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  1. Yep, this one is really good. Makes this feature really good.
  2. I don’t know but this thread made me realize i needed to re-subscribe to treefiddy.
  3. 100% this, we go to other stadiums and hear the whole crowd chant with “and that’s another XXXX FIRST DOWN” so we decide to copy it with that weird shit? Stupid.
  4. I was convinced when they did the “we like round numbers…” thing they were going to say it.
  5. I ordered a new one, but i am the kind of person to get the latest gadget every year. It does look like demand is high. https://www.reuters.com/technology/apple-iphone-15-pro-pro-max-deliveries-delayed-china-bloomberg-news-2023-09-15/
  6. It looked like some areas of the field were still intentionally lit up. I wish i had got a picture but around the 50 on both sidelines had an area with more light.
  7. Why are the PAC lawyers arguing AGAINST the WSU/OSU request? I would have thought they agreed with it.
  8. On one hand why is Jones still in the game while it is pouring rain, on the othe they may be trying to get him hurt so they have an excuse to not start him.
  9. Can’t even say i am surprised to hear that from them.
  10. The waysider for breakfast. Pretty good
  11. S2E9 may be the best episode of the series.
  12. I wonder what happens when enough surly posters get on the same flight together? I think there are only two direct AUS-BHM flights tomorrow one on United and one on American.
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