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  1. The guy who makes kill lists for Atomwaffen is basically running Twitter moderation now. Totally neutral shit.
  2. One actually interesting thing worth noting about this story: If I had to bet, I'd say this is likely just sloppy reporting from Taibbi and he conflated the White House with Trump's campaign. Of course, I'm pretty sure Trump had White House officials illegally working on his campaign as well, so easy mistake to make. And even if some moderation requests came from the White House, that wouldn't necessarily make them improper, absent a threat of some sort of official action for noncompliance. Though we know Trump used his office to punish people who didn't support him (see taking a DOD contract away from Blue Origin to punish Bezos for WaPo's reporting), so I think it's much more reasonable to assume that any request from Trump's people came with a threat attached than it would be to assume the same from Biden's campaign or any other candidate.
  3. It’s weird how many people still don’t recognize an obvious fascist when they see one. He couldn’t be any more obvious unless he started wearing an armband with a swastika on it. Fatty would gladly vote to exterminate a billion people.
  4. Guys we've had this conversation with him before. He doesn't care, because his feelings (hatred of poor people) are all that matter to him.
  5. Anyone who thinks there’s anything scandalous here (aside from Matt Taibbi’s breaches of journalistic ethics) probably gets a headache whenever they try to calculate a tip at a restaurant.
  6. You can tell this is less than nothing because none of the usual suspects are here posting about how horrible it all is.
  7. This makes their Uranium One fake scandal look earth shattering by comparison.
  8. Plenty of us have had this discussion with him before, but unfortunately he refuses to be persuaded by unimportant things like the actual facts.
  9. Mearsheimer refusing to discuss this in his second Chotiner interview was pretty telling.
  10. This kind of shit, coming right on the heels of most pundits on the right finally coming around to openly supporting anti-LGBTQ terrorism, is, uh, not great.
  11. You guys are forgetting what’s most important though, which is how much this owns us, the random people on the internet that Ana hates.
  12. Ana’s erection from this is going to last longer than four hours.
  13. My guess is there's some moderate Dems in the caucus who don't want to vote for more because they're getting money from the railroads.
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