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  1. Cramer says buy, Burry says sell... https://www.marketwatch.com/story/michael-burry-says-sell-and-jim-cramer-says-buy-as-the-fed-meets-heres-how-they-both-could-be-wrong-on-stocks-11675251459?mod=home-page Wally asks, Should I straddle some SPY calls and puts? Into JPow pending market wrecking announcement?
  2. Hello beautiful - up $0.15 (28%) today on news of new plant news this dogs can rise from the dead, or at least have one more bark before going silent
  3. Poor Cheatrick, I can't wait to hear his interview/whining.
  4. So I recorded part of the GC coverage, and it is I'm sooooo disappointed to start to watch and I it's Rory with Fox and Fleetwood Jimenez is plastic, so the bonus is seeing some of his shots...dude is pure entertainment
  5. I think the tee time is something 1:30 am Austin Weird Time, it is an estimated time as they have to finish the Friday round for some players that were still on the course https://www.europeantour.com/dpworld-tour/dubai-desert-classic-2023/leaderboard?round=2 My quick estimate is Austin is -10 hours, not sure when the GC coverage starts
  6. just noticed that the Dubai event had to push back to a Monday close - but the big news is that Rory and Fatrick are paired together for the round tomorrow (although you have to get up very early to watch it) I can't decide what kind of tees Rory should bring - Law firm sponsored tees, PGA tour tees, World #1 ranked player tees - or maybe he should just "accidently" drop a rule book on the tee box.
  7. can't be me - I ain't doin shit right now, just sitting back trying to figure out how not to lose; while I sit an watch all the talking heads make their guess
  8. I am trading on Schwab, so the fees a low - but it has been a while since I was trading in penny stonks so I forget the prices on those (and non-US companies - fucking Canada). But I found out that odd lot trading was a good way to lose money.
  9. Well I was hoping to find an archived copy of the best Shaggy/Surly thread for the website and to save for Texas Heritage That is right - Worst Sexual Experience, in MS Paint damnitall - just saw that was already mentioned - so how about the history of FitLump
  10. was on 6th street board, markets falling like whoa - ads every 4-5 posts Borky borky bork
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