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  1. If we were a decent people there’d be an angry mob dragging Paxton out of his house right now and giving him the ol’ Gaddafi.
  2. Few people on earth truly deserve to burn in hell for eternity, but Ken Paxton is one of them.
  3. I don't think anything I said could be reasonably read as trying to wipe away that spectrum. The point of my comments wasn't on where Hamas falls on that spectrum, but on the disregard for the humanity of Palestinian people based on acts carried out by Hamas. I do think it's wrong to say that US leadership during Vietnam did not direct or sanction atrocities. Kissinger himself micromanaged bombings in Cambodia and Laos himself and often picked civilian villages with no enemy combatants as targets, pretty much for shits and giggles. He really fucking loved being the one making those decisions. We, and the IDF, have often not clearly been morally better than our enemies. Those instances when we've failed to be result from exactly the reactive, emotional mindset I cautioned against in my prior post. When we are better, it's not because of some innate goodness that others simply lack the capacity for, but because we listen to that caution (and have built protocols and institutions that require us to do so) and don't give in to our emotional need for revenge.
  4. Somewhere someone online is typing up an incredibly similar post about all of the dead children Israel has bombed and ranting about how peace with Israel is not possible because they're inhuman monsters. This is not to defend Hamas or downplay the horrors of what they did on 10/7 or the horrors they've inflicted upon the Palestinian people for whom they're supposedly responsible. It's a fact of war. Humans have and will always inflict what seems like unimaginable cruelty on others during war. Hamas isn't unique in that regard and they're certainly not worse than the nazis were (saying that they are arguably gets pretty close to a form of holocaust denial). You can read similar stories about atrocities committed by Israeli soldiers against Palestinans, by Japanese soldiers against Koreans and Chinese in WW2, by American soldiers against Vietnamese people, hell by American police against American children. Every person on this planet from every ethnic and religious background is capable of doing great good and of committing horrible acts. That's the human condition. Every person on this planet has the urge you're demonstrating here: to excuse cruelty against innocent people because of the perceived inhumanity of the enemy. That only results in more cruelty in response. There's an unfortunate calculus involved when determining the "collateral damage" that is morally "acceptable" to inflict when going after a group like Hamas or ISIS who needs to be destroyed by military force. It's not possible to do that without killing innocent people too. But when you start thinking "fuck it, it doesn't matter how many innocent people I kill because they started it so it's entirely their fault" you take a big fucking step down the road to becoming as bad as them. How do you think they got to thinking the same about Israeli civilians?
  5. Incredible. The Knowledge Fight episodes will be must listens.
  6. Don't worry, your impression of the morality of the people associated with the new fake scam school is still 100% accurate.
  7. Can't argue with you there.
  8. You really do not, under any circumstances, gotta hand it to the Nazis.
  9. I have never hit the neg button faster.
  10. They harassed at least one of the moms that made them look bad by going in after her kid while they waited outside for weeks at least. You can bet your ass they'd beat the shit out of (at the very least) anyone who called them a coward.
  11. Same here, but it will happen to some, because there's a lot of stupid people in this country. Many people who ended up joining the alt-right really entered their political lives as supporters of the occupy Wall Street movement, then became disillusioned when that fizzled out. Most people's politics, but especially young people's, are more incoherent and therefore more malleable than I think we really understand. There is some number of people who lean left right now who will get frustrated with what they feel are social pressures against them voicing a reasonable opinion (e.g. "it's pretty fucked up how many children Israel is killing right now and I wish they wouldn't") and end up falling for the far-right explanation for why that is (a Jewish conspiracy). You can see a similar spiral from many older feminists (especially in the UK) who objected to growing social acceptance of trans people and have ended up organizing with "mens rights" activists and actual nazis.
  12. About that: She certainly could've framed her answer better, but saying anything other than some variation of "it depends" would probably not have been true.
  13. When you express your "anti-Israel" view by harassing and vandalizing Jewish delis, etc., that's being anti-Semitic. There has been some of that, though I certainly don't think it's most of the people protesting Israel. But conflating Jews with the State of Israel is absolutely anti-Semitic and easy for leftists to lapse into. Of course, it doesn't fucking help when the House is passing resolutions saying anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism and so much of American culture generally pushes that idea. I mentioned in this thread when the war started, but it's really kind of shocking how much more frank discussion there is in Israeli media right now than in American media. They're the ones that were just brutally attacked and they're the ones in the midst of a war, so one would think they'd be the ones more under the wartime fervor, and many certainly are. But there's plenty of opposition to how Israel is conducting the war and to the expansion of Jewish settlements in Israeli media, while expressing those views here has and would cost many Americans (including many Jews) their jobs. What really sucks is that I think this climate is likely going to push many people who currently identify as leftists to the far right, because there's no accepted "legitimate" way right now to express those views.
  14. There is absolutely a problem with anti-Semitism on the left, but it's not remotely similar to right-wing anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitic leftists are unknown college students, not congressional representatives and senators and other influential political activists with actual influence and often real power. Anti-Semitism doesn't fundamentally undergird modern progressive ideology the same way it does modern conservative ideology. The biggest danger leftist anti-Semitism poses to Jews is its ability to push people from the left to the right, because it can help the right gain more political power. The biggest danger right anti-Semitism poses to Jews is another Holocaust.
  15. In Nixon's defense, he was extremely drunk pretty much his entire presidency.
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