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  1. Caesar just dropped for Civ VI, free if you link an 2k games account to your civ vi game
  2. How are our pets’ heads doing? Still on?
  3. honestly I feel bad for fatty - it fucking sucks to go through life as a victim
  4. i'm having a super goddamn rough time with a work situation currently where I see things exactly the opposite as everyone else in a strategy discussion. Or, I am unable to describe my position in a way where other people can understand it. I'm highly accustomed to not getting something and shutting up/learning when I clearly am not in sync with the other smart people, but I also... am pretty highly confident that everyone else is flat wrong here, that they are wrong because they don't know what they are doing, and they hired me because they needed someone who does, and it is explicitly my job to say "hey fuckheads doing x right now is wrong we should be doing y instead". But I'm failing to succeed at that, or... i'm just wrong? But I can't see it, it seems so clear that I'm not, and yet when I describe why what we are doing is bad, nobody refutes it but nobody changes position. And am I just coming across as an asshole at this point. I guess, to me (as someone who always tested well and found school not hard) it's been good to spend my career around people more technical than I am so that I'm used to being the dumb one. It's good to know that you don't know everything. And it is important to know that you don't know everything if you are an alcoholic who wants to be sober. Critical, even. And I am finding it very challenging to be spending this long in a weird state of being at odds with everyone, being very confident in my position, but constantly second guessing (because I don't know everything and am frequently wrong) and failing to come up with a version of everyone else's position making sense other than different reasons why they are all wrong together. Writing it all out, I supposed I need to control what I can and let go of the things that I can't, and remember that nothing is all that important anyways so I should relax. Anyways - I don't know if the meditation is intended to be a joke (untrue 365 days a year) or about giving yourself a break sometimes, but maybe I'll do both. Believe for the moment that I'm right, be open to being wrong, fuckin stop spending my chore time muttering explanations that would really make it clear to everyone else how big of a dumbass waste of time everything they want to do is.
  5. all of the goddamned bumpkins in this state drive 15 mph under the speed limit and wait 30 seconds for you to approach, slow down, and come to a stop at the stop sign before then moving through. the number of times I've shouted a variation of "MOVE IT YOU FUCKING HILLBILLY" in the past week alone is unknowable
  6. oh i missed this - so we now officially have a blue flame prs mafia
  7. i was going to say it's a shame she came from an era when we missed out on the "she'll be fat in ten years" "i want to bang her now not ten years from now" style surly discussions, but I think we're getting there
  8. Greensboro can’t be Plano - it exists on its own merits (however dubious they may be).
  9. there’s nothing wrong with being gay, but classifying pictures of hunter biden’s dong as important information makes you that
  10. it would suck to have spent years building a following and probably career based off a platform and then lose it. but also, I care about that about as much as wall street folks losing their shirt because of reddit neckbeards.
  11. Mine was the Aero, which had a turbo inline 4 making like 250 horsepower, which was more then than it is now. But most of the horses seemed to pull on the right side of the car as soon as the turbo kicked in.
  12. One thing that’s fun about districts - if a neighbor is punking you in science, pop a quick war on them and pillage the shit out of their campuses. Pillage their holy sites while you’re there. It also weakens the city center when you pillage the districts. i wish the game had smarter AI against domination. Both in global tactics (hey guys I’m clearly taking over the world, be a bit more aggressive in partnering to stop me, maybe toss a nuke) and in micro tactics. I thought I was in trouble with China signing on to a military aid deal with Hungary, who I was conquering on the other side of the globe. China had better land troops and had bombards, but they just marched right through a kill zone until they were at 0 militarily and I had my shit together to start taking their cities.
  13. If I understand, it’s mostly about city growth and production (so, get some builders in there for improvements or to chop wood) and policy cards. It does seem like everything takes forever with a new city. loyalty is the mechanic in civ vi (maybe in an expansion) that really fucks things up. I’m playing as England doing naval based domination and it’s tough when you’re nibbling around the edges of a continent and can’t quite get the loyalty foothold even with governor/troop loyalty.
  14. A thing I've never been sure about and could probably look up but we're on the subject here - "100% Harbor Adjacency Bonus" (or campus, industrial, etc) - this refers to a bonus that tiles adjacent to a district get in whatever they are producing? So, if I had a university next to a commercial hub and played a card to get a commercial zone bonus, would that boost the science output of the university?
  15. Number one all time hot dog is a chili cheese coney from James Coney Island. I wish i could have that again. I've tried to recreate it at home with shitty dogs, cheez whiz, and thin chili but I don't think I let the onions get stinky enough. my first experience on the internet was in Prodigy, where i landed exactly here Man i forgot entirely about The Print Shop. Right there with Encarta in the staple of mid 90s giant boxes on the shelf next to the computer in the game room. Also littered with random shareware I pulled out of the bin at Computer City
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