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  1. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2022/06/26/us/florida-heaviest-python-captured-scn-trnd/index.html Be glad you don’t have these. 215 pound 18 foot snek
  2. Wait till she finds out Washington and Jefferson weren’t Christians.
  3. Given no 18th birthday pics, it has little or no redeeming qualities.
  4. While “torture-by-pudding-pop” was a sound concept, the torture devices kept disappearing.
  5. Gators allowed this travesty. Thank you Ole Miss
  6. The best thing in life? I changed my mind. It’s now the Dirt Burglars fucking up the eighth inning of the College World Series Finals.
  7. The entire fucking GOP is radical. Your premise is flawed.
  8. Different ways to prep to watch Oklahoma lose. LSU making the tincture is one of the few uses I have for that school.
  9. You keep saying “Republican” as if it means something universal. If you support the Big Lie that the election was stolen, then fuck off. That is not “Republican”, that is a lie. If you support the disenfranchising of voters, largely minority voters, making it difficult to vote or register to vote because of the lie that the Democrats are stealing the election, then fuck off, that is also democracy killing anti-American behavior based upon lies. What beliefs do you personally hold that you label honest, non-shit bag Republican. You refuse to say. So your post above is impossible to answer.
  10. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/baseball/cws/story/_/id/34145156/how-oklahoma-ole-miss-wound-program-defining-mcws-final-series Lots of Longhorn love.
  11. This is so perfect a post. I have conservative friends who live in their rich white straight world and can’t see why me, a father of a gay child, is not happy with them. I have been launching them, telling them they are the nice Germans who looked the other way, and that being friends with horrible people (explaining that only horrible people support horrible candidates and policies) is no longer possible. The response is that they do not see where disagreeing on politics means we can’t be friends…(or that I am a libtard who hates America). I reply that hate, lies and indifference to the suffering of their fellow man is not the same thing as “how much public funding of art is good” policy, and if they don’t get it, then I made the correct choice.
  12. Who is ‘we’’and ‘us’? If you are allied with the new GOP ideology built on lies, hate, voter suppression and science denying-then by all means, go away and post on Texags or Tiger Rant where like minded people are found. Because even though most of MAGA world believes all the lies, that does not mean they aren’t lies, or that shutting down the spread of lies is some kind of political Jihad against conservatives. It’s simply anti-hate and lies.
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