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  1. I had a great agent for the house I’m in now. At her insistence, we demanded all kinds of stupid shit of theirs that had to stay with the sale. She focused on things that were emotional items to them that they would not want to do. While she was doing this, we were asking for all kinds of reductions for other things. We wound up giving up all the things we never wanted in the first place, and got most of the things that I really wanted.
  2. In. Also, the place rocks. Good bar eats and drinks.
  3. I think the Biden forces in the upcoming Civil War don’t really need to worry about arms and ammo - they just need to find a way to make the Trump Gravy Seals forces go on a forced march…any forced march. Not being Stonewall’s foot cavalry, we should see an 80% mortality rate in Trump’s forces.
  4. …gay amputee midget S&M porn. NTTAWWT.
  5. It’s like they were thinking, “What can we do with these homicidal nut jobs when we put them back on the street to make it even worse?” Oh yeah, let’s give them PTS and let them practice killing people again and then send them home…
  6. https://www.businessinsider.com/fifth-generation-jets-made-ukraine-war-russia-su-57-missing-2023-10 This article says Russia does not employ this airframe because they are afraid of them getting shot down and ruining their stealth reputation. Nobody wants to buy Russian kit after seeing it suck. If the new expensive wonder jet is really more like a flying Armata tank, they don’t want the bad press.
  7. Just wait till they get that tunnel and railway fixed. A hoard of Tactical Chinese golf carts will enter battle. Oh, it looks scary on them though…
  8. A 70% increase in defense budget for a country with a small shitty economy (before everybody smart left) is eventually going to leave a mark. These are not depression era Soviets. You are dealing with pussified westernized Russians who want to go on vacation. Putin has the lid on the pressure cooker - but that does not mean that the pressure is not increasing - especially as deaths will start to come from Moscow and Saint Petersburg and involve non-Asians.
  9. Those 155 mm cluster ammunition shells aren’t going to shoot themselves.
  10. Rumor spreadin' 'round In that Ukraine town About that shack outside Simferopol And you know what I'm talkin' about Just let me know if you wanna go To that spot within HIMAR range They got a lot of nice girls…
  11. Dammit! I obviously need to increase my Buying Drinks For Other People From Out of Town budget significantly for 2024.
  12. Everybody who has read your posts here knows how deeply emotionally invested you are in these events. And that is not meant as a slight. But - to the family of innocent Palestinians killed by the IDF, they do not give a shit about the equivalent morality of the two different groups. It does not matter to them in that moment that a horrible thing was done to someone’s child on the other side - because they are too busy grieving the horrible thing done to their family. I understand the true horror of what Hamas terrorists did. No marginally sane or moral person could not be deeply affected by it, with some combination of extreme sadness and a deep vengeance seeking anger. But at the end of the day we are dealing with dead people. If one side causes a larger pile of innocent dead people than the other side, it should matter very little whether some of the smaller pile of innocent dead people had worse things done to them before they died than the dead innocent people in the larger pile. You are unconsciously weighing the value of the deaths in a different manner. You seem to suggest it is not as horrible for a Palestinian parent who just dug the dead body of their small child out of rubble of their home to view that incident as deeply as the parents of the horrifically raped and murdered 14-year-old feel in their - what - more worthy horror? That strikes me as deeply wrong. Perhaps just as wrong to say there is zero equivalence as it is to say there is a perfect equivalence. Neither take leads to successful communication and a more positive outcome. Your take is that intent and reasons to kill innocents is more important than the outcome of how many dead innocent people were killed by “better” people. The dead do not care about that. It is the same kind of thinking that says it is terrible for Japanese to do war crimes, but not so bad for American air power to firebomb major Japanese cities and kill 100 times more Japanese civilians than American military were killed in death marches and prisoner beheadings. The so-called lack of our evil intent was not solace to the dead burnt babies in Tokyo. We were fortunate that the Japanese culture is what it is, and their level of social acceptance and conformity prevented the type of reaction that Americans citizens would’ve had if Japan had firebombed California and killed 100,000 civilians. I get revenge. My late father-in-law arrived with the Enterprise December 8, 1941. He wished we’d dropped more nuke bombs. The parents of the dead raped Israeli girl agree totally. Hate and vengeance are easy and ubiquitous defaults. The IDF not only has the capacity to inflict violence on a larger scale, they historically have done so. if they aren’t doing so now, it’s because of pressure from the United States and in other countries, and not from some deep sense of restraint. If you measure the number of dead innocent civilian bodies on the respective piles, Israel and Hamas are auditioning to be Northern Ireland forever. it looks like they may achieve that. tl:dr. It is just as important to look at the number of dead civilians killed by a side as it is to look at the evil intent driving one side when they kill the other side’s innocent civilians. The dead fucking. don’t. care.
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