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  1. fuck her brains out (^^^^) look at this jazzmaster
  2. Off topic, this recipe is another one that changed my mind on cabbage https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/278396/indian-fried-cabbage i think we’ve made it as a side with this https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/ajwaini-paneer-tikka-skewers which is a whole fuckin meal. That chutney recipe in the paneer recipe is legit.
  3. Yakisoba My wife makes an… okonomiyaki (sp?) Trevor that I like and that has changed my opinion about cabbage. This lookedneasy, up that alley, and worth a try. I used bagged coleslaw because we had some and it hit the cabbage/carrot requirement. Couldn’t find the specific noodles called for, but figured fresh (frozen) ramen should work. things went a little sideways with the ramen but… it turned out ok actually turned out quite good. Not as heavy on bacon taste as I was expecting, just noodle cabbage sauce goodness. Definitely having this for lunch tomorrow. Very easy. I should have shaken out the ramen noodles a bit immediately before adding them and I think needed to add more oil back into the wok to avoid the sticky dough ball mess I had going on for a minute.
  4. Wife is on a tea kick. She’s going to pick up the kid and says “hey when the timer goes off, can you take the lid off of this and remove the tea basket and put the lid back on”. Sure. filled to. the. fucking. brim. with boiling water and then screwed airtight shut god fucking dammit this shit exploded molten lava hot tea all over me
  5. Art history is always a funny one to include with basket weaving. I took one art history class at Texas and it was both as difficult and as applicable to my post college life as calculus.
  6. I'm not a huge gamer - I grew up with an SNES and computer games, missed the N64/Playstation console era except at friends houses but picked back up with PS2 and onward. And here I am now with a kid and a macbook for my personal computer and I'm really limited to gaming when I can sneak upstairs to the game room with the xbox/playstation/etc. That mostly means about half an hour to an hour at night when I'm fucking exhausted, maybe a bit more on weekends. A reason I started playing Civ a lot more is because I can run it from my Macbook, so I can play a bit more during bits of down time in my office. Anyways, maybe I just fucking missed the memo on this and it's old news to everyone here but holy shit I've discovered Remote Play on both the Xbox and Playstation, and now also Xbox Cloud (looks like Playstation has a similar offering). For Christmas, wife got me this gaming controller thing that you can stick your phone in that is Madden playing on my Xbox upstairs and streaming to my phone in my office. It works pretty well. I'm shittier at quarterback without a 70" TV but still. That made me start investigating more broadly what you can do with remote play on xbox and playstation. Apparently you can bluetooth connect regular xbox/playstation controllers to your computer, ipads, etc. Xbox doesn't have an officially supported way to connect to your console from a mac, but I can play using a controller on my iPad. I can to either my PS4 or my PS5 using PS Remote Play on my macbook, using one of our old PS4 controllers to play games on either console. I finally ran ethernet cable to my desk because it is better wired, but it works either way. One thing I discovered that was irritating is that you can't remote play backwards compatible Xbox games. I was playing through Fallout New Vegas in December and was irritated that it wouldn't work from my phone. But, if you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can go to https://www.xbox.com/en-US/play and fucking play many titles from the cloud, including some new ones but also some older ones like Fallout 3 and New Vegas. I've been playing Goldeneye, High On Life, and Chivalry II on cloud with my Macbook. I started another Fallout 3 play through, and I should really see what Flight Simulator is like on cloud. Anyways, this is fucking awesome and solves a problem I was grappling with for a while - how to do some more casual to medium gaming without buying more consoles/computers/equipment, and how to do that in a more portable way.
  7. i was making a comment about education vs occupational training. an education is always applicable to the real world.
  8. The illogical thing is that we have basketball's development league attached to institutions of higher learning. All of the other illogic branches from there. The college degree requirement is a thing that I agree likely does not make sense or is a... stupidly onerous requirement for a lot of jobs that have no intrinsic reason for the requirement. But part of that is because of how onerous the requirement is, and some of how this problem is fixed should address that. At 18, you shouldn't have to choose between taking on a mountain of debt or having most career doors closed to you. if you don't apply what you learned in college to your life on a daily basis you managed to leave college without getting an education
  9. exactly the comparison I was thinking of with velvet underground
  10. i blame both of those on being a dad nada surf is a weird one - both "Let Go" and "Lucky" are albums I visit every so often but I don't know when the last time I did thatwas. That 4*Town song is actually kinda great. I think Billy EIlish wrote it (this is from Disny/Pixar's "Turning Red") and it's a really great 2000s era boy band song. The lyric is "Never met nobody, like you", the 22 month old has latched on to that movie and sings "No potty, achoo".
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