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  1. And then they'll argue about whether Tony is dead. Oh, wait. Wrong thread.
  2. Usually, if the recipe calls for 2 cloves of garlic, I go with 3 or 4, just to be on the safe side.
  3. While the obvious answer is to see if the guy would wake up, it reminded me of this single, repeated piano key strike from some suspense or horror movie. Maybe Hitchcock, but I think it's something else. There's some very Hitchcockian music when he's sneaking past the guy on the stairs. I think his striking that piano key was as much used to add tension to the very suspenseful scene given that we saw the police car at the end of the last episode. So in the viewer's mind, Saul may be caught doing this. Although if we've learned anything, those final scenes first often are used as a head fake. edit. The single-note piano bit I was remembering was The Firm. No relationship to BCS, but used well in both.
  4. Yep yep yep is Surly motto worthy.
  5. Yep yep yep! That was fantastic start to finish.
  6. Resurrecting this thread. Easy "artisan" bread.
  7. Damned fine humblebrag, sir. But private ramp or not, stay away from those loons.
  8. It looks pretty badass in the pictures above. And maybe it's just the boat ramps I end up using in the eastern block of our state, but stay away from those dudes at the boat ramp. Nod, smile, and GTFO.
  9. The kid pays for his own gas and Venmo's me $150 each month for part of his insurance bill. The grumbling noises he makes when he does so tell me he's learning.
  10. dcbc


    You're in Texas, flying to a place where it's legal. Why are you traveling with it?
  11. Not if we stay in his baffles, SEA-man Beaumont. Not if we stay in his baffles.
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