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  1. Nah he'll be the designated survivor and Russia will bomb the SotU and he'll become President.
  2. I stumbled across this and unfortunately made eye contact with it so now I'm leaving it here for y'all to bask in lol
  3. Yeah this situation is pretty bad, but have you ever looked into a thing called the holocaust?
  4. They've had these for at least 20 years
  5. You should put full size SUVs on here and see how much they've gone up in price comparatively. It's why I chose a F-150 over a Expedition/Yukon.
  6. I was openly rooting for the teacher. Fuck that don't hit a kid shit. I don't care how terrible you are as a teacher. You should not have to deal with that. And on top of everything else, this lil sumbitch dropping N bombs like he black. Definitely too bad the teacher couldn't fight. Lil fucker deserved a proper ass kicking. ^^^all of this and for using "bro on my moms" 100 times in a minute
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