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  1. But it could mushroom into something bigger.
  2. RG3 ahead of Colt is silly too. Anybody who played for Briles should have an asterik by their name when it comes to awards.
  3. More of Harmon's unique insight into everything UT related when it comes to football. This guy truly has it all figured out. He's pierced the veil of the BMOC. Not only should they pick the venue, but also the date of the game. Doesn't the TV contract have the most to do with date and time choice? And T'day isn't the "traditional" day for the game? What a maroon. https://gigemgazette.com/posts/why-aggie-football-playing-longhorns-thanksgiving-2024-bad-idea
  4. Whipping them into a frenzy to buy tickets for the 24-25 roller coaster. 5 reasons Texas A&M football will far outperform the Longhorns in 2024 (gigemgazette.com)
  5. They probably targeted you off your voting history and used your name and address to link you to another source that had name, address and phone.
  6. This fool is on both the Dem and Rep primary ballot for this seat. He's done this before and they tried to pass some legislation to close that loophole, but the republicans were too busy writing suppression laws to pass something to fix something actually broken. The kicker is, if he wins one or the other, then he can't be in the general at all. Seems there is legislation for that. Just not enough to help out those running the primaries. Dr Ortiz is a good candidate though. She's an educator first and she is solid. But like most people in these races, they are getting into them as good people hoping to serve. They really have no idea the pit of vipers they have jumped into. I think Gutierrez is going to surprise some folks, particularly Allred. He's covered over 9,000 miles of Texas meeting people this campaign. And unlike Beto, he comes off as sincere, there's actual discussions, not just photo ops. Burch is the real deal. He's a third-generation driller and earlier served as an oilfield firefighter. He knows his stuff and is great at explaining it from old oil patch guys down to laypeople like me. He says he's the only Dem in the race, because his opponent is from somewhere on the east coast and has a history of voting/running republican. He also is traveling the state like Gutierrez. He does a lot of soc med stuff on IG, Threads, X. Thierry needs to go in a big way, Houston voters.
  7. I get them because I have had to use my phone number for all things doing with my mother, like medical, financial, etc. I don't opt out because once in a while I get one that is pushing a local event like when Abbott was on his way here to stump for vouchers the first go around. Gave us enough of a heads up to get together a little protest outside. Been getting a lot from Don Jr lately, which is kind of weird, since TFG is the one everyone worships. Also get a lot of red junk texts for my ex, who hasn't lived her since 2014 when she moved back to Canada. She was never a voting citizen anyway, so I keep her opted in, because now and then they waste money on junk mail to her. And yeah, Allred has no problem bomb texting us. But I think Beto was even worse. Still, Allred has time to win that aggravating race between now and Nov. Another reason I like Gutierrez.
  8. Thanks for the update. It's been years (obviously) since I discussed this with any Catholics.
  9. You really can't deny that until the past 100 years or so, most women were chattel more than people. Society cast them in the role of mother/wife and placed their value on how well they functioned in each. That's a lot of culture that's been accepted norm for a long time to be bucking. I think some of these women do it to increase their value to the men in their lives. It's like that overrides everything else. Tie that to the religion that's been drilled into them for generations. A mighty duo. But it is interesting to see so many protestants begin to use the argument against recreational sex that the Catholic church has been using for ever against birth control.
  10. And a pretty good documentary hit either Netflix or Prime recently that cast a much better light on Grant.
  11. Did Evans have any eligibility left? Would he take a bag? If the answer to either of those is no, then Sumlin knew what the score was and how valuable JF was without Evans to bail him out.
  12. Now THAT I would love to see at the bottom of every Dem ballot!
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