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  1. https://www.mortgagenewsdaily.com/markets/mortgage-rates-08052022 I’m dumb, so this helps me get a bit of it.
  2. Uncle Slaton's got his Texan prideBack in the thickets with his Asian brideHe's cut that corner pasture into acre lotsHe sells 'em owner financed strictly to themIt's got no kind of credit 'cause he knows they're slackersAnd they'll miss that payment and then he takes it back
  3. Dammit, my best friend from h.s. and college lives in Texas and just texted me that his wife was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He just had a reoccurrence of his prostate cancer. Keeping MDA busy. Fuck cancer x a gazillion
  4. Tell the Mrs. that I read about a study in PubMed that said that daily blow jobs would severely reduce risk of leukemia advancing - especially if you’ve been separated from each other for weeks without sex. I can’t remember the name of the journal or the author, so just tell the wife I’m a really trustworthy fellow who is up on cancer science.
  5. So, you think you're a warrior, top Playing a part in a special op Well, take the long way home Take the long way home 'Cause you're the joke of the neighborhood Why should you care if Putin’s feelin' good? Well, take the long way home Take the long way home There are times that you feel you're part of the scenery - Manpads in the greenery is comin' down, boy And then your wife seems to think you're the key to new furniture Oh, it's peculiar, a death bonus seems. so. nice.
  6. Speaking of big dick “Come at me bro!” things….
  7. Sure, Sandy Hook is different than sandy hook. Duh.
  8. But mah freedumbs to say false things….
  9. The bankruptcy judges I have dealt with will not take kindly to Jones’ habitual refusal to provide discovery. And knowing US Trustees, I doubt Jones lying about his assets and dealings (which he will) will go over well.
  10. Aaaaand….almost 8/2. Gonna be hard to find enough paratroopers to put on the usual “celebration”. I wonder if they cancel it - or just pretend that most paratroopers aren’t dead, but are serving in Ukraine.
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