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  1. Fuck Duke. Always good Play by roach though
  2. I guess it is illegal to haul your freezer outside when it’s freezing.
  3. https://www.businessinsider.com/joe-rogan-podcast-morons-king-donald-trump-2023-1 I’m not signing up just to read this, but apparently Rogan said 'the morons had a king' with Donald Trump during a podcast episode. Broken clock is right twice a day I guess.
  4. Wait - are you saying delivering chemical or biological weapons to the heartland is a bad thing? If it lands in Iowa, it’s bound to take out a meth lab..
  5. i’m just sharing because this is a really great read. Granted it is over 700 pages so not a light read, but it is superbly researched and even for a history nerd like me gave me many new things to think about. As it relates to the upcoming Russian assault, I’m going to read a small section from a paragraph of the book: The book mentions that 250,000 captured Russian troops from Ukraine later joined the Wehrmacht and fought for Germany. Ukraine endured Russia, but that inclusion in the Soviet Union was against their will. why the fuck Putin thought they’d be greeted with bread and salt is beyond me.
  6. I’m pretty sure that neither painting is of Radu the Handsome.
  7. A charming movie made even more charming by Jennifer Conley
  8. For the love of God, would you think about Cooke City?
  9. Not sure SB. It seems like a lot of work to get a sounder of wild pigs to attack you.
  10. This post is in no way meant in a negative way. But reading just two of your posts makes me think that you have some serious issues to work through. It also seems that you will have a not so great chance of succeeding if it is you trying to work out these things yourself. Therapy can be truly awesomely helpful to so many people. A great therapist will listen to you and you both can figure out why you are thinking and acting the way you do - and more importantly give you some substantive tools to better your relationships with your kids. If nothing else, it will also give you greater insight on how to accept your current situation if it won’t change anytime soon. Your inclination to just run away is understandable, but possibly that is your go-to move in dealing with conflict that has led to your relationship with your kids. I get along fine with my two kids who are in their 30s, but there is no force on earth that will make them respond to me in a timely manner. I get it. I accept it. But it still chaps my ass. I guarantee you that it does not mean they do not love me and care for me. It is just a thing that I’ve grown to accept and not feel chapped about. I am not at all qualified to give advice, but I am qualified to say you should consider counseling for you…and maybe family counseling in future if you sell it as wanting a good relationship and NOT using it to support any side in a blame game. You may have to turn the other cheek for a while until your kids grow up more and realize that your actions and more importantly your intentions were always out of love and to help them. And if you fucked up some, a sincere “I’m sorry” can be world altering
  11. I personally do not believe that Poland and Finland will allow Russia to take over Ukraine. Why would they want a Russian Ukraine as a platform for taking back parts of Poland or Finland? They have flat out announced their goal is to recover their former territories. Why on earth would Poland and Finland let Russia do that to Ukraine and then give Russia time to build up their military again? I just don’t see it.
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