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  1. I get it. I disliked them as well, but the stream product is much better.
  2. DirecTV Stream is pretty decent. I get all regional sports channels (Bally, ATTSN, etc), MLBN, TBS, all ESPNs, plus I get LHN when I log in through the ESPN app. It’s not cheap, but $85/mo isn’t that much more expensive than the others and it’s way less than I paid for satellite.
  3. I liked it. Solid acting all around. Pretty interesting premise and it kept me engaged all the way through.
  4. Nate Bargatze's new special is on Amazon Prime after his last couple were on Netflix. It's a great hour of stand-up.
  5. Early 70's for me, back when the baby carrier/car seat wasn't much more than a plastic tub. Mama 'Loopy put baby 'Loopy in the front passenger seat of the newish Ford Pinto - no seat belts or anything resembling a restraint, naturally. While driving to the U-Tote-M for a pack of Salem lights, Mama 'Loopy slams on the brakes and baby 'Loopy shoots out of the "car seat" and slams into the floorboard, which was basically sheet metal covered by 1/16" of rubber matting. Didn't have any lasting effect other than the fact that when anyone revved up the microwave, I'd piss my pants and forget who I was for about half an hour or so.
  6. That has to be on purpose, right? Right?
  7. Blue pill. I split shifts between the cart barn and the pro shop and had unlimited golf privileges. My Grandpa was the club manager and we played at least 9 holes together almost every day. I could have done that job forever, but my parents made me move out and go to college.
  8. Home field advantage is a real thing. Economists have studied it to try and determine the reason(s) behind HFA. Turns out that the single most important factor contributing to HFA is referee bias. It's not referee bias because they dislike one team more than the other. Turns out that referees have a very human tendency to make calls that are least likely to enrage a heavily partisan crowd. I highly recommend the book "Scorecasting" as it dives deeply into this issue. It's Freakonomics for sports fans and it is a great read. Here's an article that discusses the findings about HFA: https://www.chicagobooth.edu/review/home-field-advantage-facts-and-fiction
  9. Guadaloopy

    Getting old sucks

    I had it from golf. When I first had the injury, I was playing 4-5 times per week (I took three months off after retiring from the Navy). I did several 2-3 month stints without swinging and it seemed to get better, but I would always reinjure it after a few rounds. When it was bad, I had trouble getting into a comfortable sleeping position at night. I bit the bullet and didn't swing a club for over two years. Been playing a few times per month for the last year and a half and haven't had another flare up yet. I doubt the days of playing multiple rounds per week will ever return, which sucks as I get a few years from true retirement.
  10. Not MLB, but my most unique baseball game experience was attending a Japanese League game between the Yomiuri Giants and the Nippon Ham Fighters at the Tokyo Dome aka "The Big Egg." Food was awesome. If you hate the drums in Oakland, do NOT attend a Japanese baseball game. I did get to see Hideki Matsui in the prime of his Japan career.
  11. Similar tale for me. I was in Navy Department Head School in Newport, RI and a group of us did a weekend road trip to Montreal. Had fun in Montreal, but the stadium itself was really rough. The concourses were super narrow and the concessions and bathrooms were like you would find under the stands in an old high school football stadium. Also learned on that road trip that there isn't shit in Vermont. That state was just a big green void.
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