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  1. Like orcas but they are like lions of the Serengeti. Humpback are kick ass if they are fucking with orcas just cause. That would be like elephants fucking with lions' kills to prevent the lions from eating the prey.
  2. holy shit you can't help yourself. this thread will be 40 pages in a month. did you do any stupid, poor shit today?
  3. At last year's PNC tourney, he seemed to manage the press and pressure with ease. Dude was chill as fuck and even talked shit back to Tiger and Justin during play. He is being groomed by Tiger on how to play golf, which also includes how to manage pressures/expectations and all the shit that goes with being the son of Tiger Woods. This does not look like a kid who's fazed by much.
  4. I'd forgotten that LSU was in the mix. Here's a funny idea. Had he gone to LSU, he would not have hired Brady. Burrow + Brady was a alignment of the stars for LSU. Doubtful they win the NC with Jimbo, even with Burrow. So aggy hiring Jimbo helped LSU win a NC. LSU fired Ogre, who won them a freaking NC, because they realize he sucks as a coach and got lucky with Burrow and Brady. Meanwhile aggy is still mired in mediocrity ignoring who Jimbo really is and trying to convince themselves that Jimbo is going to get them there. Jimbo isn't going to make a Brady type hire.
  5. What's amazing about this shit is that Jimbo would've come to aggy for probably $3-4M/year. As pointed out many times in this thread, FSU was sick of his shit. He was just looking to get another job. aggy goes way above and beyond and gives the guy a guaranteed gazillion dollars. Why? To show the world that they are finally serious about winning a NC after a 70 year drought? Fucking aggy. They are too fucking stupid for their own good.
  6. There are things which should not be shared.
  7. Bruce Arians leaving him is hurting him right now more than Giselle leaving. Brady has got to be thinking I broke up my family for this shit season? This is him in 3 months.
  8. It's sad to see what he's become. He has turned into a con man who is addicted to being an ass on twitter. With all the negative publicity that Amazon has received, at least Bezos knows to stay the fuck quiet and don't be the news. Elon is in hold my beer mode.
  9. I made the mistake of fishing one smallish redfish tournament down in POC. It turned something fun and pleasurable into stress, drama, and work. Then the winning fish had thick slime on them like they'd been dead in a ice cooler for days. Got people mumbling. Winners supposedly passed a poly but who knows. I've heard stories of shoving mullet down throats of reds, cutting the oversized reds tails to be under 28"', catching fish days in advance and putting them on a stringer in the water to be "caught" on tournament day. After that, I've politely turned down all requests to fish tournaments. If you aren't cheating, you're probably not going to win. Why put yourself through that bullshit.
  10. plastic bags reached mars? used condom? https://gizmodo.com/nasa-mars-ingenuity-helicopter-debris-stuck-to-leg-1849609061 NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Had Mystery Debris Stuck to Its Leg xcy3fw8p4tr91.mp4
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