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  1. I am hoping that if I pick a vpn connection in the UK, that this year I can stream the BBC coverage online.
  2. so I looked at the open interest in the June 21expiry GME options - and of course there is one strike that really sticks out now I want to know who has the counterpoint puts, because it is hard to believe someone was writing options on 12 million shares no way those 39,000 puts are retail traders
  3. there is a guy from Michigan, making an effort to be the unknown player to jump into Open contention......but I'm not saying his name, because the jinx factor will certainly derail his round (just like Pavon going bogey right after I posted)
  4. Saleeth is right there with Lefty, as is JT (what has happened to him)
  5. Matt Pavon seems to be having a day - eagle both par 5's and sitting atop the board an -5 (dont jinx it now)
  6. I am not sure what his goal is - I mean he has already made enough to fuck around - but I'm not sure why he isn't selling some of those options when it was up in the $40's, $50's or $60's. Buy and hold is nice, but GME will struggle to not be the next Blockbuster, Radio Shack, etc. It was a fun business for a number of years but it isn't really a growth opportunity or next level technology. Good luck to Roaring Kitty, but don't make it about you or the shorts you think you can punish; all those shares can go back to low single digit $ trading. And your pack of apes will beat their chest and "celebrate" with you if you ride it back down. He does have a big cash balance, but don't push all your chips into the pot of a game that can be changed by outsiders.
  7. Not even close - because if he sells his core holdings it will trigger capital gains taxes on the shares he has acquired. He is sitting on a winning lottery ticket, but the tax man cometh.
  8. so you are saying we went to the moon on white Ford Bronco that was driven there slowly
  9. took me a minute, then I realized West wasn't 116 years old. and because this is Surly, I will include a photo of his daughter in law
  10. I think the more difficult bet would be where do you see the cut line; and how many over par do think the worst score is of those who make the cut. I am pretty sure there are going to be some big numbers out there, especially from some of the qualifiers, including the am's.
  11. Well maybe the solution to the problem is that they became a throuple; think about it ... I mean Rory can clearly afford to support a family like that. Next season on Full Swing is going to have an episode about the Life & Crimes of Scottie and then Rory and his sister wives.
  12. Some of the best advice I ever got was from a commercial banker who I became friends with; he shared an article with me that explained how the market/individual stock can be wrong for longer than you can be against it. That if you sell short, or are playing options both of those are expensive and time sensitive, and the cost can eat you up before there is a correction OR there can be an event that changes things and the market is no longer wrong. This banker was a guy met after seeing a bond offering evaporate a previous employer because of timing. We had the offering documents done and the road show was supposed start, as my boss was in NY to go over the presentation with the firms promoting the offering. He came back from NY 2 days later when they told him that there were no buyers for debt offerings.
  13. Highs in the 90's, early starters get moderate temps No rain, some wind but not much, humidity won't be terrible (by Houston standards) All-in-all looks like a great weekend for championship golf
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