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  1. HEB brand corn chips go hard in the paint.
  2. Bucky seems to have been mailing it in for a few years. He’s not even that funny anymore and sounds so much less enthused to be on the air these days. And he has an annoying habit of constantly interrupting Erin in the middle of an interesting point of conversation with a tangent that has the insight of a 12-year-old.
  3. No blasturnace, legal weed, politics that aren’t batshit crazy, and views like this. It’s going to suck stepping off that plane in Austin on Friday afternoon.
  4. @Chad Fuck, Ray told me to tell you hi and that he’ll see you in October.
  5. Saw him at Austin Food & Wine Festival a few years ago. He’s a huge douche bag.
  6. We know. Your wife has told us.
  7. I’ll be among those like Brisket getting an annual strain-specific COVID shot (like my annual flu shot) if and when we get there. But we’re not there, and the current vaccine in large part seems wildly ineffective in preventing the latest variants. And the last two shots knocked my on my ass, and I’m not up for feeling that way again if the current booster may not do shit against Omicron.
  8. We Own This Sity?
  9. Same here. I’m a trial lawyer by trade, but I handle a lot of my own appeals, and I love researching and drafting for an appellate brief. And my arguments before the Fifth Circuit are some of the best experiences in my legal career, well beyond most trial proceedings. I’ve thought that if I could start over I’d clerk for a federal appellate judge out of law school and have a full-time appellate practice. I sort of like the practice of law. But I still love the law.
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