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  1. It sure as hell ain't Calvin and Hobbes or The Far Side.
  2. I'll set the over/under on gigs of kiddie porn on Jesse Watters' personal laptop at 14.5. I'm fairly confident it'll be worse than that. Maybe a lot worse.
  3. Or what, you redneck Midnight-Oil-looking pussy?
  4. Republicans: Back the Blue! Party of Law and Order! All those minorities who want to defund the police are shitty Americans! Also Republicans: The FBI is corrupt and should be disbanded!
  5. Hannity: "Why didn't they just ask the man [Trump] what was in the boxes?" No shit. Some lawyer type: "We know they will manufacture evidence! They've done it before!" Now that is the kind of shit that's gonna get us into big time trouble. 40% of the country hears that and nods knowingly, and they're the heavily armed 40%.
  6. Watching Hannity interview Gingrich on Fox. Either they win the presidency in 2024, legitimately or by theft, or we're having a Civil War. I can't see any other outcomes from here. And I'm not even sure which one they want more.
  7. Seriously. Someone is going to get hurt over this, I'm afraid.
  8. My Republican friends are unanimous that Biden did this as a personal vendetta.
  9. Fox is railing about how this is a war and how the "National Security State" must be brought to heel and any Republican who isn't ready for that fight is unfit for duty. The Make America Great Again Movement, etc. I mean, this is really fucking sick.
  10. So, they must know, for a fact, that they have him. Right? You don't do this unless you're absolutely certain that you can either send him to prison, or disqualify him from running for office ever again, at the very least. Right?
  11. You're the evil. Disgusting, profiteering cunt.
  12. "Okay, but has the FBI raided Hunter Biden's laptop yet?" -- Fox News, probably
  13. I mean, I believe people can change. But some lines can't be uncrossed. You break a woman's face and I will never believe that you've become a good or even a decent person, ever. You ain't wired right and it ain't fixable. Fuck Joe Mixon and fuck ou, now and forever. Amen.
  14. I mean, that's pretty much what they're taught. The Allies were losing until Pearl Harbor, then we got involved and stormed the beach at Normandy, liberated France, and the Allies won. Nevermind that the Soviets lost something like 27 million young men, forced the Nazis back, and eventually took Berlin. There is no question that the Allies lose without the Soviets. And it's probably not even very close.
  15. Joe Mixon defending someone's character is like The Wolf of Wall Street defending someone's sales tactics. Fuck ou.
  16. Breaking: Pink Floyd co-founder and songwriter has political opinions and doesn't like war. To continue this story, please set DeLorean to 1967.
  17. Wordle 415 4/6 Fist pumped on that birdie putt as soon as I hit it, but no.
  18. Yeah, but Rogan's high AF and crazy, so.
  19. Two god damned hits? That's all we got?
  20. Only Donald Trump would immediately assume that the Purple Heart one his loyal subjects had just given him was probably a fake. And only a fool would give it to that draft-dodging con man.
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