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  1. LCHorn? More like LCAnderson, amirite?
  2. The unspoken part of that saying is that in five minutes it will be even hotter.
  3. Why do the tropics seem so quiet this summer? I know it generally doesn't ramp up until mid-August or so but still...95* water temps.
  4. Chet Steadman

    Tex Mex

    You do, it’s Y Mas down the road. But it ain’t at Que Divino, at least not yet. It’s to be expected at a new restaurant but they had A LOT of kinks to work out when we were there. Some of the food items were very good, others were a heavy, greasy mess. The poster above who mentioned “potential” is exactly correct. Maybe after some time it will be where it needs to but I won’t be going back for at least several weeks.
  5. Chet Steadman


    PF Changs or Dan Mclusky's was the go-to before AHS homecoming and prom. The Arboretum cows or TCBY on Far West for the casual weekday date night, although the latter was a harder place to discreetly feel up your date. Delucca has got their work cut out for them if they're going to remain. Big space and even bigger rents + not open for lunch = uphill battle.
  6. Chet Steadman


    Correct. Juliet was TGI Fridays for decades. Estancia has been several things over the years including Bahama Breeze.
  7. + rep this is a great map. I had no idea temperature peaks vary as much as they do across the country.
  8. The commentary from you Colorado nerds is getting tiresome. We get it, it’s not 110° up there. Go start your own circle jerk thread and we’ll be sure to necrobump come eary November when there’s two feet of snow on the ground and the Buffs are off to a hot 1-7 start
  9. I got a lot of questions for the meteorologists who have 0% chance of rain in their forecast and then it rains 1.5” with golfball sized hail
  10. Yea, can Yeomans or Jim log on here and explain to us what in the world changed these past days? All we’ve heard was the well-below-average, wetter-than-normal May/early June would buffer temps for at least several weeks then boom, 3-4 days later we’re getting blasted by endless August blastfurnace and talking about a potential week+ of records. What’s happening?
  11. This show has taken a hard turn toward the extremely average the past 3-4 episodes. The only real enjoyable parts have been the last five or so minutes then rinse and repeat every episode.
  12. The lowest number in the entire state is directly over the Highland Lakes watershed
  13. Is there a way we can get something on the ballot this upcoming November to have the good citizens of Austin unvote this boondoggle?
  14. I love me some @phdhorn but I’m a big fan of this only-comes-out-during-big-events thing he’s got going on. Quite mysterious /LinusCaldwell he’s become our Jim Spencer of Surly.
  15. Have only watched the first episode but looking forward to nine more eps of wall-to-wall Rebecca Ferguson
  16. Lake Travis be in baaadd shape right now. 637' before the summer even starts is no bueno.
  17. That small gap in the sea of yellows and reds is headed straight for Central Austin. You'll get nothing and you'll like it
  18. If there's a light breeze my backyard suddenly looks like falling yellow snow. And it's not piss. But at this rate, I kinda wish it was.
  19. Been here my whole life and can’t remember seeing this much pollen floating in the air and on the ground. And thanks to last months ice storm, it’s with significantly less oaks too
  20. CoA/AISD sent out one text message and phone call for each minute of rain this storm produced
  21. Six phone calls since last night here. Three on the cell, three at work along with separate texts and emails to both phones. I'm guessing CoA just hired some new up-and-comer from Scranton, PA who is looking to make a splash.
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