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  1. After the 91 yesterday I shot a 81 again today. 3 putted about 5 holes but did sink a few 10 footers so it kind of balanced out but still think I left at least 2-3 shots on the course which would have put me in the 70s for the first time if I had rolled in a few 4 footers that I missed.. Heading to Maui in a few weeks to play the Kapalua Plantation Course so hopefully I play well enough to enjoy it.
  2. I shot a 81 last weekend which is my best score ever and felt I finally turned the corner with this sport. Yesterday at the same course I shot a 91 because golf sucks and and the game should be banned from this planet.
  3. Forgot to add, this table new goes for $4600. I will take $1800 if they can move it in the next few weeks.
  4. I know its a long shot but anybody in the DFW metroplex looking for or no someone looking for a shuffleboard table? I just moved and my old table doesn’t fit in the new house since we downsized. I have to get it out of my old house before June 1 when the new people move in. It’s a Legacy Billiards Elite 12 ft table in great shape. Will probably cost $600 to have it professionally moved and set up in a new home.
  5. I totally understand that but that’s the price you pay for getting to have your toys on you. I know the real answer is to ban these type of weapons along with some other changes in gun laws like back ground check and gun sale rules along with mental health issues. It probably won’t stop every single last mass shooting but if you enact those things and it doesn’t cut the mass shootings way down I would be shocked. Also, fuck the second amendment folks out there that hide behind that amendment and let this shit happen over and over again. Every day my son goes to high school I am terrified of a mass shooting happening at his school and him being a victim. We as a people shouldn’t have to live like this. All my parents had to worry about when I was in high school was me ditching class and going to the beach to smoke weed and get a tan. I wish I had the same worries about my son.
  6. This Allen shooting is close to where I live and while I haven’t gone there in years it’s somewhere my wife and used to go to wander around at an outdoor mall. So where were all the “good guns” when this happened. I mean all these good guys have their second amendment rights and own dozens of guns each. They have to have the right to open carry so they can protect themselves yet they never seem to be where these mass shooters are like Allen or that Walmart in El Paso. Texas should pass a law that any person that is at the scene of one of these horrific mass shootings and had a gun but did nothing should get 10 years in prison no questions asked. Yeah I know the logical solution is to take these type of guns away from everyone but since the 2nd amendment crowd won’t let that happen then they should start being on the hook for these shootings also. When they occurs the police should detain every person at the location, search them for a gun and if they have one throw them in prison for not doing their 2nd amendment duty of defending innocent people.
  7. Got back last night. I still love San Fran but there is definitely a lot of homeless people wandering around or on the sidewalk. I did see shit on the ground in areas near Union Square (guessing it was human and not dog shit) which was kind of disgusting but didn't see needles and people doing drugs everywhere. First night one of the people I was with picked a restaurant in the Tenderloin area, but I can't remember the name of the place. The food was mediocre and it was definitely a sketchy area to say the least. Once I got to North Beach area and the Wharf area it seemed like the same old San Fran I have been going to for 30 years. China town is the same as it's always been. Went to Napa to have lunch at Bouchon and then to a private wine tasting at Keever Winery which was great. Had dinner at Bix supper club which I thought was pretty good also.
  8. I mean in all honesty, take being a Republican or Democrat out of it, but who watches that cunt speak and says to themselves, “yeah, she should be running my local, state, county, whatever, government because she seems smart?”. She shouldn’t be in charge of your local McDonalds let alone voting on laws for a state. The people of TX that elect idiots like her (yeah I know there are hundreds of idiots like her in our state legislature) are the cause for this country’s decline.
  9. Heading to San Fran tomorrow through Sunday with a bunch of clients. Staying at the Westin St Francis in Union Square so looking for the best places to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner around Union Square I guess. Looking for best food plus some iconic type of places to take the people I am supposed to be entertaining.
  10. Played two rounds over the weekend. Shot a 90 and a 85. What is strange is a hit the ball much better when I shot the 90 but the golf luck on mis hits helped me with the 85 round. The greens at my club were punched a few weeks ago so I am losing a few strokes easily to putting on greens where the ball just bounces around. Hoping to drop my 13 handicap to that 10 level.
  11. Exactly. If you really feel the need to shoot some high powered guns and don’t want to go to a shooting range you can always join the army or marines and then you can shoot guns to your hearts content. Otherwise, go shoot a rocket launcher at a gun range for all I care, as long as it’s owned by a licensed gun range, can’t be taken home and can’t harm anybody.
  12. So you just want rich people to have the ability to be a mass murderer and poor lunatics don’t get to shoot up schools just because they are poor? That sounds like class warfare at it’s finest. Before responding check your sarcasm meters as I am for banning all high capacity guns that are privately owned. My solution would be those type of weapons are only available to shoot at shooting ranges and are owned by the shooting range and aren’t allowed off the premises. That way you can go and get your rocks off shooting those weapons but they stay locked up from the masses. Everyone still gets to keep their hunting rifles, shotguns and hand guns so of course there will still be tons of gun violence in this country but maybe we save a few lives by taking the assault style weapons and high capacity magazines out of the public’s hands.
  13. Not sure if this was posted elsewhere yesterday but what are the Surly lawyers' thoughts on this lawsuit? Manhattan DA sues Jim Jordan over Trump indictment inquiry | AP News
  14. I was actually watching Fox News for about 5 minutes during lunch yesterday before I had to change the channel. The next rant has to do with the actual name of the channel. I don't see how it is legal for a major network to call themselves a news channel when they really aren't. Follow me on this and tell me why I am wrong because it is really bugging me for some reason. What I found interesting was that the topic of Fox News was something like "People and businesses are leaving Democrat run cities in mass because of crime" and it got me thinking, is something like this really what would be on a national news channel and "phrased" that way? It could be "people leaving large cities or large urban areas but they have to put that Democrat title on it. I get that they are just playing to their viewership, but I don't see why Mabel Johnson in rural Texas/Alabama/Iowa, etc... should really care if people are leaving cities like San Francisco, New York, Chicago or anywhere else. I was trying to figure out the psychology involved with this type of narrative. Is it simply to make the viewer vote Republican because the Dems screw up everything and they will soon screw up your slice of heaven in rural America? If this is the case, then how is that really news but just a propaganda network for one side of the aisle and should that be legal. I mean, if you turned on CBS nightly news and all you saw were titles like "Russia attacks Ukraine because the Republicans are crooks" or "Child abducted in Tennessee because the Republicans are pedophiles" I would think there would be a way to stop that. Rant over but it just kind of pissed me off and made me feel sad that there are so many people watching that shit and being brainwashed not just on the Tucker/Hannity type shows but just the regular messaging all day long from basic non-partisan stories.
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