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  1. This is not in any way a phenomena unique to the right. This describes all modern media. It’s all propaganda. But certainly support the posters here getting to the bottom of the underlying financing.
  2. Ah yes. The BBQ food truck business model.
  3. Not related to this particular topic at all, but Bill Ackman is a degenerate and needs to be shot into the fucking sun.
  4. The amount of gaslighting the basic concepts involved is amazing.
  5. Our politicians clown themselves. LOL at the 92 "present" votes.
  6. Relevant to the recent exchange. Also longer clip worth a listen over your cup of coffee.
  7. I don't think that anybody here has really argued that the IDF and Hamas militants are perfectly equivalent. They are clearly very different types of terrorist organizations.
  8. Don’t forget to put in for a couple reservations for NYE dinner. Shit is already tight.
  9. Exercise in delusion listening to these two ass clowns.
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