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  1. You hope they go and smoke Georgia? Well, I hope Sofia Vergara knocks on my door and demands to pleasure me in every room of my home, and in every position and way I can think of, from now until New Year's, taking breaks only to cook amazing South American meats for me. Yeah, mine might be a little selfish, be at least it isn't completely impossible.
  2. Good god, really? UGA, as in the actual mascot, could beat FSU by more than 12.
  3. I raise... Wordle 899 4/6 ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ ⬜🟩🟩🟩⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  4. If this happens, this would have to be one of the highest rated games in a long time. That's the game the networks and advertises for sure wants. Texas/Michigan is a huge draw, too. Holy shit, are we actually gonna get some calls against Washington? That could be fun.
  5. Holy shit, aggy gets to lose their bowl to the team we just beat by 4 touchdowns, then watch us in the playoff?? Fuckin' A, man. Fuckin'. A.
  6. I think this is actually gonna be a hell of a game. Go Blue, since I'd rather see them a week later if we handle our business.
  7. Honestly, FSU got a little unlucky. LSU and Clemson were supposed to be resume wins for them. Not really the Noles fault that those teams lost multiple other games. And I hate that they basically lost thier spot on an injury. If they were at full strength, they pound Louisville the way we pounded Okie State, and it's Bama who's on the outside looking in. But, the fact remains that literally no one outside of their own fanbase thinks they could get within 21 of any of the four teams ahead of them. This is about putting the best 4 teams in, and FSU isn't one of them right now, and they don't have the resume to argue otherwise. I feel for them, but this playoff is better and more interesting with Bama. And this fiasco is the evidence that the expanded playoff is desperately needed. And FSU would be the 5 getting its ass kicked by the 12. See y'all next year, maybe....
  8. Wordle 898 4/6 ⬜🟨⬜🟨⬜ 🟨🟨🟩⬜⬜ 🟨🟩🟩🟩⬜ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  9. Yep, losing coaches to HC openings elsewhere means things are going very well here. I don't think Sark will have much difficulty filling this post, or any other that becomes available, with another badass. Good luck, Coach Choate!
  10. We buried my best friend and former roommate at UT earlier this year. He was wearing his favorite Longhorn t-shirt in the casket -- his daughter's idea. Hope you've got a good view from whatever's next, brother... And I will see the rest of y'all at NRG...
  11. Actual quote from texags: "So crazy how we had tu dead to rights and didn't stay vigilant about stopping them from joining." Right. We snuck into the SEC because Private Pyle Field fell asleep at his post, lmaoooooooooo.
  12. God damn, this could win the Pulitzer for photographic journalism. It tells the entire story.
  13. Are we sure if they'll want to be there or not...?
  14. This is honestly your best post ever on this site. It's slightly funny and not filled with demonstrably incorrect takes, bandwagon jumping, jinx casting, or any of your other typical buffoonery. There might be hope for you yet. Yeah, Penix is deceptively slow. Got it.
  15. Jesus, I know he's not exactly a dual threat guy, but I thought he could at least get loose sometimes. Okay, so blitz his ass into oblivion then.
  16. I was surprised to see this line, tbh. I think Washington is the least favorable matchup of the other three teams for us. If we don't get pressure on Penix, he can pick apart our shaky secondary. If we do get pressure on him, he might be able to scramble for big chunks. I honestly thought they might be favored by a point or two here. I guess people are looking at us scoring 57 and 49 and assuming that we can light up Washington's defense? Which could very well be right.
  17. Literal LOL at you realizing halfway through a word that you don't know how to spell it, but giving it the ol' agriculture college try instead of switching to an easier word.
  18. Right. We had some ups and downs, and some injuries, but here we are in crunch time playing our best football of the year. Everybody wants to give Bama credit for being better than they were three months ago. And that's fair, but so are we.
  19. Yeah, that was a real nail-biter. We were fortunate to pull it out by 27.
  20. Can somebody please explain to the "Alabama is better now than when Texas beat them" mouthbreathers that we won our last two games 106-28, both against bowl teams?
  21. Teams that would definitely beat FSU right now: Michigan Washington Texas Georgia Ohio State Oregon Penn State ou Mizzou LSU Notre Dame Iowa Maybe Oklahoma State and a few others, but there are 12 above, and I don't see how any of them are arguable. FSU is abysmal right now. Yeah, yeah, tough injury, but we lost Brooks and we can still boat race a team ranked in the teens. So Florida State doesn't even deserve to be in the future 12-team format, much less the current 4-team format.
  22. I really don't think this FSU team, with this QB, would win the SWAC.
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