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  1. If Tyrone Biggums were a pitcher, he'd have this guy's motion.
  2. That's what I'm fucking talking about right there.
  3. Maybe stop throwing the ball past your catcher?
  4. "He didn't even touch the plate" These are the fucking master of denial.
  5. God damn, this is delicious.
  7. Nice play! Eat some shit, aggy!!
  8. Oh, let's get the screen cap of that stereotypical aggy, pls...
  9. If he stays on his feet, he catches that.
  10. This is what happens when a meat judging school cares about baseball all of a sudden.
  11. Okay, put up a crooked number and let's have a really boring finish.
  12. Looks like a guy who's getting a pay bump and getting the fuck out of a shithole town.
  13. I wouldn't root for aggy against a team of Hitler Youth. PamIt'sthesamepicture.gif
  14. What in the actual fuck are you doing there, kid? Nice RBI swing, but god damn.
  15. You didn't win the College World Series? Good. Go fuck a goat.
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