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  1. that is kind of a cool concept. It fires standard NATO 105 rounds And is integrated on a hummer body. As it is very lightweight, it can travel quickly to an area, set up in a couple minutes, fire eight rounds, and then leave at high speed.
  2. Chechnya - c’mon…round III would be good about now.
  3. 18 U.S. Code § 3143 is pretty clear that unless the judge finds a good chance of an appellant taking a writ to Scotus succeeding, the defendant has to report to jail. This really was not a 2-1 decision in its treatment of how the appellate court had to rule due to binding precedent. even the Trump appointed judge admits that the DC circuit had to rule the way it ruled to be consistent with prior decisions on the same fact. The only thing the loopy Trump judge said was that ‘Bannon has to lose here, maybe the conservatives on the Supreme Court can undo everything. ‘ Given that Bannon was recently convicted for defrauding Trump fans prior to Trump pardoning him, I don’t think Bannon is going to be the case where SCOTUS sticks its neck out and makes new law. Bannon should be going to jail Monday next.
  4. Seriously why do you have to say this false shit during your group back slapping Daisy Chain posts. Nobody has ever said that there was nothing to be concerned about. Ever. It was pointed out in the past that she could be doing things wrong because she’s a fucking incompetent who doesn’t know what she’s doing. There was a post recently quoting practitioners before her who said she has no idea what she’s doing - and she seems to be floundering and has no idea how to make a decision that’s correct. The people who said that were not a part of the Trump case, they were talking about other cases she is hearing. That post absolutely shows that the prior comments questioning her overall incompetence were not wrong. We never said she wouldn’t do things wrong, and never said that there was no chance she wouldn’t do things wrong for ideological reasons. We said the fact that she fucked up non-Trump cases makes one wonder whether her fucking up the Trump case was due to her similar stupidity and inexperience - or something different. The comment back then was “we’re not sure if it’s incompetence or intentional so let’s wait to see how things go.” That’s it. That was the only comment. Nobody said it was not concerning. Nobody said it was impossible that she was in the tank for the orange turd. We said back then that her general incompetence made it difficult to figure out what was intentional…and what was her lack of competence and experience. Nothing that was said refused to admit the possibility that she was in the bag for Trump. Now that we know that senior judges asked her to informally recuse herself and she declined, we know exactly why she is there doing what she’s doing.
  5. Sorry for your loss. Losing a parent to cancer sucks.
  6. Tuesdays for the fried chicken in the Supreme Court lunch room. Nothing fancy.
  7. The actual dissent from the Trump appointed judge is pretty much this
  8. https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.cadc.39203/gov.uscourts.cadc.39203.1208635277.0.pdf 2-1 decision. Trump appointed judge finding it hard to type with Trump dick in his mouth, but managed a dissent, saying the Supreme Court would probably like to hear this case.
  9. I’m not sure if you’re talking about a lock or a freeze, but I keep all three frozen until I need to apply for a card or a loan - and then I unfreeze it for a day or two while they pull the report and then go back and freeze it next day. It has the added benefit of reducing the amount of unsolicited credit card mailings
  10. “See, that monthly quota was not met and so the bonus is not available…” Said every Dealer sales manager everywhere
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