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  1. But is there anyone doing cheesy tits?
  2. Damn man. I am sorry to hear you are struggling and at such a low point. I don’t know what to say that would help, but I am wishing you the best.
  3. Too tired/lazy to look on YouTube and post here, but digging these lately: Fugitive (former Power Trip). EP came out the other day and it’s some great thrash. Regional Justice Center - Institutional EP SpiritWorld released a single called Moonlit Torture. Diggin on that.
  4. Train from here in Houston, the rest in Brazil...
  5. Argument for against: currently in a giant line at an indoor theme park inside a mall in São Paulo. I don’t care for theme parks nor malls. Lines are for BBQ. Fuck my life.
  6. This is some fucking bullshit.
  7. I’m back. Was doing excellent. I think I was down 23 lbs, then I let life hand me a bunch of excuses. Gained about half back. But, I am back on it. Found some motivation. Last week lost a few lbs but now I am in Brazil and it’s hard to diet here with friends and family trying to feed us at every opportunity. No drinking though. Drawing a hard line on that. And of course I am catching shit from everyone. Oh well.
  8. At some point a Korean family bought the Guadalupe location and offered the bulgogi burger. They kept it running right for a long time. Even when I was back there in 2002-2005 it was one of the better burgers in town. But they sold it off and then eventually closed.
  9. Been saying that. Likely the only reason to ever go to Beaumont.
  10. Going to try my best to finally try Interstellar…in São Paulo next weekend.
  11. I can see that reasoning. Although, my whole life, I have operated on less sleep than what is normal. I am sure it will catch up with me. But 6 usually does me just fine. WFH is only part of it. That Friday off, not WFH, was awesome. Every Friday I would take a road trip to do photography. That kind of therapy is priceless to me.
  12. I also agree. Isn’t England trying something like that? I am looking to at least get back to a 4-10 schedule. Fuck working Fridays.
  13. You are goddamn right. 5 day work week is some bullshit. I just switched from a 9/80 to a 5 day work week. Damn mistake. Just kill me.
  14. Stop in Rockdale for bbq at Brett’s Backyard BBQ.
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