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  1. He’s a sooner, but gotdamn how much can anyone take getting fucked over so much. The refs let this get out of control and it is all on them.
  2. Exactly. They did a late hit on SF previous series.
  3. What a fucking pussy. Designed run and slides.
  4. I’m not a fan. The contrast in flavors (depending on tater salad style) just too much. To me gumbo is “rich” and rice gives a little relief. I love mustard tater salad but when I want gumbo I want nothing to get in the way of it. As usual though it is always personal preference.
  5. No. However at military “sales” shows the Swedish bikini team will definitely be “displaying” said equipment.
  6. Well you’re a sooner so it is only a matter of time.
  7. Forget it Jake, it’s Chinatown. Literally.
  8. Off topic. Avoid if you can. Worked with a guy who was 1st Lamborghini tech in states. He told me all about how their biggest issue was training owners how to drive them and how to maintain them. He said he told more than 1 they shouldn’t own this vehicle.
  9. Well if you follow the Frisco johns thread thread they would have been winners if they could do that.
  10. Yeah, but important is important. It’s crazy. Last CC I bought 2003 used was a 1999 was 21k. I’m looking for 17 ft crappie boat and almost all are this price. Like I say, I have to go to sleep so I can yell at clouds tomorrow.
  11. Just pointing out that youngsters are willing to put up big bucks for stuff. Honestly how many of those trucks are purchased vs leased. I’m not a surly 2% but I’m not willing to finance or lease a vehicle for 6-8 years. Look up average vehicle loans nowadays. It is stupidity to us olds.
  12. All vehicles are so much better nowadays. Us olds member when if you kept a vehicle over 70000 miles you were playing with fire. This was 80’s.
  13. Read some report a few days ago that “luxury goods” are almost always purchased by “young” people nowadays. So yes it is a status symbol for youngens. Most just haven’t figured out interest rates on CC. Will yell at clouds tomorrow as it almost 8pm and I have to go to sleep.
  14. Dude, haven’t you heard. Amtrak is angling for that sweet sweet Abbott Texas transport cash to Northeast states so have opened dining cars as taqueria’s.
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