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  1. Does anyone know if they have a Calcutta for the LIV events? That would seem to be in line with their 54 hole format, I've typically seen them in a Member/Guest invitational that are typically Fri/Sat/Sun events. I'm thinking about buying some of team "Rod Tidwell"
  2. Maybe someone will start the Hook'em Tour, to compete with the LIV I mean, at this point , it would be a more attractive field
  3. You have a wicked awesome jinx, wicked
  4. He had a triple at Southern Hills, and the CJ Open - looks like his last quad on the PGA tour was 2021 Players Championship, first round on 18 (I'm thinking water ball or two) Could have been when he did his Wally Fairway impression
  5. says the jinxing jinxer (glad I'm not the only one with that amazing power)
  6. Rory is looking to pull away, Xander is saying "Not so fast my friend"
  7. Well there are only a few LIV events, and they will be allowed to play the majors. So yeah I would expect the LIV to want their guys to go out an win on another tour and bring some eyeballs back to the LIV. I'm certain they wouldn't allow playing in events that are the same time as LIV events, but who really knows what the Saudi's want out of this investment. Yeah I've heard the term sports washing, but what does that get them? Are the jealous of the Qatar World Cup? The Dubai Power Tour (aka EuroTour)
  8. Expansion in all sports dilutes the talent and the product, not sure why you think this is any different than the ABA/NBA, AFL/NFL, hockey might be the most diluted. I don't like it, and currently LIV has no tradition, no history, only $$$$$. It feels like the mafia getting a pro sports franchise, they may have virtually unlimited money to throw at the sport but that alone will not get them a following. I doubt it but time will tell; and they won't want to burn money forever - but 3-5 years, maybe. And here is the thing, there is a virtually bottomless barrel of golf talent; and as long as guys keep winning on the Korn Ferry tour they will be happy to jump to the PGA tour, and when that kids wins on the PGA tour some might be tempted but I think most will be more like Scottie than like Brooks. The top amateurs is another story, they have no status - and Piot jumped as some signing bonus, and guaranteed money in the 54 hole events, but it is more likely than not that he will . I get it is attractive if offered, rather than having to grind hard to get on the KFT. Time will tell - but my viewing hours will not be spent on youtube watching Charl beat a field mainly filled with guys I've never heard of.
  9. Whew - quick glance I thought that was going to be a pregnancy test and she was announcing another spawn of the She-Devil BTW - here is a more recent tweet, same dress but definitely not the same filter, or eyebrows or forehead/fivehead wrinkles or horn (or as said above, that Covid test photo isn't really her anyway)
  10. Tradition means something in all sports, but money has a way of changing it. Baseball used to be 2 teams make the playoffs and it was the World Series, then the LCS, the LDS, and now the play in games. Pitchers used to hit. All changes due to $$$ Football has extended the regular season and playoffs; all for $$$$ Hockey 7 teams now in Canada and 7 in CA, FL and TX, plus one in that winter wonderland of LV. Playoffs, and more playoffs all because of $$$ Basketball little to no player loyalty (team loyalty either) players/teams looking to put together a championship unit for a year (mostly unsuccessful) College sports longer season, more playoffs/bowl games - and NIL $$$$$$$$$$ Not sure why golf would/should be any different - and the EuroTour already sold their name to DP (Dubai Port World), though it is a distant second in golf tours (maybe third). For enough money the PGA tour would sell it's soul (or maybe it already has). Hell they checked the couch cushions and found an extra $100 million for next years events. They are talking tradition, and using the link to past, but they sponsor no majors, and apparently have been raking it in for decades. I'll watch it, I love golf - but it will be interesting to see who owns the rights to named events? Could the family of Arnold Palmer disassociated with the PGA Tour and become an LIV or DP tour event (I have no idea how or if that could work) but it will be interesting to see if LIV tries to create the Gary Player Open, because he'd take the money (and allow you to kick your ball up to twice in a round)
  11. Michigan did it about a decade ago, all kinds of incentives; movies started shooting on location (because it was basically free or better) and some studios started to lease up space (see previous note) and one even announced they were building a studio AND then an election happened and shit changed and the incentives were gone. And then the film industry in Michigan disappeared, just like a fart in the wind
  12. Portland field announced (with 3 players to be named at a later date) from
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