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  1. It can't get worse than what we currently deal with.
  2. LOLOLOL they didn't let Leinart or Bush talk during the post game
  3. Or like doing a rail and then shotgunning 5 beers in a row. That's about what it was like drinking the first 2 lokos. Drinking the 3rd one was like that scene in Die Hard with a Vengeance where McClane wears that racist sign in Harlem. It gets ugly quick.
  4. Grab the ball or truck the qb? These guys didn't get where they are by NOT wanting to completely destroy qb's.
  5. Listen... I've seen a lot of real limps dude... this dude is faking it. That's not a real limp. He's waxing it to try an salvage his Heisman.
  6. I'm gonna guess that the professional athletes last longer in that navy seal shit than jamie lynn spears.
  7. I don't think dude slipping on whatever has shit to do with coaching.
  8. I have a 12yo and a 3yo.. my nightmare is measured in decades.
  9. This is good drinking football. Now I gotta remember to move the fucking elves tonight.
  10. none. I hate the SEC slobfest, but I think UGA turbofucks USC or TCU. Michigan might give them a game.
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