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  1. A little credit. Used car salesmen serve a purpose.
  2. I think that's how much it ran me last time for a 3 month supply.
  3. I just rolled into Exile. Just tremendous from playing to production. Everyting from 1968--1972 from them is next level by any standard of that time period or this one. I once said that if anyone released anything approaching Full Moon Fever today, it would blow people's minds. But even though it was tremendous, even in its time, there were a lot of good albums back then, and we were used to it. Looking at it restrospectively, really makes me appreciate how good the overall level of music was in the 20th century.
  4. It was perfect up until that "We're back!" thing was uttered and stuck to us like a dog turd from the wet grass on a lawnmower tire. Oddly specific, I know.
  5. Up until this moment, I've always placed it second to Let it Bleed. But I'm so close to flipping those two. So close for me.
  6. I've got Sticky Fingers on the HiFi right now. We as a people didn't deserve the Rolling Stones. But I'm sure we all got to live in the time of said Rolling Stones. I tend to forget how damned special Wild Horses is.
  7. As for the tailpiece, my only experience with the trapeze tailpiece is on my 1970 335, and it's been no issue as far as tone goes. I know some people don't love them, but I've not really noticed it. Back on topic, my failed Epiphone Casino experiment. It sure was pretty, but . . . All in with the hard case, I only paid $500. used Sold it to Chicago Music Exchange when it sat a while on Reverb for a little less. Worth it to know I didn't need to chase that model.
  8. Holy hell, I can get an American VIntage strat for $1,300 less that a Casino?
  9. Avatar checks out. The original Bad News Bears is the greatest sports movie of all time.
  10. No way I'm paying 200 pounds for Chicken Shock.
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