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  1. 4 teams, with 5 Power conferences; it was always apparent that someone had to be left out. If you think that there is no justice then complain about the system not when you feel slighted. I can't wait for the updated system, not because it will be "fair" but because it will be so much fun to listen to the 13 ranked teams fan piss and moan about being cheated out of making the playoffs, and about having to play in the Myrtle Beach, New Mexico or Idaho bowl game.
  2. The joke is on Gaetz-the-clown, as he doesn't even realize that his actions could be the trigger to making the Repubicans the minority party. Once all the moves, retirements, etc take effect in January. And he will be the laughing stock when Hakeem Jefferies is seated as speaker.
  3. surly photoshoppers - do your thing (I envision OUsux banner flying over the stadium, bert making an apperance, Stoops eating dicks, etc) wtf is this opposing fans chatting nicely bullshit, and I have never been at a tailgate or around a stadium that has no trash all over the ground) @RamjetFDO @THUJONE etc
  4. The market is drifting lower, maybe sliding; or conversely it is being affected by selective tax loss harvesting trades. Your guess is as good as mine, or anyone elses.
  5. So you are saying we could "celebrate the 90th anniversary of the night of the long knives with Herr Trumpfh ceasing permanent control of the Republican Party (which is scheduled pretty darn close to that anniversary date) Coincedence? I think not!
  6. I hope his speach ends something like, only after going Full Elon and telling everyone to fuck themselves
  7. Why not, when there is talk of reconciliation, and the ability to regain PGA Tour status. I mean $1/2 billion seems like a lot of money.
  8. Don't post that shit here & tempt me! Last year the number was 32, and I thought it was an absolute lock. I was right, big right, huge right on that one; until Navy ties the game 10-10 with 1.53 left by hitting a FG, and then they both score a TD in the first OT and I lost. No such thing as a lock. Hello my name is Wally and I have a gambol problem
  9. I would believe this, if you had said McDonals robbery bystander shot
  10. She had a liver or kidney transplant a few years ago, required due to complications from lupus, and I think she was purportedly having complications. I saved her life, but putting her on my list.
  11. I am thinking it may have something to do with paying $18, for a company whose stock was trading under $5 for the last couple of months
  12. Here are my 2023 picks - every damn one of them is still around
  13. Is it a little early, yes it is - but it is December and come the last week of the month we are going to be distracted with football. So start working on your picks bitches - gotta be some sorta Celebrity (like having a wiki page, though that isn't the only reference material). Points are awarded, though rarely tallied, based on 100 minus age at date of death Must have at least on person under the age of 40, to qualify for the grand prize Contest entries close at Midnight 12/31/2023 - if you pick early, and someone dies before 1/1/2024, then you get to make a replacement pick I was going to split my picks between Bershire board of directors and former presidents - but Charlie Munger already passed so I am rethinking this one Good luck - I rarely get even one right, so you could pay me to pick someone you don't want to die
  14. It is easy to see who is back playing in events, I caught about 7 minutes of Sportscenter this morning and they showed highlights of the Hero. Tiger was shown hitting 3 shots, 4 putts and then they said Scottie won the tournament.
  15. They (ACC & FSU) are now at the same level as the 2017 UCF team
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