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  1. Wife sent this. Chocolate says draw me like one of your French girls.
  2. Not going to argue on cost of living, it is expensive, but SAD can’t seriously be a thing unless you are unable to drive 15 minutes inland. The coastal fog is usually pretty light and 10 miles inland it’s sunny and can even get hot. And the fruits and vegetables here are so much better than Texas it’s ridiculous. Food overall is about the same price as Austin from what I can tell, maybe a little more. I know it’s not for everyone because if you don’t like the outdoors, golf, or the beach you kind of are limited on activities. There’s not much in the way of nightlife.
  3. This bet is looking very, very solid.
  4. Amazing how the pandemic either a) broke people’s brains or b) exposed how fucking incredibly stupid they were all along. Or c) both.
  5. Anyone got money in DJT? Should be some good price action tomorrow.
  6. Moose is the hippo of North America, apparently.
  7. I can’t recommend the Inn enough. We take our dog and the combination of the nearby trails and the view of the golden gate from the park is spectacular. Staff is awesome and accommodating and their wine and cheese welcome in the evening is great. I don’t stay anywhere else when I visit. I’ve never stayed at the lodge but it’s a quarter mile away and in an arguably better location .
  8. Was the Iranian president wearing a fitted jersey?
  9. One r or you’re going to Mexico. Can’t drive up from Santa Lucia but Big Sur just reopened this week at Palo Colorado. There was a big slide earlier this year which shut it down. Monterey peninsula is great to visit but a couple of hours drive from SF, and probably it’s own visit. I love it here since I live here but that’s a tangent. A ton of good recommendations in this thread. One I haven’t seen is the marine mammal center in Marin, it’s a really cool place with tours, and you can see baby elephant seals, sea lions, and harbor seals that they have rescued and are caring for. It’s near the Bonita lighthouse and Sausalito is a cool place to grab lunch too.
  10. I don’t know, it’s 59 for the high this week it looks like.
  11. There is so much long money tied up in this pile of shit that it’s going to cause real pain when it crashes. But he’s telegraphed he’s moving away from building EV to building self driving systems. It may be because his ego can’t handle how badly the CT has been received or the Chinese success in dropping the unit costs but it’s coming.
  12. Vizslas are superb dogs, but need to fit your lifestyle. They need a solid couple of hours of outdoor roaming every day. Not on their own, either, hence the Velcro moniker. Mine goes for about 3 miles on the beach every morning and then for about 2 miles in the afternoon through a park/city setting but mostly off leash. My old man is 11 and still just as energetic. Pics because rules:
  13. The funny thing about the people bashing UCLA or Cal is California is doing a good job expanding its tier 1 university system. The opened Merced recently and Davis, Santa Barbara, and Irvine are excellent. Santa Cruz, Riverside, and Merced aren’t that level and probably won’t ever be, but they have a lot of room to grow enrollment. UCSD is right up with the two older flagships now in everything but athletics.
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