago. Or Diaz.
  8. I'd let Yuli walk unless he wants to come back really cheap. He does not offer the defensively flexibility I would want in a utility guy. Spend the money elsewhere. Like a decent OFer.
  9. He needs to get a lot better. He was nothing special this year.
  10. Yep. That’s how mine is zeroed. Dropped a mule deer at 400 that didn’t take a step.
  11. Their signature win was over an 8-4 Florida that OU beat by 35.
  12. Beautiful day in Houston. I am about to shut it down and head over to the club and hit some balls. Anything to delay the 4 hour drive to in laws.
  13. I shoot my 257 WBY almost exclusively now, and I have a lot of rifles. Might be the least expensive gun I own too. Weatherby Vanguard. It shoots so fine. I do have good glass on it.
  14. Paper. Submitted in July 2021. Approved a few weeks ago.
  15. I think Neyor is more of a deep threat. He is really fast.
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