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  1. I was with you until you said ketchup. BUT before I bust out the jump to conclusions mat I need to know what type of sandwich requires ketchup? Unless hamburger= sandwich. I’ll stand by…..
  2. So I’ve been played the PRS JM strat thing. It really plays just as well as anything I’ve played by fender but a touch smoother with a hint of headstock.
  3. Now he can have fungus on his shower shoes
  4. Yes. New Jersey penal system
  5. He wore a fat suit in the show. Also he was a college basketball player and former bouncer
  6. We had to meet 1200. We had 7 people and barely did it. It was us and the wives tho. We ordered everything drinks food ect. I think we were about $100 off so no big deal
  7. Yes but we are by the pool open to close
  8. Prices aren’t great. It’s $1200 a day but there’s 7 of us
  9. Fly in yesterday at the cosmo. Spent the day at the pool yesterday and just getting to coffee on my balcony. Smoking a nice bowl. Also have cabanas by the pool. Ate at STK yesterday and have the Dover Sole. Very good. Going to Nobu tonight and I’m just gonna eat breakfast Lunch by the pool. Life’s good boys!
  10. Fact: Leo left his own company because the quality stunk according to a podcast I listen to Beautiful guitar! I love them all tbh I really want a custom shop but always buy something else with the money.
  11. also no idea about the strat but imo: 1. Buy it 2. post pics 3. profit
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