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  1. Astrology "Influencer". That's all you need know. BAT.SHIT.CRAZY. https://www.9news.com.au/world/eclipse-mom-who-threw-2-kids-onto-la-freeway-killing-her-infant-appeared-agitated-by-impending-eclipse/05d6526c-23c9-40e0-8cee-dfaa21f999b3 Los Angeles police believe Danielle Cherakiyah Johnson, 34, posted on X as an astrology influencer and recording artist with the moniker "Ayoka," in the days leading up to the violence, which began hours before the eclipse peaked in Southern California, Lieutenant Guy Golan said. While detectives have reviewed Johnson's posts, police are not considering the eclipse to be a precipitating or contributing factor to the slayings "because we just don't know why she did what she did," Golan told The Associated Press. The Los Angeles Times first reported on Johnson's social media activities in connection with the killings. "Get your protection on and your heart in the right place," she posted April 4 to more than 105,000 followers on X. "The world is very obviously changing right now and if you ever needed to pick a side, the time to do right in your life is now. Stay strong you got this." On April 5, she posted in all caps, "Wake up wake up the apocalypse is here. Everyone who has ears listen. Your time to choose what you believe is now." Her social media also included a mix of antisemitic screeds, conspiracy theories about vaccines and warnings about the end of the world alongside astrological predictions and positive affirmations. Also on April 5, she posted the word "LOVE" dozens of times. Her personal website offers a variety of services including "zodiac healing work," "alcohol balancing system" and an "aura cleanse".
  2. Tiger prob killed some dude with that screaming hook out of the trees.
  3. Lulz. Tiger continuing no pars life after the 2nd. Birdie, bogey, bogey, birdie, bogey, birdie. Jesus.
  4. Tiger is allergic to pars. That scorecard...
  5. I thought I heard someone's wife getting gangbanged in the background!
  6. I love the Masters broadcasts. I am watching more actual golf shots (tracers and shaping) in the last 2 days than a whole years worth of golf TV broadcasts. With that said, holy shit everyone seems to be hitting fades the last 2 days. I can understand cuts into the fast as shit greens to help the ball hold but I'm predominantly seeing fades off the tees into fairways. Someone help me understand, is it because of the 20-30 mph wind or has a cut become the shape of choice on tour?
  7. Thagala is putting like ass. 2nd 20' putt this round that he left 5' short.
  8. Holy shit. Sahith having a meltdown.
  9. Tiger is jealous of Jordan's coaster. Ima bogey after a birdie. Wee!
  10. That putt was from a different zip code. I'm all Team Homa this weekend!
  11. Spieth 2nd round coaster is well under way. Bogey 1st, Birdie 2nd.
  12. Damn, par 3 4th hole is 226 yds, playing 265 yds adjusted for the wind. At the end of the day, I'd like to see that hole's scoring average.
  13. Fundamentals is subjective. No one would EVER teach Scottie's footwork on his swing, but he's striping the shit out of the ball. I hope he never changes it because it's working well. If it works, it works. When Jordan was consistently winning, it wasn't because of his ball striking. He was making putts from all over the green. With that said, I'm not sure why he changed his swing to what it is now. Not sure what was wrong with the previous swing to make such a drastic change. I'd like to see his GIR average now vs when he was winning. I can't imagine it's that much different.
  14. Disposable plastic goods is disposable plastic goods. I'm not the least bit mad that China, whatever the motives, is keeping downward pressure on those products. I'll pay extra money for quality on the more advanced, technical shit, but for disposable crap, I'm usually going cheapest.
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