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  1. The biggest diver is Neymar. And I’m Brazilian. But the biggest bitches are Uruguay closely followed by Argentina. Spain comes in far behind, led by Portugal. Someone is butt hurt about Spain winning a WC. Personally I thought it was pretty cool. I like new countries joining the winners club.
  2. Fight the good fight, because what is the alternative? I’m happy that you came out the other end of your surgery and hope to continue hearing about your success fighting cancer.
  3. It’s a super power. Just figure out how to harness it.
  4. I guess there’s a reason he’s not called Jeff Sunday.
  5. Hmm big thing missing is that we’re still short houses. So if buyers can’t qualify, maybe someone else is buying them and leasing (rent) to the non qualifying buyers? I don’t see pressure down on land prices, or construction, yet. Without those the house prices aren’t coming down.
  6. I did the Dallas half twice, and it’s a cool race. Austin half is really fun, as is the Cap 10k. I couldn’t bring myself to do San Antonio again. I am going to do the Big Sur marathon but not until I’m in better shape. If I can’t do it in 5 hours I’ll do the eleven miler, which is supposed to be pretty awesome.
  7. I bang 10s with mine, what do you losers do?
  8. He’s just trying to see them himself. You know, for information purposes. NTTAWWT.
  9. Pathetic defending so far. Going to be a long day…
  10. I’m here for the gangbang from the left coast! USA!
  11. I’m beginning to think we shouldn’t vote for Hunter’s dong to be president.
  12. All the national home builders are cutting staff right now. Developers putting projects on hold. The housing issues are about to really get interesting because I think multi family is going to be where everyone heads in this new interest rate environment. Single family housing just is not going to be affordable for a while.
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