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  1. We've had a couple rabbits hanging out in our yard the last month or so. Not doing any harm and as fast as Biscuit is, he's not that fast. Now all of a sudden he's got fleas. Hasn't had a flea on him in several years. I'm about to go Elmer Fudd on those fuckers.
  2. NorthLoop

    Euro 2024

    Several times in this game Italy could've had a goal with a one touch shot, but instead they settle the ball, wind up, and then get their shit blocked by a Croatian defender.
  3. NorthLoop

    Euro 2024

    Donnaruma made an amazing save on that play as well but overshadowed by the rebound goal.
  4. Yeah but CSF was not our rival. If it turns out to be Schloss then this will go down as one of the best dick-slap power moves that UT has ever pulled on those rubes.
  5. Subtle headshot at the end as he's passing through.
  6. Outbreak was an underrated great movie. "you sentimental sonofabitch"
  7. Crepeau making some good stops - just needs to do better coming off his line. It's like he's never played against fast guys before.
  8. Couple of gully washers came through here this afternoon. Added an inch.
  9. "Meemaw" would be a good name. Everyone in the south would understand when you said that Meemaw fucked you up royal.
  10. NorthLoop

    Euro 2024

    Italian GK is playing his ass off. Spain should have a couple already.
  11. NorthLoop

    Euro 2024

    Clearly you have never met a woman.
  12. Rained steady the entire day but my gauge only has an inch in it. Whatever I'll take the long cool day of sprinkling anytime.
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