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  1. Every single time a player has an ACL injury on any team. 1. Player walks off the field/court. 2. Random fan: "surely this is a good sign" 3. Random fan #2: ""FWIW i walked off when i tore my ACL 30 years ago" Like clockwork
  2. Oh that’s it? Carry on.
  3. On one hand I feel bad because so many people like this guy have had their lives ruined if not lost their life altogether due to Fox News, orange conman, etc. If i was a family member i'd sue. On the other hand.... .
  4. Aight now just cancel 10k of my student loans and we golden, Joe.
  5. Yes. Not that there's much of a difference between a high 3 star and low 4 star.
  6. did 2 of yall really create commitment threads based on a player tweeting hookem?
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