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  1. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Do_Your_Ears_Hang_Low%3F Lyrics make more sense with balls by quite a bit.
  2. Fuckin Boston teams and bloody uniforms
  3. the current business model is to make 10 boxes and then send me out to deliver them to various neighborhood families for free, I think I can improve on that at least. i made a joke last night that doing this while 9 months pregnant is really throwing down the suburban mom one upsmanship gauntlet. she looked at me like "that's maybe a little bit the idea"
  4. ugggggh my mother in law does paparazzi and it is the worst
  5. Wife who is enormously pregnant (like, next week) made Christmas cookies again and I’m making another push at “do this as a business”. She is very good at the cookies and not good at figuring out the other stuff, I feel like Holiday cookies (Xmas, teacher appreciation, valentines) would be an easy way to do this as a business a little bit and then expand into taking orders, cakes, etc later. But trying to do a price check it seems insane, was also seeing like $50/box which is bananas. Apologies if this is a thread jack, although the quote from my wife was “I want to go into labor so I don’t have to be doing this anymore” as she hunched over the table like an angry beach ball.
  6. Just saw Kurt Vile post a thing of him playing with Dinosaur Jr. I need to get to a Dinosaur Jr show.
  7. Stepping out of the vault for the first time in Fallout 3 is an all time great video game moment. Seeing a similar moment in the trailer gets me excited for this, I hope they do it justice.
  8. Celery Man


    Oooooh I bet this shithead finds out
  9. Have any of your wives bought overpriced decorated cookies and if so what was the price?
  10. lol the waterfall spout that looks nice for 12 seconds before forever mineral stains. Also I’d rather have a firehouse spout than water falling gently on my soapy hands.
  11. Circle C/Meridian/etc the odds are even better. If he had hit a cyber truck this story would have broke nationally.
  12. Car chase ended with him hitting an occupied Tesla. 1) Tesla is a great car to hit to end a car chase 2) guy who was in the car (unharmed) is incredibly lucky and unlucky.
  13. Bet Rodgers would like to go to 4 months ago.
  14. ohhhhhh every time I've made that (tomatillo version or green tomato) I've chopped everything up and then boiled it with no water (liquid comes from the tomatos/tomatillos). You're saying... I could not be chopping 50 goddamn tomatillos and instead just throw everything in a pot of water to boil and then drain/blend? Fuck, man. Are you at all missing any garlic in that recipe?
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