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  1. Nice shutout win on the road last night!
  2. Ohio State absolutely has a path, which is why it's telling they're ahead of Texas and Bama in today's rankings. They probably only need wins by Oklahoma State and Louisville to slide into the fourth and final spot. It would be Michigan, Pac-12 champ, SEC champ and them.
  3. Counterpoint -- scheduling Bama OOC and winning that game is the ONLY thing that really gives us a chance at getting into the playoffs this year. (Now, if we, Bama and Georgia all end up 12-1 and one or both of those go ahead of us, then yes, it will prove that scheduling games like makes little sense.)
  4. And gave us the Johnny Jolly episode
  5. Lol. Exactly. [emoji2357] Just pointing out that those who say we shouldn’t be rooting for Bama to win on Saturday need to adjust their thinking.
  6. Interesting chart. Bottom line is if Michigan, Florida State and Georgia all win, there is no path for Texas.
  7. Yeah, they want Ohio State as high they possibly can put them in the event that carnage happens on Saturday. That way it appears to be a no-brainer include them in the CFP.
  8. I was there too. Covered the game for The Daily Texan. It was glorious. My co-beat writer and I were high-fiving under the table in the press box the entire game. I'd been in that stadium a couple of times before -- bunch of my mom's family went there -- but never for a Texas game. Bryant Westbrook annihilated that poor wide receiver and got a personal foul for standing over him (Dick Vermeil was pissed at the call) and Ricky had his breakout game. It was glorious being on the sideline when it ended and I saw all the Corps shitty-ness afterward. aggy was fucking pissed after. That was a fun season. It's a miracle I survived after confusing Shane Rink for Tyson King during the preseason. I thought Shane was going to kill me.
  9. Just a general uneasiness that no matter the system, Texas can get fucked despite having a head-to-head advantage. This scenario when you're comparing 1-loss Texas, Bama and Georgia is painfully obvious to anyone with a functioning brain (1. Texas, 2. Bama, 3. Georgia) and the fact that it is even debatable makes my head fucking hurt.
  10. I hung out with Junior and Corby before the Texas-OU game this year. I talked to Junior one-on-one for 15 mins or so. I've known Corby for quite some time but never really talked to Junior other than saying hello before previous RRS when we'd stop by to say hello to Corby pre-game when I'd go to the game with his college buddy, Hughey. We talked about The Ticket and the whole spite station situation. Got the impression their relationship with Rhynes is pretty strained over The Freak thing. Not really sure why Rhynes would get involved with The Freak. According to Junior, their contracts run 1.5 years more and he didn't sound like he was quitting anytime soon. I joked that now that he had a little "parasite" at home, he HAD to keep working to pay the bills and we laughed and laughed and laughed. So, I don't know shit from shinola. Maybe they're leaving sooner than later. But it sure didn't seem that way from our conversation.
  11. I'm not saying it won't happen. It's happened before and like I said, the playoff systems of the past 20+ years seem to have inordinately favored Oklahoma and then later, Alabama. Whatever those two need to happen usually materialize.
  12. Suddenly craving some fried chicken for some reason.
  13. Maybe. I just don't see how you justify putting both Bama and Georgia in and leaving Texas out in any logical scenario. They all have 1-loss and Texas/Bama are conference champs with Texas beating Bama in Tuscaloosa, then Bama beating UGA in Atlanta. Texas > Bama > Georgia = Bama + Georgia in CFP? Nah, fuck that.
  14. This is what I keep telling myself but we've gotten the shaft before back in 2008. We had head-to-head on OU and got screwed. This system seems to ALWAYS benefit Bama, as evidenced by the number of times they've won a title under Saban despite dropping a game somewhere along the way. It's definitely weird. But they do it in basketball all the time, right? Star player is out for the season after helping built a #1 or #2 seed. They'll still make the tournament so it's not exactly the same, but they'll ding them in seeding, right? I get that it feels all wrong but don't we all agree that FSU simply isn't a top four team without Travis in the fold? They will be creating a potential snoozer of a semifinal game.
  15. Hopefully they show up to do this collectively. Don't cross the streams!
  16. Only Carter and Biden are there as far as POTUS or former POTUS. So is Kamala. Guess this is the tradition -- but so is wearing black. Unless you're Melania.
  17. Went through Boise twice this summer taking my son to and then picking him up from Wilderness Therapy camp. Cool town. But ... ... also this. Ground zero for the American Redoubt is in northern Idaho. Lots of white extremist groups up there.
  18. Former First Cunt Melania is the *only* one to not wear black to Rosalynn Carter's funeral. https://www.the-sun.com/news/9735289/
  19. No, I think Bama would be in barring some crazy scenarios. I will say that if Bama and Texas both wind up 1-loss conference champs and somehow Bama is in and we're not, then I'll be screaming bloody murder because that shit ain't right.
  20. Ricky Williams is that kid's El Guapo
  21. OK, let's get right down to it. I need a cheat sheet on what we're rooting for this weekend other than a blanket every-favorite-loses-except-Texas scenario. Pac-12 Championship Game (7 PM, Friday): Oregon vs Washington Oregon win: Likely drops Washington out of the CFP because the Pac-12 isn't getting two teams into the playoffs and the Huskies have limped to the finish line. It becomes a potential beauty contest between one-loss Oregon and (presumably) one-loss Texas. Washington win: Basically nails down one of four spots we're hoping Texas can get. C-Man's pulled-out-his-ass odds chance of each team winning: Oregon 70%, Washington 30% Big 12 Championship Game (11 AM, Saturday): Texas vs Oklahoma State Texas win: Well, no shit. This a must. Obviously, the bigger the victory the better it looks. Oklahoma State win: Everything is mute. Forget everything before or after this point. C-Man's odds: Texas 80%, Oklahoma State 20% SEC Championship Game (3 PM, Saturday): Alabama vs Georgia Georgia win: The Bulldogs have a spot in the playoff period, likely as the #1 seed (#2 at the worst) Alabama win: Makes Texas win over Tide look better. Causes some chaos and opens up one of the four spots. C-Man's odds: Georgia 60%, Alabama 40% Big 10 Championship Game (7 PM, Saturday): Michigan vs Iowa Michigan win: Locks down the #2 seed, possibly #1 depending on what Georgia does earlier. Iowa win: The world comes to an end. Obviously, this would be fantastic. It won't happen. But it would be fucking amazing. C-Man's odds: Michigan 95%, Iowa 5% ACC Championship Game (7 PM, Saturday): Florida State vs Louisville Florida State win: You would think a win should cinch a playoff berth for the Seminoles since they'd be undefeated P5 champs. But if it's ugly and you know Travis is out, would the committee have the balls to leave them out if somebody like Texas or Oregon is fresh off a massive win in their games? Who cares about setting a precedent? This 4-team format is going away. Let's be honest -- all the committee is doing is throwing the Noles to the wolves if they make them the #4 seed now. Cardale Jones ain't walking through that door. Fuck Billy Napier for not taking care of business last weekend. Louisville win: Another duh pick. There is no scenario that a Louisville win doesn't benefit the Horns. C-Man's odds: Florida State 50%, Louisville 50% I've probably put way too much energy trying to make sense of this at this point. And, yes, as the results start coming in perhaps our rooting interests need adjustment on Saturday. Let's go win the last Big 12 Championship and hope something falls our way later in the day.
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