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  1. Boom https://commercialobserver.com/2022/04/raising-canes-to-open-one-of-its-first-nyc-outposts-in-noho/
  2. It was shocking sitting at the light in my Uber…
  3. Yeah, that doesn’t say “Fuck off”. It says “Go suck your own dick.”
  4. 50/50, if not a little higher on the booze side. Had an outstanding bottle of a red Italian wine and I'm not a wine drinker. They serve you 3 different kinds of bread, some sopprosata (sp?) and a cauliflower medley in olive oil as starters. We did raspberry sorbet for dessert.
  5. $1,350 for 4 people with tip: Hard not to over order.
  6. Rigatoni and Caesar sounds like a winner. Thanks
  7. Will do. One of my buddies is in from London for another friend’s birthday and got a reservation through his F1 connections.
  8. Have dinner at Carbone tonight with some friends. Any recs to order?
  9. Guess it’s another morale victory for Oilers/Texans fans. Congrats, that’s what Aggy feels like all the time
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