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  1. That's like a million per home run. Shrewd. Like National League Rangers shrewd.
  2. Yeah, but they can solve their problem by cheating in 2024. And they will. They've been setting up the infrastructure to do it for years and who will hold them accountable? The Supreme Court? Sheeeeeeeeeeeit. I want to feel good about the results of this midterm, but I can't help feeling like it's the dead cat bounce and we've got a lot lower yet to go.
  3. Laura Ingraham having a bad night makes me smile.
  4. So, MLB took a break from roasting the Astros to doctor some baseballs to help Aaron Judge get a record? Hang on while I find my shocked face.
  5. He shot around 39% three years in a row. The first 5 games this year, he shot 45%. He looked to be the biggest beneficiary of the Hunter addition and a revised role. Now it looks like he's completely regressed. He took the most shots last game and the second-most tonight. Bad shots, many of them. You're not good enough to be this selfish, dude.
  6. Marcus Carr's last two games: 7-20 3-14 This is a concern, man. Not just the bad percentage, but the volume. Beard has to get Carr to be less selfish or sit him down.
  7. I'd be happy to see Illinois as a 4 and us as a 1 in the same bracket. We'll send these kids home most of the time. A lot has gone wrong tonight and we still might steal this thing.
  8. Carr's had two bad shooting nights in a row. And he's taking selfish shots again. Beard needs to show him the stats from his first 5 games and last 2 and say this is what happens when you try to do too much. So frustrating.
  9. Good lord. What a shit possession and a rolled ankle.
  10. If y'all can't tell, call stands. Let's play ball already.
  11. Their coach looks like he short-changes Girl Scouts selling cookies.
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