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  1. All the right-wingers are proponents of these God-given rights. But when even the most hardened batshit crazy gun-loving MAGA sees this guy walking into his HEB, he's not saying, "Hey, it's one of those good guys with a gun!" No, he's pissing his pants and running to hide in the gluten free section.
  2. Not a bad hire for Oregon State, but that job has got to be a tough sell right now with the program looking like it's entering into the college wastelands. Hope they saddle up with a somewhat decent conference soon.
  3. Based on my reading of the CFP rankings, if Texas wins on Saturday, and Georgia, Michigan, Washington, Florida State, Oregon, and Ohio State all lose, then I think we’re in.
  4. Guys, guys, it’s pronounced Lewis-ville.
  5. Derka claimed that Belloq was going to be a better archeologist than Indiana Jones.
  6. Mike Elko is a fat version of R.C. Slocum. And I'm not saying the R.C. Slocum who managed to get double-digit wins in a Southwest Conference that was circling the drain. I mean the "no frills guy" who was plunged into mediocrity by a more competitive Big XII conference.
  7. Diana Ross never served on the Supreme Court.
  8. Pretty sure this kid is the reason his parents divorced.
  9. How does the Big XII determine who is the home team for the conference championship game? We have the better record, as we did in the 2005 and 2009 Big XII title games, and we wore all whites in those games. I figured that's how the uniform choice was made, but I'm too lazy to research that issue.
  10. That would require way too much work for this Iowa offensive staff.
  11. Not bad. But I'm a big protein guy, so it could use some bacon or canned chicken.
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