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  1. When it's too hot outside to actively hunt squirrels.
  2. dcbc

    Longhorn Network

    Streaming for all? This is how it should have been done from the beginning. I'm up for a rerun of a really old game from time to time. I'll download it if it's free.
  3. I checked under the couch cushions. And, nope. No FTG.
  4. This is correct, but some people have incredibly short memories, voted for Biden in 2020, and somehow identify as undecided. I wouldn't call them the brightest. But I'm told they're out there.
  5. Last one for a while. De Buyer Pro 9.5" omelette pan. /That's the darkest season I've ever gotten from one round in the oven. It looks like teflon, but that's iron.
  6. Rocking a Lodge 5.5qt, which Lodge sent me as a replacement for the one that chipped after 8 years. All, in, I'm in for $60. Le Creuset surely is head and shoulders better. But I love a deal, and this thing has been a workhorse.
  7. Crap. I bought another omelette pan yesterday. I'm running out of room (poor)
  8. That's a big file and it zooms in. Point wasn't rotated. It's okay. Good sandwich stuff. And you are appropriately not sweating it. I've definitely done the same thing for the same reason (and worse).
  9. Mauviel M'Cook, 5-ply stainless for 53% off through their eBay store. It's a little lighter than the Cuisinart FC, but it's a nice size and 2.6mm thick. /dog hairs on the cooktop ftw.
  10. I switched my notification settings to receive an email if someone responded to a "for sale" ad I have, and I'm not getting 10 emails per day about Surly threads I didn't realized I had followed. The following part probably happened by accident through TAPA. I started unfollowing threads before finally getting sick of the process. Is there a way to unfollow everything and start over in a few clicks?
  11. I could pick at things here and there too, but that doesn't do me or anyone else any good. I was there for the best of it in the 90s, and I'm still in it for the overall good time I've had while I'm at the shows. LOL at "doesn't have the chops." Yeah, he's older just like we are and some of the speed is gone, but he's not in Dead & Co. territory just yet. The dude still can flat out rip it. And I'll reiterate, I was there in the 90s too. So I understand the generality of where you're coming from. Nonetheless, the second set from the 4th night at the Sphere melted my face enough to get me back to see them again in the future. I'll watch clips on youtube, but I don't couch tour. That's not the experience.
  12. While nothing will top the 90s shows for me, you really need to get back out there. They're doing some great things these days.
  13. I don't know if there's an appropriate emoji for that. I was at the two Shoreline shows right before the hiatus. They were great shows, but the ending was funerary and left us all with kind of an empty feeling. I had no desire to repeat that. And I know that has nothing to do with the many reasons Coventry was so awful. But it was enough for me to decide that I was okay with the two 2003 Alpine shows being my last if it really was over. Narrator: It wasn't over.
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