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  1. How much venting do you have for those BTUs? It will be a large hood, it is going to have a dual blower that can do up to 1100 CFM.
  2. A few things. The Thermador had the largest oven in the range/stove top combos we saw at 5.7 cu. ft. Rather then 2 ovens of the same size we wanted one really large oven and then the smaller steam oven. BTUs - the wolf 6 burners were 1 - 9k, 2- 15k, 2 -18k and 1 - 20k. The Thermador is 2 - 12.5k. 1 - 15k, 2 - 18k, 1 - 22k. More BTUs = more Power
  3. We currently have a Wolf, but are going with a Thermador for this remodel. I think those two are about on the same level. We ordered a version that has both a large convention oven and a smaller steam oven. The Wolf has worked great and no issues.
  4. Good to hear. We're working with an architect to remodel our mountain house and I've been kicking that one back and forth. I love gas, but the trend seems to be moving towards induction. We'll likely go gas, though. We are redoing the kitchen in our home and have settled on a gas range with a griddle (we have propane currently). We looked hard at induction but in the end I love to cook on the gas product more.
  5. I think this one is confirmed based on the date in the last title card. I guess they could jump twice .
  6. Lol - where to start….. they strapped her to a rocket…lol Yeah - about that
  7. Given the title of the episode I am also going to assume Kelly and the baby stay behind on Mars (and that is one way they make room for people).
  8. I am with you. Guesses on the cliff hanger for next season? I am going to go with explosion at NASA HQ is the final scene.
  9. Clearly he was crammed into a what we thought was a non-human rocket, on what was likely a one way trip. He also has somehow survived for ~6 months on mars with just whatever he brought with him?
  10. I am quoting myself since episode 10 drops tonight and is titled “stranger in a strange land”.
  11. Haha - I just got the same thing. Looked in the app and tickets are all loaded now.
  12. Yeah, mine is showing a slight decrease as well. That is cool.
  13. Those are pretty cool. https://nypost.com/2022/08/02/what-is-the-r9x-hellfire-the-precision-ninja-bomb-that-killed-al-zawahiri/
  14. I still enjoy the show but these comments are spot on. The Danny storyline has just gotten stupid now, the idea of letting the stoned guy stay on duty and not tossing his bunk for drugs is lunacy. It’s insulting the writers let that happen. And they are setting us up for a Martian baby it looks like. Maybe we will go all stranger in a strange land and only the baby survives.
  15. hornbri


    I just got another recommendation for China Family from a friend. I do think word is spreading.
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