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  1. I thought we were getting a two episode premiere because of the delay. Oh well. Really enjoyed the first episode and looking forward to more.
  2. He's a flashing green neon light out there.
  3. Watch him get a GIDP and strut off the mound.
  4. I'll put $2 in the kitty so Smith can buy a strike.
  5. 10+ runs and a day getaway means that the offense is taking tomorrow off. You all know this. Prepare accordingly.
  6. The game summary should just be this gif:
  7. Pretty solid job of wriggling off the hook.
  8. That Stro-poll the other day that had him as one of three candidates to end the season with the team lead in RBIs vs Yordan and Tuck doesn't look so far-fetched anymore.
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