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  1. Assuming this is AA, they offered me $1200 to switch to this flight. It was the first time I was actually tempted to do so but the thought of something just like this occurring seemed way to likely. Didn’t really matter though as we departed nearly an hour late and then sat on the ground at ABIA afterward while the blizzard rolled in and they scrambled the de-icing trucks.
  2. It’s been a while but can we talk about the gypsie -I think this is okay to say?- situation in Austin? For years, it was primarily just the family next to Whole Foods at Domain. We all know them. But within the past few months there are families anlmost everywhere. Westlake, up and down Lamar, Barton Springs, Arboretum, NW Hills. It’s like a never ending turf war. Look, if you’re going to be homeless and ask for money, God bless you. But, when you have your infant and school aged kids (who obviously are being kept out of school by mommy and daddy) do it on your behalf every.single.day while you sit nearby and play on your iPhone then we have problems.
  3. I mean, I know it will change but you could almost not draw up a better bullseye for the Highlands
  4. I like their product but got dang, Urban drags down the quality and likability of BigNoon Kickoff
  5. I’m surprised how well CoA has kept the stabbing of a minor by a deranged homeless man last Thursday morning outside Seaholm under wraps. Nothing to see here I suppose.
  6. LCHorn? More like LCAnderson, amirite?
  7. The unspoken part of that saying is that in five minutes it will be even hotter.
  8. Why do the tropics seem so quiet this summer? I know it generally doesn't ramp up until mid-August or so but still...95* water temps.
  9. Chet Steadman

    Tex Mex

    You do, it’s Y Mas down the road. But it ain’t at Que Divino, at least not yet. It’s to be expected at a new restaurant but they had A LOT of kinks to work out when we were there. Some of the food items were very good, others were a heavy, greasy mess. The poster above who mentioned “potential” is exactly correct. Maybe after some time it will be where it needs to but I won’t be going back for at least several weeks.
  10. Chet Steadman


    PF Changs or Dan Mclusky's was the go-to before AHS homecoming and prom. The Arboretum cows or TCBY on Far West for the casual weekday date night, although the latter was a harder place to discreetly feel up your date. Delucca has got their work cut out for them if they're going to remain. Big space and even bigger rents + not open for lunch = uphill battle.
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