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  1. https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2022/07/former-teacher-dies-after-being-struck-by-restaurant-door-during-thunderstorm.html Basically guy is hit by a metal door that caught a wind gust, I couldn't find the update but one of his broken ribs was a displaced fracture that punctured his heart
  2. I'd caddie for Ricky, just on the off chance that I'd get to see Allison Stokke
  3. Yup - the younger the guys jumping ship the worse the look, I would think ol Greg has been reaching out to Joohyung (Tom) Kim, the youngest of the upcoming stars
  4. He will need more cash than that; because the way this shitshow is going there is no way any of the outside money he thought he had lined up is going to actually going to come up with cash for Twitter at $54.20 (unless Elon backs up their portion with a personal guarantee that is backed up by TSLA shares)
  5. I know a couple of people in the business (not in Austin, but much smaller markets) and it is exactly like you put it. Houses are still selling, but not with multiple cash offers over the listing price; and they are taking 2-3 weeks to sell, instead of owners getting offers as soon as the listing goes up. They put it as rationalization of the marketplace, I hope they are right but it could certainly be one of many steps towards a much bigger slow down in real estate. Another friend is a high end builder - typically $3mil & up, custom homes. Some of his owners (typically Drs or 2nd/3rd gen from family money) have projects ongoing with short-term construction or bridge loans. It will be interesting to see where they end up with permanent financing now that the Fed isn't driving rates to all time lows. He is certain that some can just pay in cash, but others are on an "allowance" and it could be problematic.
  6. Well it isn't a purple Peterbilt, so it isn't Drifter
  7. Holey Shit man - I haven't read this thread in a month and damn. That place looks like it is on the frontline in Ukraine You doing alright? Anything surly can help with - like helping negotiate with your insurance company, or sending a strongly worded letter from your lawyer?
  8. nor really lulz, more like WTF (but definitely not holy shit)
  9. Yeah well the other dude was bang, bang, banging her
  10. Nope - he was married once, and had all 11 kids with his spouse (he might have been a farmer prior to golf, and he did convert to LDS so maybe a sister-wife or more)
  11. Damn This makes me sad, because I remember the girl I took an a first date to see Grease, and it ended with a blow job.
  12. I am about 3/4 through the book - don't worry, even if I told you the details of the story and how it ends it will not affect what you know about the video series. Some of the same characters, some of the same places.....but not the same story at all. Now you can get back to Juicy's misogynistic commentary So far the daughter is a very minor character, so you might like the book ... Zoe is the only really developed female there
  13. thought for sure that was a South Austin post
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