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  1. I think Travis use must already be much lower. I have noticed increased traffic on LBJ compared to previous years and figured it was a shift.
  2. They are going to let him play?
  3. Pretty much this, if you allowed tacos clearly tacos would win. So let’s just leave them out.
  4. Which day is our regional starting?
  5. Aggy is already doing it because of how the 12th man is set up. This actually helps us be on the same page.
  6. CDC almost has this thing over the line. It’s a pretty big deal.
  7. I will step up for the pain. We went last April and I thought it was a great experience, our two kids 6 and 9 loved it. The actors were running in tune, the hotel was full of people. It is much more geared for young kids. The interactions with the actors played into that. But even if you decide to pay 6k for something like this, i don’t see why you would do it more then once. They would need to change all the story lines and to some extent the “sets”. I am guessing when they were going to need get the cost down 50% and to do that was going to be to expensive.
  8. This is going to be a fun one to be at.
  9. So jealous. I think this might be one of the most beautiful places in the world.
  10. Headed to Wynn tomorrow, just a 2 night mid week solo trip for gambling hijinks.
  11. Just picked this up for Family board game night this weekend. Kids are 8 and 11, box says 10+ so the 8 year old may need to play with Dad the first time but she picks up games pretty quick.
  12. hornbri

    Sonos thread

    I am going to upgrade mine to Era 300s after we finish our remodel. I have a friend who just did and for surround sound they make a huge difference. For music listening he did not find it as big a difference.
  13. The wires run through the hollow back leg of the Tri-pod.
  14. The NYTimes with a story on Downtown SF. It is clear there are issues in that area. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/04/30/us/san-francisco-whole-foods-crime-economy.html?unlocked_article_code=hmmUYlPSXZZixY7tRXIhPFR01xgS8AaT1FVZvQHdL7tMzP7ZFfJvqNC5DnadVD8u4Q5JIcZsRPPoLhjpnih0F9s6nuG7K5m0KlhAPgk-CV8ltJMZets6q1fSFrfbwFHoBuLN51K9Mg0VAMfhbHhai4yhGFxyf13Fg-0HojSgjLWKnwTNk8_OORfC5HFaS4JE_orA4uqOiBfzdlWtL18_mvggvddyDdW3lubRAXKlT7tA-vbtwB_uo6qd9mVvJLJxrrHovy9Ij1LuRdiVHEE6Lpad6c0_Pf04QKsWXMrNxCJQxT7aJVF9LJmL59UlMhoy-qYQnS3iH_w_Iy3Ngiyg615I8qQi9YAfUoPy50s&smid=nytcore-ios-share&referringSource=articleShare
  15. I went last week. That is the correct price, but you can add in wine parings and get it up there pretty quick. BTW - I thought it was worth the price.
  16. I am not sure what bubble you live in but acknowledging that population levels in parts of the world are declining, understating what those reasons are, and how we can offset them through things like AI is the whole fucking point of the thread. I never called it a crisis (and the thread title doesn’t call it a crisis). And how did you call it a “fucking joke” and then right away say “We are were we because lots of straight people stopped having kids” so yes there is some population issue?
  17. I don’t see it as a comment about there being more than before. It is as you say the social climate has changed. As society becomes more tolerant and accepting of LGBTQ, more people will feel free to live that lifestyle and not pressured into a traditional relationship with kids in their 20s. In a thread about population decline it seems like a valid point and one we should acknowledge. The question would be how can we ensure those couples are able to reproduce (via donor or other) at the same rate as a heterosexual couple.
  18. Yeah I am doing the same math. The Amex Blue is 3% on all groceries, this one 1.5% with a bonus of 5% on HEB branded. I think for us the Amex blue is still going to be better. Had it been 5% on all HEB purchases we would just get both I guess and use the Amex Blue on WFs and TJs.
  19. I just saw JSX is starting non stop flights from Austin to Las Vegas May 11th. that is pretty awesome
  20. Matalas did a AMA on Reddit yesterday. https://www.reddit.com/r/television/comments/12u907s/im_terry_matalas_showrunner_and_executive/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=1&utm_term=1
  21. Nice wrap up of everyone, I really hope Legacy goes into production.
  22. We are just going to stay in Birmingham and do the stupid drive after the game.
  23. So maybe he didn’t commit this murder. Can he still tried for the other rapes?
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