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  1. The former. She has said her stepkids call her "mom-a-la", because it rhymes.
  2. I don't care that Kid Rock assumed an inauthentic persona when he started releasing music, but I do care that his music sucks ass.
  3. I'm not sure how she'd spin it, but if Kamala doesn't make "more cushion for the pushin'" one of her catchphrases, I'm going to be very disappointed.
  4. I just noticed something. She needs the star makeup, but it's a little close . . .
  5. That reminds me, the Dodgers were in town our first weekend in SF. Holy crap, I have never seen that strong an influx of fans pimping jerseys of the visiting team. Is this a recent hangover effect from the 2020 WS championship, or do Dodgers fans always invade SF when they play?
  6. You need a new kit. You know you do.
  7. Yeah, I used to by and sell Zildjians for pocket money through ebay/craigslist, before the latter shit the bed. I had to weigh every cymbal and man they were all over the map. Good profit margins, though, I could often (for instance) grab a set of New Beats for $80 and sell 'em for $175 or some such. It was kind of a "thrill of the hunt" thing, and then I got bored.
  8. Eh, coaching matters too. You might be right, they might get by on established momentum, and they definitely have talent, but the man at the top matters, even in year 1.
  9. My friend who is a pro hard rock drummer out of LA plays Paiste 2002 cymbals. Swears by them. I think he has an endorsement deal, though, so that might sway one's opinion.
  10. #19 feels a little low, but #5 for A&M is nuts. That coaching swap raises huge question marks, and it included their outstanding pitching coach. 7 guys drafted . . . I'm not seeing it.
  11. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here . . .
  12. They're about to sign a record deal. At that point she's going to be angling for endorsements. I doubt she'll be able to land a cymbal deal, most likely it will be sticks, heads, etc. So, she's going to likely be looking because her current cymbals (mostly Zildjian A models) have taken a bit of a beating over time. I'll talk to her when she gets off the road in a few weeks. Thanks.
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