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  1. Great post. Quoted for a really level headed opinion on this.
  2. Every time that dipshit posts this place gets a little dumber. Like a piece of dogshit being hit by a hammer.
  3. Damn, all we need now is to protect the starters. Let’s finish this clean and get in the playoff.
  4. I think that guy may be dumber than a box of hammers.
  5. I’m honestly quite shocked at how First Republic and SVB didn’t reverberate more.
  6. Oh no they’ve cornered the market on dogshit sandwiches!
  7. Same. It felt really disjointed and didn’t capture his military genius. The instant execution of orders, the skipping of his detailed planning, his marshals, all were weak spots. The Josephine story was dwelt on way too long, and his relationship with Joseph and the Iberian war was completely missing. That was where Napoleon first got his ass handed to him, not the Russian campaign. Further, he lost over 100k to disease in Russia. The best part of the movie was the battle footage.
  8. I guess I hadn’t seen that advertisement about being weirdo aggy. Wow it just really underlined how weird that place is.
  9. Lol Argentina. Piece of fuck nazi harboring military junta country. Vai tomar no cu Argentina.
  10. Every one is a little different on health plans but after 3 years of no increases in ours we had to raise it by about 10 percent for next year. But our dental and eye coverage dropped in price slightly. Go figure.
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