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  1. Oh, fuck me. I had the right movie character in mind but confused the movie and blew the line.
  2. This is actually a pretty good entry. This movie is WAY more enjoyable than it ever should've been.
  3. Warriors, come out toooooooo plaaaaaaay!!!
  4. I mean there is NOTHING stopping the organizers from keeping every last penny of that less GoFundMe’s fees, right?
  5. I wish I'd thought of it first. Rudy opines on Jack Smith's legal ability:
  6. John Oliver said HBO's new policy is to not let him post his clips until the Thursday after his show airs, so I did have to do a little work to bring this clip that he showed last night. (I hope it works.) It's about 45-50 seconds. You can punch out as soon at 1:20:33 or so when he ends this "story." EDIT: well, fuck, when I edited to fix some grammar, it must’ve killed the YouTube. I’ll try and re-post. EDIT #2: Here it is:
  7. We get more easily side-tracked than the orange sack of shit does during his stump speeches.
  8. C-Man

    Dallas | BBQ

    About a month away from our annual Big Texas BBQ. This will be our 10th Annual event. https://tdclubdallas.org/event/big-texas-bbq-2023/ (the link is current even if it shows 2023 here) Saturday, March 23rd at the Cotton Bowl Plaza. Celeb judges include Tootsie Tomanetz, Daniel Vaughn, Jeffrey Hobbs, Jack Perkins, Doug Pickering, Marshall Prichard.
  9. Spent one night at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine for my son's birthday nearly 10 years ago and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. When I got remarried a few years late, one of my wife's family friends gave us a $500 GC to GWL thinking we'd want to take the kids out there sometime. I donated the card to be a raffle item at our annual Rib Cook-Off fund-raising event.
  10. Radiohead, Daft Punk, Neutral Milk Hotel? There's a lot of good stuff that came out 1994-2004. Walkmen, Strokes, Interpol, LCD to name just a few.
  11. I listen to XMU 35 almost exclusively but flip over to the 80's New Wave (XM33) quite often. Those are the two best stations on XMU.
  12. John Oliver returned with a bang this week. After skewering the Supreme Court for 20+ minutes, Oliver offers Clarence Thomas $1M/yr for the rest of his life -- and a $2M+ motorcoach -- IF he resigns from the bench within the next 30 days. https://www.washingtonpost.com/style/2024/02/19/john-oliver-clarence-thomas-supreme-court-offer/
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