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  1. I'm basically still new to NCAA Football but some of these "Football Fanbase" numbers surprised me. Did Syracuse used to be a relevant Football school? I know them more for Basketball. I just checked Google... there are only ~5 million people living in the state of Wisconsin. I knew Penn St was famous for Football but didn't realize their fan base was THAT large.
  2. I guess that's pretty typical(?) but didn't the Colts have three active last year?
  3. Sam's having a nice preseason game so far. Anyone think he might do enough over the next few weeks to be the #2 this year? e
  4. I wasn't really watching but had the TV on while I was using #9 oil & cleaner on some stuff on the garage workbench. Heard lil'Jordan's name called out by the broadcasters *multiple* times. Does anyone know if his one year deal with New England is guaranteed or just a tryout kinda deal? I was thinking about him when the Cowboys started having WR depth issues recently.
  5. I want that hat edit: nice! https://www.laststandhats.com/products/university-of-texas-all-gas-no-brakes-dad-hat-1
  6. Btw yes I absolutely hope he commits with us. I'm just saying that if it doesn't happen, we have lots of time to change his mind.
  7. Why worry so much about Gullette. He can't play next year, right? So... even if we lose the race this year, we have a whole next year to flip him before he ever plays a snap. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I think we're already pretty much locked into at least a top ~15 class even if we don't sign anyone else this year??? That's pretty damn good for a second year coach coming off a 5-7 first year record.
  8. Why spend $$$ this year when you can spend $$$ next year with your cool new Head Coach firing up that team.
  9. Damn, we are recruiting WELL for having gone 5-7 last year. Can you imagine how kick ass we'll be recruiting when we go 7-5 or better and a bowl game win next year. Hook 'em I used a purple border because A&M is #41 after Hill.
  10. I've got another dumb question. I just added the sports package to my SlingTV and that comes with Longhorn Network. So far, I've watched small bits of a Longhorns vs A&M and two Longhorns vs Nebraska that were the same game in a 2-3 day period. Does Longhorn Network ever play a game where the Horns lose? Or is every single game going to be a win? It's more fun when I know we'll lose once in awhile and I dont know the outcome while watching the game. ps. Fuck Direct TV & Time Warner for when they used to (maybe still do?) tell you the winner of the game in the Programming Guide show description. Big FU to ruining those games before I could even watch 'em. That was for other channels though. Not Longhorn Network which I'm not super familiar with because I rarely pay for TV.
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