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  1. When an aggy can say this to you and we all nod in agreement rather that pointing out the irony, man, do you need a new screen name. This one is fucking cooked.
  2. "I'm told by a team source that it's unlikely that either player will miss any time" is the least breaking news ever.
  3. "If the numbers implied by our COVID polling are correct, the vaccines killed more people worldwide than Jews killed in the Holocaust." I don't think the Jews killed anyone during the Holocaust, so this may accidentally be correct. But it's absolutely amazing what people will believe.
  4. And Michelle hangs her dark brown shoulders out in public like a whore, which is different from respectable, family values white shoulders out in public. Y'all see the difference, right? One of these women oughtta be ashamed of herself...
  5. LOL at there being any incompletions against Colorado State.
  6. Trying to drive redneck voter turnout by scaring them with a black person who isn't even in the race is peak Fox News.
  7. No, because that would infringe on Republicans' individual liberties. It's everybody else's individual liberties that don't count.
  8. Of course. Start with the conclusion and go looking for evidence that supports it. All contrary evidence is actually proof of cover-up or persecution. It's the "my religion is true" model.
  9. So, if the libtards let him walk (because clearly they control all courtrooms), it's a double standard and Trump was the victim of a political witch hunt. And if the libtards convict him, it's only to justify making Trump the victim of a political witch hunt. It kinda makes sense, if you're a fucking idiot.
  10. I only have medium money, and no power, but I play the guitar, so, yeah.
  11. Exactly. This is why I say this ultra right wing bullshit can become a problem even if Trump loses. I just think it goes to warp speed if he wins. It sure seems like the world is willingly, gleefully steaming full speed ahead toward another world war over fascism.
  12. This transcends race. I don't want my country to become that brown people place! These people are fucking dangerous, and their audience is growing. This is going to be a real problem if Trump wins again, and maybe even if he doesn't.
  13. Jared was in a lot of trouble, but he was still intelligently defending himself and trying to buy some time. Definitely an early stoppage.
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