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  1. "I'm not going to be shocked if he doesn't go to Texas..." Does that mean we're getting him now?
  2. Congrats, Coach! Hope you're able to stick around for the next five-six weeks though.
  3. Things might have been different if Seminoles looked at least decent last night but nope... they looked like absolute crap.
  4. Just a refresher of last years schedule I love that we're a night game this year.
  5. We're playing either Alabama or Michigan in the championship game! This is going to be so amazing. And we've already got tape & prep for Alabama.
  6. ABC died for me n/m back up now Big thunder in RR, not sure if game or weather... remote control battery died
  7. Shoot, what sort of low-carb dinner masterpieces are you making after 12 hours of Football?
  8. Starting to plan my dinner Either freshly made jalapeno poppers or frozen pizza or taco salad
  9. It's either this or go to bed or watch the last couple episodes of season 8 of The Blacklist. Which I'll probably end up doing anyways after the game is over.
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