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  1. "Margot Robbie" and "naked shorts" Yes, please.
  2. I still love the Musers. Always have. Always will. I'm OK with the Hard Line as currently constructed. I'm not going into the office nearly as much as I did pre-COVID anyway so my drive time with the Hard Line is greatly reduced anyways. But middays on The Ticket are just a wasteland, especially 1-3. I hate to see it but the The Ticket has lost a lot of depth like Sirois and Balis and front-line talent like Dan and Jake and it has just gutted the non-drive time shows. Oh well, nothing lasts forever.
  3. More insight from The Athletic: https://theathletic.com/5428251/2024/04/19/stanley-cup-tiers-nhl-2024/ I'll pull out the Dallas and Vegas commentary for this thread: Dallas Stars Average rating: 1.3 Dallas was the highest-rated Western Conference team, earning five Tier 1 votes, well ahead of the second-best Western club. The Stars’ forward group is arguably the deepest in the NHL — their “third line” features Wyatt Johnston (32 goals and 65 points), Jamie Benn (60 points) and hot-shot call-up Logan Stankoven (14 points in 24 games). Their blue line is substantially upgraded from last year and Jake Oettinger, who struggled for most of the year, is heating up at the perfect time with a .941 percentage in his last 11 games. The GM: “They’re my favorite to win coming out of the West.” Executive 1: “They’re elite in a bunch of ways. I think transitioning the puck gets overlooked … the speed at which Dallas gets the puck up the ice is the separating factor. Their defense is elite. You’re going to have (Miro) Heiskanen, (Esa) Lindell, (Thomas Harley) and (Chris) Tanev — there’s no weak links there. They have four guys that can play 23 minutes a night, I think that might help Heiskanen.” Executive 2: “I love them — my only knock on Dallas is they don’t have an offensive player that is a superstar. They don’t really have a guy that you can say OK, with a minute left I’ll put this guy on the ice and he’s getting you a goal, he’s winning you a series. Like it could be Jason Robertson, it could be Roope Hintz, it could be Wyatt Johnston or Stankoven but they don’t have an impact (star) the way some of these other teams have — they don’t have a (Nathan) MacKinnon, a (Connor) McDavid, a (Leon) Draisaitl, even a Jack Eichel. It’s not a (huge) hole because they’ve got such good depth.” Vegas Golden Knights Average rating: 2.3 After firing on all cylinders for the first three weeks of the season, the Golden Knights haven’t played near their peak. Vegas went 34-29-7 through the final 70 games, ranking 10th among Western Conference teams in points percentage during that timeframe. Key injuries have, of course, played a major role in that. That’s why most of our panel extended Vegas the benefit of the doubt, even if there was some hesitancy. Executive 2: “On paper, what box don’t they check? I guess just kind of goaltending but (Adin Hill) is proven in the playoffs. On paper, their D is excellent with (Alex) Pietrangelo, (Noah) Hanifin, (Nic) Hague, (Brayden) McNabb, (Shea) Theodore, (Alec) Martinez and (Zach) Whitecloud. And up front, you basically added (Tomas) Hertl and Mark Stone for the playoff run. This is a high-end team. The only reason they’re not a Tier 1 team for me is they just haven’t executed in the regular season. What version of Stone are you getting? How good is Hertl going to be? How well is your team going to flip the switch?” Vegas’ goaltending is a question mark. Since the All-Star break, Hill has a 7-10-0 record and an .882 save percentage. (Logan) Thompson has been vastly superior in that timeframe but he’s never played an NHL playoff game before. Drawing Dallas in the first round doesn’t give Vegas much margin for error. The Golden Knights need to hit their elite form and get steady goaltending immediately.
  4. Some perspective of our 0-3 record against Vegas this year. The teams haven't met since 12/9. The first two games were won by Vegas after 60 mins, one in a shootout and one in 3-on-3 OT. The Knights walloped Dallas 6-1 in the final meeting at AAC. Chris Tanev was not on the roster yet.
  5. Yep. Not a fan of 8:30 starts in Dallas but as @markstanco says, it's because the Eastern Conference game will start at 6 and we're in the slot after that. This is the matchup I did not want but it's the one we've got. Of course Mark Stone is coming back (again). I'm pinning my hopes for the series that three of the last five defending Cup champs have gone out in the first round the following year. I don't like that we're 0-3 against them this season, though. Despite that series record, I have to think Vegas would've rather been in the other group of four (Vancouver, Edmonton, Nashville) rather ours (Dallas, Winnipeg, Colorado) so I have to think they were trying last night when Anaheim blew their doors off. Oh well, it's a tough road no matter what with Vegas, Colorado/Winnipeg and perhaps Vancouver/Edmonton in the WCF. BTW, I'm already tired of hearing "the V-G-K" -- god help us if we get Sean McDonough this year for PBP.
  6. My wife doesn't like Conan at all but we saw him on Kimmel the other night and she thought the clip from the new show looked funny. I might talk her into checking it out.
  7. This "flaw" get posted already: https://www.dailydot.com/debug/cybertruck-touchscreen-five-hour-reset/
  8. Because a large swath of the GOP, for certain the MAGA part of it, is dis-ingenous at best and rotten-to-the-core evil at worst and would rather lead a shitty, autocratic/fascist/dictatorial nation than partner or (gasp!) support the greatest democracy the world has ever seen. Threads like these are the little fuck-fuck games they play to achieve those goals. Has Joe Biden lost his fastball? 100%. Are things going pretty well for US, all things considered? Absolutely. Whoever you want to say is leading the US at the moment seems to be doing a pretty fucking good job, again all things considered. But no, let's consider electing a brainworm-infected conspiracy theorist whose own family has publicly disavowed him politically (at least) or perhaps a 90+ times indicted, rape convicted, national security risk, potential Putin kompromat, diarrhea-of-the-mouth flim-flam man instead. These SHOULD NOT BE LEGITIMATE OPTIONS in this day and age in this country. Period. End of story. Biden might not the best person we could get to be POTUS but he's damn sure better than these other two complete pieces of shit who are going to be on the ballot. One last thing. I can say with complete certainty that should Biden prevail this fall, he will voluntarily vacate the White House in 2029. I can't say the same for the other major party candidate. That should be the ONLY thing that matters right now.
  9. https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/trump-hush-money-trial-04-18-24/index.html
  10. I wouldn't say he's sit -- oh, wait. I guess he is. Carry on.
  11. Never a doubt. Now the real work begins. Go Stars!
  12. Glad we are done with Binnington after 2019 and tonight. Only team we don’t have home ice against would be the Rangers.
  13. https://apnews.com/article/biden-uncle-world-war-ii-cannibals-trump-4f3b7d1c988e041fbc07f60f952ca95f This is what OP is talking about. Shocker but he’s being disingenuous.
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