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  1. Stop being a pussy. I have never played the game. Never even heard of the game. So far the show is great and episode 3 is one of the best episodes of television in the last few years, if not longer.
  2. The Portuguese accent gets on my nerves.
  3. Nice man. Keep it hydrated and don’t pick at any scabs if some form.
  4. I almost turned it off after she died. After having two daughters I just can’t take shit like that. Glad I didn’t though.
  5. Maybe it had been mentioned already, but most of the time networking is much more important than a degree. It seems very rare in my industry for folks to get jobs by simply applying. It happens, no doubt, but most of my jobs and people I know had an inside connection at a company to get the resume to the right person. There is a cost controller in my group that never finished her degree. She has close to 10 years in the industry. Proof that the degree isn’t necessary and even some employers will look past it (I work for a mid major oil company). But that is rare. Typically they at least want a degree (doesn’t need to be engineering or construction management).
  6. Not that I am aware of. But it seems to be a pattern with most of our resident right wingers. Either get banned or quit the site only to create a new screen name. They try to play it cool for awhile, but sooner or later their true colors show. It would be interesting to see how many different screen names Johnny, hamster, immortal and a few others have. I would say they average 3 different screen names each.
  7. Ahhh there is that pussy Johnny sack. We were broken up that we thought we had lost you. I’ll let you have your safe space back snowflake.
  8. Engineers really should be required to take a few classes on communication. Christ, most of them are just so awful at it.
  9. Damnit Bobby, the search function on this site is ass. I thought we had a thread for the possible return of the show. Maybe it was the old site. Anyways… https://ew.com/tv/king-of-the-hill-reboot-mike-judge-greg-daniels/
  10. Ok aggy. Regardless if it’s at an all time low or not, it should be ridiculed and eradicated whenever it pops up. But I only posted those as it was requested. Back to the show… The decay and abandoned buildings is awesome. I have spent way too much time searching for and exploring places like that for photography. It’s interesting to see the rate of decay and how it varies. One thing is for sure, once you get a hole in the roof of a building, the decay accelerates a whole lot.
  11. Know your enemy. And I don’t necessarily mean aggy (2%ers seem to be alright). I mean the hatred and bigotry that is surging in this country. I want to know what they are thinking and doing so I can be prepared. It’s also funny to see the right, especially the religious right, lose their minds over shit like this. Pathetic little men.
  12. Only because you asked. No need to ruin our thread with their bigotry and lack of critical thinking. It’s the Hollywood NWO gay agenda!!!!!1!1!!!
  13. Hahaha. If you are up to date on your aggy vax, I suggest hopping over there and reading their thread. Poe should be over there with his people.
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