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  1. That Christmas special was fun but a total throway. Gunn probably spent like 5 minutes writing it. Mantis and Drax do have good chemistry.
  2. Finished it. Liked it a lot. Like I said, very much the Harry Potter formula, including hints at an overarching plot that spans several seasons. They even managed to have some character growth for Wednesday. And that dance she did could have easily been cringey but it was really cool. Ortega did great.
  3. Written and directed by Cameron? Yeah, it's gonna be good.
  4. Slumberland on Netflix Jason Mamoa does not have "it" or at least he doesn't yet. He's good in specific roles but he can't carry a movie yet. I think they cloned Saorsie Ronan because the little girl in the movie is her clone. Look at her. It was okay. Really bogged down in certain parts and they should have spent more time building the relationship between the kid and the uncle.
  5. First episode exceeded all expectations. I was expecting some quirky comedy like the original but it's nothing like that. Not a comedy at all. If anything, it's more like Harry Potter, a lot like Harry Potter. I think this will be a popular series.
  6. Watched the first episode and it's really solid so far. I'm glad they changed the storyline to a father and his daughter. It would have been really creepy to keep the original storyline.
  7. ajax

    Black Adam

    Was much better than I expected. Better than most of the recent Marvel stuff (haven't seen BPWF yet). I actually thought Cyclone looked pretty damn cool using her powers. Actress was nice eye candy too.
  8. ajax

    Tennis Thread

    A few months back at it now. My form has sort of come back. I'm hitting a pretty heavy ball with plenty of pace and control and the pain has completely gone away. It feels like I have my mechanics dialed in. Problem is my knees are total shit. Can't run to save my life. And my wife is a 3 month beginner. We almost never win our matches lol.
  9. Wife is making me watch it right now. Lohan's face barely moves, what with all the botox and fillers in her face. She looks horrible. Julianne Moore is 26 years older than Lohan and looks better than her.
  10. Lucky Number Slevin I forgot how good this movie was. What an incredible cast - in addition to the leads you had Freeman, Kingsley, Aiello, Tucci, and Stoll. Hartnett should have been a bigger star, on par with Affleck and Damon. Not sure what happened there. Even Lucy Liu was good and I usually find her annoying. She and Hartnett had great chemistry. I think at the time, the mid-2000s, people became weary of the all too clever dialogue that this movie had but watching it in the 2020s it's a refreshing change of pace.
  11. Vanderbilt just remembered that they're Vanderbilt.
  12. ajax


    #Heardle #257 https://spotify.com/heardle
  13. Love this genre. "Freaky" with Vince Vaughn was more funny than scary but good. There's an old movie with Alex Guinness called "Mute Witness" that's really good. The first half is a really strong slasher film and the second half is an okay murder thriller/comedy. Weird mix. Funny thing is that they filmed Guinness's scenes years earlier and filmed the rest of the movie after he died. "My Best Friends Exorcism" on Prime right now is awful. Not funny, not scary. Don't watch it.
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