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    Even that's gotten old. It's kind of the same thing over and over and over.
  2. Maybe Bama. Not USC. But they both have stud QB’s who would have greatly increased his production over this year with a freshman QB.
  3. Ending of that Jags game was insane. Trevor Lawrence is gonna be a bad ass in this league for long time. And I still can't believe there are people who shit on the NFL as a product.
  4. Doesn't it go GOO--Derka--shadow operative?
  5. I'm not taking a side in the GOO -Surly War of 2022 but the college game is completely different from when Manning played, even more so than Marino.
  6. Georgia will not fall out of the top four unless they get mudholed by LSU and that ain’t gonna happen. The Dawgs are in.
  7. I could see them justifying it by saying they’re both 4-loss teams and Texas won the H2H.
  8. Just found out that a really good friend of mine did the coin toss at Pyle tonight. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.
  9. OMG, they finally let NATHAN do one of these and it was everything I wanted it to be ... Oh, here's a response to that Twitter conversation:
  10. Kansas was much more competitive at the end of the year than the beginning. After beating us in Austin, they lost narrowly to TCU and West Virginia. I think Jalon Daniels' first start was the Texas game, too. (Still doesn't excuse the loss but based on how much more competitive they were this year than last, I don't think it looks quite as terrible now.)
  11. He wouldn’t have seen a single meaningful snap at Ohio State this year as he’s nowhere near the QB CJ Stroud is.
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