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  1. A Christian nationalist is a person who doesn’t give 1 flying fuck about what would Jesus do.
  2. Not going back and looking but I think earlier here someone posted that we have already cancelled some reconnaissance helicopter programs due to effectiveness of drones. Read that somewhere. I am assuming it was due to drones
  3. Dude. I have a super secret source in Sark’s office. Sark is planning to only pass when 3rd and 20+. He feels confident that Ewers offseason will make him into the 2nd greatest running qb in UT history. Elks plan could doom us.
  4. Saw one in Addison today. Owner had already given up and covered it in a camo skin.
  5. Plane was only a few months old. The area that blew out is a “plug”. Depending on customer config that can be an exit door. Rumor on Flyertalk is it had pressurization issues and was taken off NEO routes. Luckily no one was sitting in that seat. Scary shit.
  6. Someone woke up on the wrong side of West Texas this morning.
  7. Won’t let me edit now. Your status goes for 1 year after the end of qual period. You could still get a higher status if you do a bunch of spend next 2 (or 3) months. That status “starts” then and goes 1 year.
  8. Not sure with Delta but most airline stuff is Feb or Mar to next Feb or Mar. You will have Delta status till Feb or March of 2025.
  9. 🦖. Well he ain’t going to be an EDGE or OT with those short arms.
  10. Shaddie


    So you’re saying I can tell my cardiologist that I’m eating my veggies with that lettuce? Sounds good to me.
  11. So wrong. Who else takes all your shit and never complains. It (almost) never gives you shit. It’s a good friend who after “talking “ to you feel better. Who else listens to your drunken vomiting and doesn’t complain. Yeah sometimes in winter he can be a little frosty but give it minute and he warms up.
  12. About a year ago wife started making (Mexican) chorizo. It taste much better than store bought. 1 of the ingredients is cinnamon. I was stunned.
  13. Dumb ? I have watched this ever since it came out. (Most awesome meme, gif, video ever). I know on YT creator is bigquesoaustin. Is this a surly dude?
  14. Well he will probably be from Coastal Carolina or NMSU or some other huge powerhouse program.
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