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  1. OK, not my friend's family. They have two sons. I realize the odds were low but they seemingly get a whole lot higher when it's the same street.
  2. Did they reveal the names of the two victims in Circle C? I just realized a close friend lives on that street. I'm sure he's not involved, but it's still unsettling, and he's off the radar when he's at work so I can't ping him until tonight.
  3. I caught them at Moody Theater in 2022 -- absolutely fantastic.
  4. Yeah, he is a wizard. Almost under the radar, even in Austin, which makes no sense whatsoever.
  5. OK, that's hysterical. One of the main things one should consider when designing for sound and vibration control is the wavelength(s) involved. At low frequencies, wavelengths in air are very long. For a low "E" on a bass guitar, that wavelength is ~ 8 meters (26 feet). That sound ain't gonna "fit" in a 3 inch PVC pipe. It's nonsensical. Way to go, Aggie "engineers". For fuck's sake.
  6. My cousin is pretty high up in Army brass -- he's a Colonel who is a West Point grad and Ranger and who has commanded battalions as well as been assistant AD for Army athletics. I asked him about A&M and he just snorted. He had much more praise for the Citadel (which makes sense).
  7. 1. Make provocative and demonstrably untrue statement. 2. Receive pushback. 3. Refuse to provide detailed support for provocative and demonstrably untrue statement, because "uninterested". 4. Deflect any further pushback with bloated verbiage that means nothing to anyone, then sit back and smugly know you owned the libs. 5. Lather, rinse, repeat. What a life of the party.
  8. Any idea of televised games? My coworker's kid plays OL for Mines. I assume only the title game will be shown (if that)?
  9. LOL. It's trivially easy.
  10. PSA for Austin folks: I took my G&L semi-hollow Tele into Austin Vintage Guitars yesterday to see if I could get a more reliable output jack. Kevin McKinney (Soulhat) was working on an old Guild but talked to me about it for a few minutes. Then one of the other guys wandered up, asked what the issue was, took a look, figured out that the lock washer on the back side of the jack (via the switch plate) had come loose, and fixed it all up. No new parts needed, no charge for almost 30 minutes of labor. I felt bad so I bought a t-shirt. Good dudes over there.
  11. Caliber, clip, magazine. Owned.
  12. That's the former Reagan HS. Used to be a fairly "dicey" (read: black) neighborhood. More mixed now.
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