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  1. Well, since they are all a bunch of cucks they are probably asking him if he would use his big dong on their wives while they watch.
  2. Too many to choose from but a few of my favorites. The All in the Family scene starts at the 10:30 second mark to the end with Sammy Davis Jr.
  3. One of the greatest scenes ever and for someone in sales it hits way too close to home and is depressing as shit. Also, the actors in that scene (Baldwin, Harris, Lemmon, Arkin, Spacey) is quite incredible plus you have Pacino and Jonathon Pryce in the movie.
  4. A few from Goodfellas that are perfect.
  5. I was told by Fox News that Trump should be number one. Oh well. I actually agree with Lincoln first with the whole Civil War thing plus being a vampire killer, and Washington and FDR second. I think LBJ should be higher. While Vietnam was a shitshow it shouldn’t all be on him since that conflict really started years before he ever took office. His domestic accomplishments often get over shadowed for some reason. His legislation for Civil Rights, the voting rights act, war on poverty in America, environmental legislation, public broadcasting (which lead to programs like Sesame Street), school funding for poorer areas, head start program to help feed poor students, starting Medicare and Medicaid programs for the poor and seniors, national endowment for the humanities and arts, and naming the first African American to the Supreme Court (Thurgood Marshall). His initiatives were for the good of this country and to help those that needed help the most. He should be above Obama. CSB/ but I spent my senior year at UT writing a thesis on the Vietnam War and had access to LBJs personal documents at his library. It was awesome reading presidential briefs with LBJs hand written responses on them saying shit like “go tell that cocksucker McNamara to go fuck himself” and all sorts of comments like that.
  6. I give you The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh starring Dr. J. Terrible movie and even the trailer is cheesy but since I watched it a thousand times when I was a kid I still enjoy it.
  7. You all are crazy to think those dumb fuckers would spend money on prayers for Donald Trump. Now if you did thoughts and prayers, then they would line up around the block to give you their money like they do at the Golden Corral buffet.
  8. We are talking rock and roll hall of fame and he is no Sade/Cher/Mary J Blige now is he! Yeah, he should be in the rock and roll hall of fame since he is one of the giants of rock in the 1970's with arguably the greatest live album ever and he isa amazing guitarist. Then again, Sade did have that song The Sweetest Taboo so who knows.
  9. I did not put that together when watching it but if they did it on purpose then that is a great call back.
  10. I know the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a joke, but I did not see a thread about the 2024 nominees. Below is this year's list. I would vote for Foreigner, Frampton, Jane's Addiction, Oasis, Ozzy and A Tribe Called Quest. I am guessing none of those will get in and the inductees will be Mary J Blige, Mariah Carey, Cher, Sinead O'Connor and Sade. Mary J. Blige Mariah Carey Cher Dave Matthews Band Eric B. & Rakim Foreigner Peter Frampton Jane's Addiction Kool & the Gang Lenny Kravitz Oasis Sinéad O'Connor Ozzy Osbourne Sade A Tribe Called Quest
  11. I have to admit I will watch Bring It On whenever I run across it.
  12. Yeah, but see that narrative doesn't really get eyeballs for the media so they need to position the narrative as Trump is beating Biden and everyone in America thinks Trump is much better than Biden and he will be the winner come November. Without a juicier story line they have nothing to fill the airwaves for 24 hours a day.
  13. It’s about time the Republicans did something good. Mayorkas wanted open borders and enjoyed watching the hoards of brown people coming into the US and handing out drugs that kill people along with raping our women. Biden also wants open borders and believes in letting everyone in to destroy the white America we all love. If we could just stop all of these caravans then my life would finally be good instead of me living in the trailer home paying $20 for a happy meal at McDonald’s. I hope all of your sarcasm meters are on for the above sentences I just wrote I am sick and tired of these Republicans flat out lying through the media and the dumb ass people in this country believing everything they hear. I just listened to Steve Scalise saying Biden is responsible for this border crisis which is interesting because I believe Trump ran on this border crisis 8 years ago when Biden wasn’t president. Oh, and once Trump got in office last time it was great that the Republicans solved the border crisis. Right? Right? These fuckers have their talking point of Biden wants open borders even though he has deported and turned away more people than Trump did. Unfortunately, I guarantee you could interview some Fox News watching 60 old from West Virginia and they would parrot that Biden wants open borders.
  14. I read the article below and it just infuriates me. I could have put this in the abortion thread also. My main conclusion after reading it is that most of America seems to be ignorant and unable to have a thought of their own. The article shows that for woman that backed Trump before, while abortion is kind of important to them, they will still vote for Trump. They don't blame him for Roe V Wade being overturned because they are too dumb to connect the dots of Trump and the Republican Party putting the judges and laws in place to do it. The other thing I noticed is the interviewer mentioned that the women regurgitate certain things that obviously come straight from Trump and Fox News type of sources (Sleepy Biden or their comments about immigrants). By the way, I should add that while my statements above are about women, I feel the same about most men in this country. There are just way too many citizens in the US that are idiots. They believe everything they hear from their echo chamber and don't have the ability to step back and say to themselves, maybe I am being used by these folks and lied to just for my vote. It also shows how effective the Republicans are at messaging. Immigration, while a big issue, should not be the main issue of some suburban women from Pennsylvania. I can see it hitting close to home for many people in states like TX, AZ and CA but for these women in PA to have this as one of their main issues proves how good Fox News is at what they do. These women support Trump and abortion rights — and feel they don't have to choose (nbcnews.com)
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