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  1. This is like when Rocky and Apollo teamed up to defeat Ivan Drago. Will we get Godzilla and Kong fist bump?
  2. The Eternals made me feel like we actually are living in a simulation and the master program is playing a practical joke on all of us.
  3. I think I'm addicted and the normal hit wasn't enough, so it took a trip down memory lane. https://texags.com/forums/5/topics/3245189/2#discussion So many potent little bumps in there, but I like this one.
  4. How many people would have preferred guys like Dave Aranda or Sonny Dykes over Sark? Sark had to completely rebuild our program from the foundation up and for that he went 5-7 instead of winning immediately like the former two. Hell, I remember people giving love to Sam Pittman. Maybe not here but nationally. None of those guys can carry Sark's jock.
  5. This is who Steve Sarkisian is.
  6. I think I need counseling for that shit-ass game I had to watch last night
  7. Fuck, can we get Grace from NYU to play in place of Plummer?
  8. Louisville receivers keep tripping on the yellow first down line
  9. Really nice of Plummer to toddle into that sack. Really generous.
  10. Unless Plummer can pull his head out of his ass that's ballgame.
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