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  1. she was my indie rock crush in high school
  2. looks like john mulaney cosplaying ryan adams, but this is intriguing - Stephen Wilson Jr. is a singer/songwriter from rural Southern Indiana. Self-described as “Death Cab For Country,” Stephen Wilson Jr. draws upon indie rock, grunge and country to create a distinct sound that is influenced by artists as diverse as The National, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Nirvana.
  3. oh yeah I wouldn't really compare against Too Far to Care or expect any subsequent album to match that. Just, I think with some of their newer albums I've gotten a track or two in and have decided I just want to go listen to the albums I love. I'll have to go give Most Messed Up a fair shake, though - I don't know if I ever did. I would compare newer albums to Rhett solo albums a bit. I actually always liked this one off of The Believer -
  4. Johnny's in Loisburg (kinda out there, but still)
  5. This is the bbq place that people from my office near Raleigh will go out to for lunch. literally it’s this and chicken. They call it “barbecue”. Lady was very confused when I asked about what the choices were for the “pound of barbecue”. Fuck,
  6. I remember hearing Rhett on some podcast talk about a suicide attempt when he was a teenager - I assume that's what that line references? Just listened through the song, but fairly passively. Old 97s is a formative band for me, although i haven't dug too much into their releases since the grand theater albums. I think I'm probably missing some stuff but I feel like Rhett is flanderizing himself a bit in his older age (leaning too far into being kinda adorable, which was always part of his schtick) and I also heavily suspect that a) there used to be a healthy creative tension between Rhett and Murry and b) now these guys meet up and learn each others songs before laying down an album. I don't know if that's right, but it feels less like albums of Rhett pop songs that Murry has seasoned up with country western (and one or two of the exact opposite). Anyways, I'll try to give the new album a few good shakes before I just go back and listen to Too Far To Care again. Which is just pure bangers front to back.
  7. Pro. I saw a post from Shires talking about quitting nicotine. Man, that is not the time I’d be doing that but good on her.
  8. The information age has allowed for the industrialization of hate and stupidity. And the incentives are all fucked up, and most people are highly defenseless. That’s what has happened.
  9. A big part of why we can’t do better is how our culture and media landscape require us to entertain morons with stupid equivalencies.
  10. McCartney has said that Pet Sounds spurred them to make Sgt Peppers. I think Rubber Soul was an influence on Wilson making Pet Sounds. If The Beach Boys were a real band, they’d be pretty easy to call the greatest American band.
  11. Watching this has triggered a rewatch of the Pacific. Watching episode 3 (Leckie being emo in Melbourne for an hour) and it drags for me as much as it did the first time.
  12. I honestly thought that Ovation was dead, but I guess they’re still making them in Asia.
  13. I took the lsat and was a regular at several bars.
  14. The idea that the Biden threat wouldn’t also be about Trump is silly. Although I understand the desire from Republican posters.
  15. I think you’re kinda right, but also the skepticism of the center right is rational. The center right consistently votes for extremist lunatics.
  16. I feel like Prince Charles waiting for all these boomer era people to gtfo. Saw an ad for a movie yesterday with Jennifer Lopez in the role of attractive lady and it’s the same damn thing.
  17. First solo trip to the stores with these fuckers. Topo me strength
  18. I figured I had caught it before finally testing positive the other week. But, while this hasn’t knocked me on my ass, it has fucking lingered. I would never have not tested for this.
  19. I’m way overdue to service my speedy, and while it may just be new baby fatigue making me forget to wind it I think it’s finally getting a little weird. What’s the prevailing wisdom - send it to omega? There’s a local shop that I think is fairly competent, they serviced my seiko pogue and I think did a good job. But the omega worth a fair bit more.
  20. Ok I’m caught up. I’ll join the chorus of not liking the leads. Buck specifically, he just looks too much like either a Tigerbeat centerfold or Pennywise the Clown (2017). Partially his face but honestly it’s his acting too.
  21. playing a dreadnought strung up with 12’s -
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