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  1. Just a list of thoughts concerning RT up to this point. 1) RT has shown he can keep things on track and moving forward even when things get screwy. 2) I wish he had more of the Beard showmaster/carnival barker in him that went so far to reignite the fire in UT basketball with promotions and ideas like Greg Gym night. Maybe he has those skills but hasn't been given a green light, or maybe he's just been too busy. 3) He has a good staff around him, one that Beard assembled, and I am sure they assisted in putting this group of players together. Can they keep doing that, or was Beard somehow the master configurer? And from what I hear just a few are joining Beard. 4) Like Hermanator said, Austin offers him a whole lot of recruiting advantages he didn't have at UTEP or Fresno. And certainly his rapport with the current team will work to his advantage. Apparently his staying wouldn't run off any recruits already committed. 5) He seems like a pretty solid non-slimy fellow and a good ambassador for UT. But then we are entering a conference that pays little respect to how slimy a coach is as long as he has a winning record. 6) Maybe he hasn't brought the two freshmen along as quickly as he could have, but they haven't really regressed either. Mitchell and Morris both have shown flashes, just not consistently. At the same time they have bought into being part of a team, and not individuals like Tre Mitchell and others in the recent past. I can see the arguments not to keep him, but at the same time I can see some pretty good upside to keeping him too. This team has a great chemistry, and bringing in a new staff and players would put us back at square 1, much less with the smears that would come from not keeping a successful guy at the helm. The question is is this RT's team, or is it Beard's team since he was at the helm when it was assembled? Has it morphed into RT's team or is there too much of Beard's imprint still on it?
  2. We're saying the same thing. Religion has been used as a cover for centuries to justify taking what someone else already has. The tactics have changed, but the mission remains the same. The extended luxury of one group at the expense of other groups. Then the struggle to hold onto that advantage.
  3. I forewent the last of the game to watch live the aggy newscast. They talked about how aggy started strong for like 2 minutes, then "but in the end they were overpowered." That's it, nothing more. Immediate switch to Arkansas and other Alabama winning. "We lost but SEC! SEC! SEC!" Same as it is in everything else.
  4. Apparently Abbott is going to start sinking large blue county schools from the inside now. They've been rattling the swords for some time. This is a really good article on it: https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/education/2023/03/15/446250/texas-education-agency-takeover-houston-independent-school-district/ Texas Education Agency announces takeover of the Houston Independent School District The state-appointed managers will hold immense power. They can control the budget, school closures, collaborations with charter networks, policies around curriculum and library books, as well as hiring or firing the superintendent, among other important decisions.
  5. An assumption I am making, not personal experience. So he might not be gay at all. He just presents gay, at least to me, and Jesus is his beard.
  6. Oh fuck, don't get me started on the one who was a twirler for Baylor (no pics). What's the word for polite arrogance? Or the flat earther who is gay, but can't admit it, because it's against god's will. I don't go to many family reunions, but do feel obligated to attend a funeral now and again.
  7. So basically this kills all whistleblower reporting going forward. Of course none of our ethical upstanding legislators or public employees ever do anything that wouldn't pass any scrupulous test. So we really didn't need it to start with. Those four ought to go stand outside the capital and blow the shrillest, loudest whistles they can to bring attention to this issue. Do it every day, be like grackles. Hand out push cards explaining things. And whistles.
  8. I have a cousin who graduated aggy, and all three of his kids did the same. His wife never went. Very seldom have I seen any of them dressed in anything but maroon, white, grey or black, especially the mom.
  9. I did not realize that was a statue to their fight song. Or is it their anthem? Who the fuck cares? The chick in the dress looks like a Farmer's Only dot com date that got no showed.
  10. I'm hoping the guards break their slumps tonight and carry that confidence into next weekend. However with tired legs, that's probably a big ask.
  11. The guy who built the "Whoop Stop" in Paige (devoted to all things aggy) went on to build a par three truly cow pasture pool 9 hole course named WhizGolf, next to it, complete with the opportunity to tour the portable sheds he's hawking. He's a huge Trump supporter. It's been fun over the years to watch it all die a gradual death. I think Trump owns most of the golf courses and some other properties. Most of the hotels and other buildings worldwide with his name are licensing deals. https://www.forbes.com/sites/lisettevoytko/2019/10/23/heres-every-trump-property-thats-dropped-his-name/?sh=191791353571
  12. Wait. She's woke? Isn't that a bad thing? I'm confused. But not as much as she was.
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