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  1. Holy shit! That drone hitting the sleeping Russian soldier. Being in battle has universally, and historically resulted in PTS for the participants. Can you imagine what it must be like with every waking moment or sleeping moment to be worried about being killed from a silent drone from above. It’s bad enough being in a cold Foxhole in miserable weather - but at least the fox hole can theoretically stop you being hit by artillery fragments. Or at least most of them. The dipshits who survive this and go back to Russia will merge their chronic alcoholism with horrific levels of post traumatic stress. No matter what happens to Donbas or Crimea, Russian society will be Über fucked for at least a generation. If Russia, somehow prevails in keeping some of that territory, their victory will include decades of a ruined economy, the brain drain of all the Russians who left to avoid increased authoritarianism and mobilization, and the world treating Russia like a leper North Korea. They won’t be able to vacation without the threat of detention and a war crimes trial. Their sports teams won’t be welcomed and their academics will not be invited to any conference worth a shit ….other than a junior high science day in Crimea. Their best case scenario will also include hundreds of thousands of unemployed, mentally broken, violent, angry asshole alcoholics with PTS - with zero resources to address that. edit: i have no idea how to un-underline this lol
  2. The unknown respiratory problem may be Covid, but I remember some mention of a recent 800% increase in RSV in Great Britain. RSV, sure as hell would result in a whole bunch of pneumonia. Among the bizarre differences in the Russian army is the fact that nobody polices, or makes an area ship shape. They are universally filthy, with trash everywhere and unsanitary conditions. There is no way you can keep large groups of conscripts in a small area that unsanitary without Civil War era like health problems, given the fact they do not have medical equipment, or apparently even anabiotic’s. This is a very good thing. Putin wants to increase the number of mobilized. This is also a very good thing. He is a master strategist.
  3. FSU stormed the field after a win against a first year coach with a six win team missing 4 receivers with a blown face mask call. Stay you little brother, stay you.
  4. that trigger discipline on the far right is much better than you would’ve seen from me with those assholes storming my location. kudos.
  5. For years my nephew was a CG helo pilot stationed in Alaska, flying rescue missions in the Bering Sea. Retired a Commander. The boy is a bad ass.
  6. Wow! Looking at the on-line MDA portal at 2144027’s stuff. Crazy shit. Good to know the long term gerbil hobby was not the cause though
  7. Congratulations! 4 years in March for my own stage lll colon cancer (if all goes well next scan). Fingers crossed. I need to be cured forever - or die before my large term policy ends in 2024. Fucking cancer!
  8. Jesus, was there a turkey Civil War I did not know about, and you bought that thing in Andersonville?
  9. We got fired up too….paid holiday today and all. jk - let the headhunter hunt. there is a better gig for more money out there.
  10. I was about to put the bird on the grill when my oldest son called me coughing like a fool. He just came from urgent care where they said he did not have Covid and did not have flu, but had some kind of crud. Looks like happy turkey day just got extended till Saturday. Regardless, I hope all of you degenerates are having a great time with your family and friends this Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be thankful for.
  11. This asshole suggested attacking a British ship. He seemed completely unconcerned about triggering Article 5, even after one of the few sane ones (who had previously suggested that killing all prisoners was not a good idea) reminded them that doing so would bring all of NATO down upon them. They are crazy as a shit house rat.
  12. can we not have some really good Russian speaker infiltrate or hack the phone or telegram to give Russians coordinates that hit their own assholes?
  13. “Moved Up Three Places” Trophy being made?
  14. A little ditty 'bout Jack & Kaylee Two American kids growing up however they please Oh yeah, life goes on…even after the thrill of stabbing is gone
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