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  1. I used to have a rivals account. I knew all these little pigs every move what their ranking was and how many schools they visited. Stopped in 2009 and never looked back. So stupid. I only want to know you if you accomplish shit on the field. No hype videos nothing I raw dog the season and it feels so good
  2. I get that. If he’s not “your guy” he’s a lot. I guess it’s because I’ve bought into him at michigan. Guy wins A LOT. Sherrone who knows. I do know i have learned your program is only as good as your assistants. Look at Saban. Had the best D coordinators the game has ever seen and no one could F with him. This run by hardnuts (Mike McDonald and minter) Sherrone OC/oline, Mike hart RB coach even down to Jay hardnuts as special teams coach. It’s insane how much talent he had on that staff. We didn’t have a Vince young type player on that team that dominated all the stats or high profile recruits, we had a team full of hungry dogs willing to do what ever it takes as well as being willing to develop. Love this team
  3. Man the michigan hate is so strong here. It is what it is. Hope he doesn’t fail but we won a National Championship I’ll be happy for a while now
  4. This. I’m going to be sad. This is what I was most worried about this shit and the strength coach. Both probably gone. Moore the OC is going to be the guy. Hope he’s a good one. Thanks for the natty Jim and I hope you get a SB
  5. Really? That’s really stupid lol but I think I may snag one
  6. man I can’t wait to see what our rings look like. Is it stupid as a fan to buy a nice replica?? I’m a memorabilia collector and would love to add it to my collection or frame it with my so to be signed Corum jersey. Still in la la land dudes! We fucking won the natty! on Jim no one knows shit but Warde is a fuck head and should be shown the door
  7. I still look at my wife when I buy her diamonds no matter how many or how little and say “it’s got more carets then bugs bunny”
  8. I fucking love the rose bowl logo so beautiful GRAN DADDY OF THEM ALL!
  9. Why don’t they just fucking tour and stop being fucking pig vomits
  10. 15-0. Lost out #1 player and captain best o lineman. Ran the fuck over bama and crushed Washington. #1 defense in the country and only gave up 13 points to penix. Our d line almost killed him. They won the best offensive line award. Watch penix walking off the field that night. No one could fuck with us and we proved it. When I say ultimate team I don’t mean like 2005 Texas talent but just a bunch of fucking dogs willing to play for each other. Admittedly not the best national championship team but a they won it and I’m proud
  11. Sometimes I go full rebel and don’t even pull my card out. I just walk through
  12. Once again 41 life long M fan. He’s earned the right to look around. This isn’t your normal coach. This guy sniffed the biggest prize the Super Bowl. Oh yeah and he’s had to hear about losing it this whole time by his brother (you know they talk shit to each other). This is a guy who had success in the nfl not a nfl failed coach who worked out in college. He has every right to ask for top dollar. I don’t love what he’s doing but fuck man it’s what you get with him. Hell of a ball coach who wins BUT tons of drama. He brought me a natty for that I’m grateful and am enjoying the ride. I watched Wisconsin run the same run play 40 something times in a row dominate michigan at THE BIG HOUSE. I was 9 rows off the field. I think of those days and know that nattys don’t just come in every 3 years they are a once MAYBE twice in a lifetime if your lucky.
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