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  1. We talking’ ‘bout rain.
  2. Can we please stop with this and just send some thoughts and prayers?
  3. This was good. Never seen before.
  4. The movie where Morgan Freeman and those three white kids went to go find a dead body.
  5. Today we all learned that texafornia is only 13 years old.
  6. Indeed. I forgot how sneaky that California sun can get and didn’t wear sunscreen today. My face is showing it.
  7. No Swan’s, but going to try to get in at Sotto Mare today for my last meal of the trip. Staying just down the hill from there.
  8. I’m in San Francisco this weekend, one of the major cities that went on über lockdown for quite a while, and very few fucks are given right now. More masks than I saw in New York City a few weeks ago, but still a small minority.
  9. Not here with a kiddo, but with my girlfriend. I love the seafood in this town. The fried platter at Scoma’s and zuppa di pesce at Bella Trattoria. Oh, and it’s not a billion degrees here.
  10. They aren’t Rebels. Rebels destroyed the Death Star. Twice. They’re Traitors. And they’re also Losers. They got their asses kicked. Not sure where the pride comes from.
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