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  1. Yeah, got a call from Specs that they had a bottle for me and shuffled over to pick it up. Got another call today that they had a bottle of HW midwinters night dram. I didnt ask if it was act 10 or encore. I think that I have been on that allocation list since pre-pandemic and didnt even remember being on it. What say surly brownwater enthusiasts about this release? Its $144.
  2. Couple yellows now for KSA in the last few minutes.
  3. O/U on the number of full diapers in that room?
  4. My life is now better for having watched that.
  5. #mememonday from the regulators is not a good look. This is clown shit. I have no doubt that the rank and file at the FDA are doing their best and have good intentions. They come up with nonsensical requests from time to time, but you can at least understand where they are coming from and know that they have good intentions. FDA posting memes on twitter is some next level garbage that undermines their ability to carry out their charge and makes them a laughing stock.
  6. Is that a polite way of saying that he got his fucking junk cranked?
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