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  1. Mine is 16 and thankfully she’s been pretty drama-free for her teen years. I don’t know a more chill kid. Which probably means her little brother is going to be a shit in a couple years.
  2. Sounds like a job for @GhostOfTomJoad.
  3. The one thing I remember about Coach G is that I saw her at Shady Grove shortly as she was hired and I thought to myself that she had a pretty fantastic ass. I mean, an outstanding ass.
  4. Not in Texas. But my mom’s from Minnesota and she grew up on homemade apple butter. I ate it a lot as a kid and loved it. I haven’t had it as much in my adult life as a Texan, but you can find it at HEB (when open, which is, like, never).
  5. If you’ve got the notion, I second that emotion.
  6. Dbeasy for next Texas basketball corch. CDC hires him, and makes him sit in the locker room for every game.
  7. It’s also the name of my garage funk band.
  8. If you’re going to murder somebody, (1) Don’t tell say the day on which you’ll commit the murder, and (2) Don’t post about your plans on a message board. That’s how Lee Harvey Oswald got caught.
  9. But that was before she saw the light and became a born again MAGA. Have YOU accepted Donald Trump as your Lord and personal savior?
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