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  1. Oh fine. Mr. Richie-Rich has a shelter from the cold and the rain that he can use anytime he wants. Nice Kabbalist humble brag.
  2. counterpoint: Trump has given the deep state monied interests all he can give them on taxes and such, but if reelected he will cause all kinds of wars and international strife, which will be terrible for business. Therefore, the conservatives on the court will hear their master’s voice - and put an end to Trump because he’s uncontrollable now - unlike before, and therefore he is no longer of used to them. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it until I’m arrested in my home for writing this and executed in the camp
  3. Marge and others to gitmo - and tactical nukes to Ukraine? Drink!! Also, Hunter’s Dong on the new $20 bill instead of Jackson. Executive Order like Prez Comacho!
  4. Donnie, in your depo you said you had $400 million in cash…
  5. and Trump fans, he did not put up 100 million. He put up a bond. Which is odd for a billionaire
  6. We live in a butt hole? Then the current simulation makes a lot of sense.
  7. There was a spooky little town on the way to the Mount Bachelor ski area from Kennewick, Washington. It was supposed to be filled with witches. I forget the name..
  8. Prineville? That’s the way that the world goes round.
  9. So it’s the drought that sets you off… In your mind, you’re not so much killing those men as returning them to an abundant source of water. A kindness. I bet the killings started in 2002.
  10. well, the galaxy has rather strict immigration rules.
  11. I think the non-truthfulness to investigators is worth five years in the federal pen. What I’m not sure is if his prior plea deal is impacted by him committing another crime within a short period of the plea. There might be a 9 pound hammer to hold over his head, being the false statements to the investigators that could send him there for decades
  12. it was all a plot by Alex to get Maggie off the Earth for unchaperoned galactic sexy time.
  13. shit !! BL gave me one lasting ‘to infinity and beyond’ point as well. Am I fucked?
  14. The Russian army? I’d tune into that.
  15. I was thinking that very same thing. I could try to say it 20 times and wouldn’t be able to carry it off once.
  16. And he was a Sarah jessica Parker fan. It all adds up.
  17. Chill. The Israelis are probably just torturing him again. He’ll be back..
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