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  1. Sometimes, a decade of American politics can be summarized in a single photo.
  2. This would be career ending for both Trump and Johnson at anytime in history prior to 2015.
  3. I've worked for some companies that completely refused to acknowledge pride and some companies in the same industry that deck out the main lobby in rainbows. It may be pandering, but one feels a hell of a lot better than the other.
  4. I know nothing about this man or his sources, but anyone who uses their actual name as a message board handle is certifiably insane.
  5. Just to be safe, let's not schedule any away games in San Antonio for a while.
  6. We were 15-10 from 4/30-5/26 when he was in Florida. Quick math tells me that would make us 12 games under .500 when he's on the roster.
  7. Just want to point out the absurdity of this whole situation where our official team account is pimping the backup 1B for the All-Star Game.
  8. Planes would need to be looking out for pigs in the sky, for a start.
  9. It’s almost unbelievable that our one big, obvious hole coming into the season was middle relief, we fell ass-backward into two dudes (Martinez and Scott) who are performing that role at near all-star levels, and we are STILL this bad.
  10. Genuine ignorance here ... are there a significant number of University positions still working remotely?
  11. Thread is an eye-opening reminder of how the January 6 narrative has shifted.
  12. This argument makes sense for some districts, but this is one of the least educated districts (literally bottom 5%) in the entire country. It's basically West Virginia with an Ohio zip code.
  13. As an avid Survivor fan.... (But yes, hilarious listen.)
  14. He'll never say it out loud, but you know a little bit of Donnie Jr. dies every single time he reads a statement like that from Biden.
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