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  1. We need someone who can make 50,000 burnt orange TEXAS LONGHORNS 2023 SEC CHAMPIONS shirts asap
  2. Like some kind of farm peasant? No thanks.
  3. Looks like he stole the my pillow guy's remaining inventory
  4. Introducing your new representative from New York, George Santopopalopadis
  5. Explain how this is different than the other half a dozen Elon looks like a lesbian bartender posts? It looks like Elon with slightly baggier cheeks. And nobody should ever defend Roseanne ffs ( for fucks sake), also I don't know what SNS means in this context.
  6. The cybertruck looks like it was designed using an erector set wrapped in aluminum foil.
  7. Just went on Twitter and before I even realized what was happening saw someone get shot 11 times by a cop and fall to the ground dead. Because it keeps defaulting to the “for you” section and twitter decided I needed to see some page called cctv shootings that shows people being shot with no warning. Real good job there, Elon, you piece of shit.
  8. My bad I used your post to make the point now how parents these days say kids first and then don’t teach them how to not take more than their fair share. It’s shitty for adults to do it, it’s even shittier to let kids do it with no parenting and who then more often that not waste it as well.
  9. Shitty kids/parents. My only thing I interject at extended family meals is that kids/anyone doesn't get to load up on a couple items. Some parents don't think they have to tell their kids that. Never really had to tell adults that though. My nephews once took huge plates of chicken tenders and bacon from a big family brunch causing it to run out before everyone had been through the line and ever since I've told them to knock it off when I see it happening. Yes we all like bacon, no you can't start with 8-10 strips.
  10. That's what the tweet and video posted above said.
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