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  1. I saw the picture of Trump with the bloody ear and honestly thought it was AI generated clickbait. fuck, man.
  2. https://abcnews.go.com/US/fitness-guru-richard-simmons-dead-76/story?id=111912398 Legend imo.
  3. He can sit next to Marino. Bring Philip Rivers as his +1
  4. just did a ctrl+f for manu chao, glad to see he's represented here. clandestino is one of my favorite albums of any genre
  5. yeah those are pretty good for people at that beginner to intermediate skill level
  6. I read an article somewhere about her being the town crazy lady in rural Texas somewhere. Perhaps this one, although i don't know how I found my way to the Hollywood Reporter. RIP https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/feature/searching-for-shelley-duvall-the-reclusive-icon-on-fleeing-hollywood-and-the-scars-of-making-the-shining-4130256/
  7. I don't know fuck about shit but Andy Hull's telecaster has a SD Lil' 59 wired directly to the output jack
  8. Ok I know the presentation is off but fyi these onions are a day old
  9. man Bjork is someone that I never really appreciated back in the 90s, cause I was a kid and she was weird, and then I had a daughter and made an effort to put female singers in my playlists and she worked her way into my algorithms... I fucking love The Sugarcubes and that's a great band names. And the way she conveys emotion with her inflection, I haven't done the deep dive on her catalog that I should but I've come all the way around on her. Emotions are the flavors of music and she does that thing.
  10. I stumbled onto Ratboys and have been really digging their album that came out last year. Honestly this is the band that most makes me wish I was still touring and doing cool stuff like that - listening to this album I've slowly realized that the lead guitarist is playing the kinds of things that i always wanted to play, and the music generally sounds like 30 somethings who grew up listening to The Get Up Kids and shit like that and have gradually drifted out of emo and towards indie with some country. Which again is me (fuck I'm basically 40). Anyways, this isn't the right thread for it but I don't want to start a new thread and I like this guitarist a lot. His Ibanez LP copy is interesting and now I want a Music Man amp. I recommend listening to their whole album The Window.
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