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  1. Celery Man

    Power Pop

    holy shit they were on back to back albums. But still, the album covers are worth 1000 words
  2. Celery Man

    Power Pop

    That song popped up on... i think the 80s alternative playlist on spotify and of course I dig it because it is rad. Reminds me a bit of the dBs, which I haven't read through the thread but I would think I would have posted them here. So I clicked through to figure out who this band was, only to find that they are responsible for that "tempted by the fruit of another" song that was an instant station change on GTA San Andreas. I haven't looked up what happened there at all but I can only speculate that either more than a decade passed between these two songs or the lamest most Michael McDonald ass motherfucker in the band fired all the cool people and continued to write and make records under their name. It's the dude with the hairdo in the middle of the video above isn't it.
  3. So with Cheney dead, is it still fair to state that the GOP is entirely divorced from reality and anyone who supports a member of the party is complicit as it achieves its purpose of ending American democracy?
  4. it should be a rule that you can't describe a link as having assblasting and then it's some law and order bullshit
  5. Are we 80/20 people or phosphor bronze people? I’ve used 80/20s for a while but I don’t know why and I’m trying phosphor bronze. But strings in my acoustics last me years and I have no idea how old the comparison set is. I have more 80/20s but I don’t care enough to restring another guitar
  6. The thing in NC is these little red fuckers. Bright Leaf. They are fine.
  7. if she has children, also provide them with a drum kit
  8. Even as a kid I knew that Rosie was into Madonna.
  9. man this thing actually bums me out a bit more realizing that was her in Cedar Rapids. I guess I don't really remember her much past that desert island movie with Harrison Ford, and so this felt like the tail end of a long spiral rather than... perhaps her whole life has been a struggle with her demons and keeping it in the lines, and she just finally lost the handle. Obviously in the crash the victim is the woman whose home was destroyed. But, you know, like Norm has to say about Janice.
  10. Does that J Vaughan strat have a V neck?
  11. So how long do our surly brothers who have the requisite defects of intellect and character to still vote for the GOP remain shut the fuck up? 3 days before they’re back acting like it is people other than them who are childlike and without even the wisdom you would expect from a horny 19 year old?
  12. “I don’t even like Trump. Nobody does, you hysterical lib.”
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