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  1. ‘member when some dudes were saying that they would take Odor over Altuve as their franchise 2B? I ‘member. Would also hate to see how this season series would be going if the Rangers hadn’t have “broken” the Astros in the ALCS. Until next time, fellas.
  2. A shut down inning from Hader when it really counts.
  3. When the Feds are done going after Ippei for stealing $16M, maybe they can come after Abreu for stealing $58M.
  4. We're not doing the Osuna PR dance again. No fucking way.
  5. Well... even though we are firmly entrenched in last place, we are still only 3.5 games back in the division.
  6. The Baseball Forum is less without him. I'll have to start paying attention to Jose Ramirez on my own now. Thank God we still have Gil Bang to monitor Shohei for us.
  7. I say it at some point every year, and I will say it again this year. The internet sports doom prophet is the easiest space to occupy online. If the team outperforms your predictions of the sky falling, you get to be "pleasantly surprised." But if things do go down the shitter, you get to say "I told you so!" It's a nutless, soulless position that I have zero respect for. By tying our allegiance to a particular team, we have all agreed to allow ourselves to be emotionally manipulated by the outcome of a child's game. That's part of the allure of sports. It is beyond me why someone would start that journey from a place of negativity. The beauty of rooting for a sports team is the anticipation that something good is about to happen. A negative outlook from the outset breaks the equation and sucks the joy out of being a fan. Why even do it?
  8. I'm generally on board with the "team will be fine" sentiment, but they are using up a lot of runway early in the season. April was a tough month on paper before the season started. Combine that with the glacial start for several players, and things look way worse than they really are.
  9. Your April proclamations always hold up well. Keep at it.
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